Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Gojo Insane? “Feral Gojo” Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Gojo Insane? "Feral Gojo" Explained!

Satoru Gojo is the trademark character of Jujutsu Kaisen, despite not being the protagonist of either Jujutsu Kaisen 0 or Jujutsu Kaisen. But, when you say the series’ name, Gojo is the first character who comes to mind. Due to his popularity, fans are often discussing Gojo, and in this article, we are actually going to do the same, as we are going to explain who “Feral Gojo” is to you and why he is so important for the series as a whole.

“Feral Gojo” is the unofficial name given to the state Gojo was in while fighting Toji Fushiguro for the second time. “Feral Gojo” is not a true form, nor does it imply that Gojo is insane; it is simply a special emotional state triggered by the fact that he almost died and that Toji killed Riko. So, to avenge Riko, Gojo came back even stronger and basically had no control over his behavior and powers, which is why he was dubbed “Feral Gojo” by the fans. He did look a tad insane, but he actually wasn’t, as he was completely aware of his surroundings – he simply let loose because he wanted to make sure Toji was dead after that clash.

As you can assume, the article will be dedicated to Satoru Gojo and the special state he was in that was dubbed “Feral Gojo” by the fans. We will explain what happened there, why Gojo was in such a state, and what implications this state has on his role in the series, as well as his portrayal as a character. This article will contain spoilers from Gojo’s Past Arc, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with these events, we advise you to approach certain sections of this article with care.

“Feral Gojo” is a fan term for the state he was in while fighting Toji

Okay, we know by now that “Feral Gojo” is actually related to Gojo’s Past Arc and his second battle with Toji Fushiguro. But, before we actually explain that state, we have to tell you everything that happened before, as that state was inspired directly by everything that preceded it, so in order to fully understand the state, we have to know and understand what led to it. Directly.

The story actually started when Gojo and Geto were assigned to protect Riko Amanai, the then-current Star Plasma Vessel, who was supposed to merge with Master Tengen as a means of saving the future. Riko was initially proud to be the Star Plasma Vessel, but her initial conviction began to fade after discovering how lovely life can be. After spending two days of fun in Okinawa, Gojo and Geto brought Riko back to Tokyo, where Toji ultimately attacked them.

As Geto took Riko underground to Tengen, Gojo stayed behind to fight Toji. Although Gojo was powerful, Toji had a very special ability and was a more experienced fighter, so he managed to defeat Gojo. In the end, he mutilated him so hard that everyone believed Gojo was dead.


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In the meantime, Geto brought Riko to Tengen’s lair, and there, he gave her the option to not merge with Tengen; namely, he and Gojo had promised not to force her to do so if she didn’t want to, and Riko sobbed that she wanted to live and not become someone else’s vessel.

And just when the conviction appeared to have some effect, as Geto was about to take her home, Riko was killed by a bullet that entered her skull. As it turned out, it was Toji who arrived on time in front of a shocked Geto and told him that he had killed Gojo; he and Geto engaged in a fight, but Toji won, and Riko’s corpse was then taken to the building of the Time Vessel Association. His job done, Toji went home, but he then encountered none other than – Satoru Gojo.

As it turned out, Gojo was not killed. He used his Reverese Cursed Technique to heal himself, and with that, he came back to avenge himself, his friend Geto and Riko. And while Toji was ready for a rematch, he was not ready for what happened next.

Sure, the Gojo that was in front of him was the same Gojo – but he was also not the same. Toji tried to attack, but his attacks were useless. Gojo was reading him like an open book, and whatever Toji tried or wanted to try – failed. He tried to defeat him in the same manner as before, but at one point, it really seemed like Gojo was just playing with Toji.

Realizing that he was in trouble, Toji wanted to take some time to develop a new approach for Gojō, but there was no time, as he was soon overwhelmed when Satoru combined his old techniques into a new one, the Hollow Technique: Purple. A combination of Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue and Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, Hollow Technique: Purple was an exceptionally powerful move that Toji was simply not ready for, and it ultimately was enough for Gojo to fatally wound Toji.

Gojo used this method to (easily) kill Toji Fushiguro during their second encounter. Satoru approached Toji Fushiguro as he passed away and inquired if he had any final words. Toji replied that Megumi was soon to be sold to the Zenin Clan and that he could do anything he pleased with that information. He then passed away, and Gojo went on to find Megumi and inform him about his family.

And this is how the fight ended. But, while it might seem like a normal fight involving Gojo, we’ve said that the Gojo who defeated Toji then and there wasn’t the “normal” Gojo we were used to. His look was somewhat maniacal, his behavior a bit erratic, he seemed to be somewhat insane, and he behaved as if he had absolutely no control over himself; it seemed that all he wanted to do was to kill Toji in the most brutal way possible. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is “Feral Gojo.”


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“Feral Gojo” is more of an emotional state than anything else. You have to realize what happened there. Toji almost killed Gojo; he found out his best friend was also almost killed as well; and finally, the innocent girl they were protecting was killed in a brutal manner. All of this accumulated in him, and he wanted revenge. He was furious, and out of that fury, a new technique was created, and being gifted with so much new power, Gojo was absolutely crazy with power. It seemed like he went insane, but he actually did not.

He acted with a plan, and his final fight against Toji, despite looking like a duel between two monsters, was well-planned; it was just that at that moment, Gojo was so much more powerful than Toji that it was a no-contest, really. That is how Satoru Gojo defeated Toji with such ease, and that is who “Fear Gojo” actually is. As you can see, this was no special form or anything else, just a specific emotional state that he was in while killing Toji.

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