Jujutsu Kaisen: Yes, Choso and Yuji Itadori Are Related! Here’s How!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yes, Choso and Yuji Itadori Are Related! Here’s How!

A good story always has some unexpected twists and turns, which make the story more entertaining. A good storyteller, on the other hand, knows how to place these moments within the story to make them more impressive. As far as Jujutsu Kaisen is concerned, Choso and Itadori were enemies in the beginning, but it later turned out that the two of them are related! How? Well, keep reading our article to find out how!

Choso and Yuji Itadori are indeed related – they are half-brothers, thanks to Kenjaku’s manipulations. Namely, as Noritoshi Kamo, Kenjaku was responsible for the creation of Choso and his siblings. Much later, being in possession of the body of Yuji’s mother, he also “gave birth” to Yuji Itadori, which makes Choso and Itadori half-brothers, despite the age difference being quite large. When Choso realized this, he stopped treating Yuji as an enemy and joined him in defeating Kenjaku.

The rest of this article will explore the relationship between Choso and Yuji Itadori while focusing, in particular, on the nature of their relationship and whether they are related by blood or not, which is also the main and principal question of this article. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the events of Jujutsu Kaisen, this article might contain some important spoilers, especially since this has yet to be revealed in the anime series, but we have to state that no new information will be presented here for manga readers, as we will focus on old and well-known facts about the two of them from the manga.

Choso and Yuji Itadori are actually half-brothers, but the story of how that came to be is quite… twisted

Now, for those who know about Choso and Yuji only from the anime series, this question might come as a bit odd, but we have to say that it is as merited as any other Jujutsu Kaisen question you might encounter. But, if you don’t understand why this question might be weird, allow us to tell you who Choso and Yuji are.

Well, as for Yuji, he doesn’t need a major introduction. He is the pink-haired protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga (yes, it’s him – not Gojo) who was, for a long time, the vessel of Sukuna. He has a very positive attitude, and while he can be a bit dull sometimes, he has a big heart and is willing to do what it takes to save his friends.

He has a lot of potential, but he is still at the beginning of his jujutsu journey, so his powers will certainly increase over time, especially since he is studying under Gojo.

Choso, on the other hand, was initially introduced as a villain. He is the oldest of the three Cursed Womb: Death Paintings (1-3) and the leader of the trio, as well as the one to have the most human-like appearance. He is stoic and detached but very fond of his younger brothers.


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He possesses the same technique as Noritoshi Kamo, allowing him to control his blood and properties freely. Unlike Noritoshi, he has access to much more blood as he can produce it directly from his cursed energy. At first, he sided with Mahito’s group in Shibuya because he wanted to avenge the deaths of his younger brothers.

However, after receiving a vision during a fight with Itadori, he ends up convinced that he is one of his younger brothers, having realized that the entity that possessed the first Noritoshi Kamo must also be responsible for the boy’s birth. He thus decides to take Yuji’s side in the hope of saving the remaining uteri stored at the institute.

So, as you can see, there isn’t, on a superficial level, much basis for this question, yet – we’re still asking it! And that has to do with Choso’s realization after experiencing a vision. Namely, as we’ve said, Choso was initially an enemy of Yuji’s, as Yuji and Nobara killed his siblings. But, while the two of them had an epic clash during the Shibuya Incident, Choso realized something there.

Namely, he managed to defeat Yuji, and just as he was about to kill him, he had a vision that made him and leave and spare Yuji’s life. This is the vision we mentioned, and based on that vision, Choso became convinced that Yuji was his younger brother. Being a protective brother-type of character, Choso, of course, sided with Yuji and wanted to protect him from harm.

But was he right? Is Yuji really his brother? Incidentally – he is. This is a very twisted story, so prepare yourselves, but Choso was ultimately right here. Namely, we know that Choso and his siblings were born out of Noritoshi Kamo’s twisted experiments with their mother.

This was more torture than anything else, but Choso and his siblings were born out of these morbid experiments roughly 150 years ago. On the other hand, Yuji Itadori was born 15 years ago to Jin and Kaori Itadori, his parents. How does this make sense, then? Well… this is where it gets tricky.

Namely, as it turns out, Noritoshi Kamo, the father of Choso, and Kaori Itadori, Yuji’s mother, are one and the same person. This makes even less sense, right? But this is where the big reveal comes in. Namely, both of them were actually Kenjaku, one of the main villains of the whole series and a powerful ancient jujutsu sorcerer. Namely, Kenjaku can possess any corpse by transplanting his own brain inside the corpse.


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When he does that, he completely takes over all the powers and memories of that person and can imitate them perfectly, as his power allows him to hide his true nature while inside a corpse. Since Kenjaku contributed to both Choso’s and Yuji’s birth at different times, despite their respective ages, we can confirm that Choso is, indeed, Yuji Itadori’s half-brother.

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