MCU’s Simu Liu Urges Fans to Support Canceled Spider-Man Show

Rumors Filming for ‘Shang Chi 2 Is Set to Start in 2025 Featuring the Return of One Major Character

Yesterday, it was announced that ‘Silk: Spider Society’ will not be moving forward at Amazon. Instead, the executives have chosen to focus on a different show centered around Spider-Man Noir, starring Nicholas Cage.

The exact reasons for the cancellation are unclear, but it appears that the show struggled with its script, going through at least three versions.

The second factor could be attributed to the show’s focus on a female superhero in the lead role. Unfortunately, projects of this nature have faced challenges in recent times, likely due to a variety of factors, including a perceived lack of support from female audiences, as indicated by viewership numbers.

Now, MCU’s Simu Liu, renowned as Shang-Chi, has shared a heartfelt message with fans. Expressing his disappointment that the show will not proceed, he urges fans to rally behind it, even though the chances of revival seem slim at best.

Even though the show got canceled, it doesn’t mean we won’t see Cindy Moon in action. She’s already appeared in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘Infinity War’ played by Tiffany Espensen. If fans keep pushing for it, there’s a chance we might see her in ‘Spider-Man 4,’ which is currently being developed. Simu Liu also recently confirmed that ‘Shang-Chi’ is in the works.

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