MHA: Will Deku Die by the End of the Series?

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One of the things that we know about My Hero Academia is that Izuku “Deku” Midoriya will stop at nothing to try to save everyone, including the villainous Tomura Shigaraki, who everyone thought was already beyond saving. However, Deku still believes he could be saved from All For One’s influence, and it is possible that he would have to risk his life to save Shigaraki. So, will Deku die by the end of the series?

It is unlikely that Deku will die by the end of My Hero Academia. That’s because he is the narrator of the entire story, and he is narrating it from the future when he has already become the greatest hero in the world. That means that he got to live through the events without dying.

The fact that Deku is the next-generation Symbol of Peace is why it is unlikely that he will die by the end of the series because he still has a long way to go to ensure the world is at peace and will remain peaceful. Of course, while he is a hero in every sense of the word, he isn’t even a pro hero and still has a long way to go before he becomes one. And that means that he will live to become an adult in My Hero Academia.

Will Deku die by the end of the series?

Ever since the start of My Hero Academia, it was already clear that the storyline would primarily revolve around Izuku Midoriya and his rise from a Quirkless young teenager to the greatest hero in the world. And this happened due to a chance encounter with All Might, who saw that Midoriya had the makings of a true hero.

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As such, Midoriya became Deku after he inherited All Might’s Quirk and became the new holder of the incredibly powerful One For All Quirk. This was the moment that sparked his rise to the top as the future top hero in the world. And he even said so when he narrated the storyline and said quite early that this was the story of his rise as the greatest hero in history.

Of course, during his rise, we know that he encountered many problems, especially concerning his control over One For All, which proved too powerful for him to handle. However, Midoriya has steadily improved and continues to grow as a character. And he now has a heavy burden on his shoulders that he knows he is the only one that could defeat Tomura Shigaraki, who inherited All For One’s Quirk and is now looking to try to steal One For All from Deku.


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Nevertheless, despite how evil Shigaraki has become under the influence of All For One and how he has murdered and killed many people, we know that Midoriya has not lost hope in him. Because he knows that All Might passed One For All to him to save people and not kill them, Deku still believes that he could save Shigaraki from the influence of the evil All For One.

But while we know Deku is willing to save Shigaraki, we also know that trying to do so is too dangerous because Shigaraki has become too powerful and angry for anyone to save. This could be too dangerous for him as he would probably have to put his life on the line to save Tomura Shigaraki. So, does that mean that Deku will die at the end of the series?

It is unlikely that Deku will die at the end of My Hero Academia, as there was already a hint given to us as early as the start of the series. And what we are talking about is the fact that Izuku Midoriya is the one that’s narrating the storyline.

The fact that Deku is the one narrating the entire series allows us to believe that he is telling the story from a future point in time when everything that has and will happen in My Hero Academia has already happened from where he is narrating it from. That means that he will live through the events of the series and will be alive to narrate the story to the audience.

There’s also the fact that Deku said that the story of My Hero Academia is all about his rise to the status of the greatest hero in the history of the world. As such, he is telling the story of the future, where he has already become the greatest hero. That means there is a good chance he is narrating it as an adult and a pro-hero.


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Of course, Deku is far from being the greatest hero at this point, as he isn’t even a pro hero. He is still a teenager that still has more room to grow. As such, he would have to finish his studies first before he could become a pro hero. He still has to defeat Shigaraki and the All For One to solidify his status as the greatest hero in history. And that implies that he has to live through the series’ events to accomplish those tasks and become the greatest hero in the world.

What will happen to Deku by the end of the series?

It is too early to speculate what will happen to Deku at the end of the series. We know he still has his hands full with Tomura Shigaraki, who has become incredibly powerful and too monstrous for anyone to handle. Of course, we know that Deku has also become very powerful and has now mastered the use of all of the Quirks of the previous holders of One For All.

As such, there’s a good chance that he will find a way to defeat Tomura Shigaraki, not in a conventional way but in a way that will allow him to convince the villain that he no longer needs to hold on to all of his rage and anger. After all, his rage is why he became a villain, and All For One could easily manipulate him. And there’s a good chance that Deku would have to put himself in harm’s way to ensure he gets through Shigaraki.

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The possibility of Deku dying is still out there, especially because his character has always been about self-sacrifice. But while that may be true, it is more likely that he will end up in a situation that will put him in a near-death situation that would have killed him if it weren’t for some shonen-like troupe that would keep him alive. 

In that regard, Deku sacrificing himself is consistent with his character as a selfless person. But because this is still a shonen storyline, there might be an event that will keep Deku alive or bring him back to life after he experiences an event that should have killed him.

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