Minecraft: Here’s 11 Best Things You Can Make With Bamboo

Minecraft 11 Best Things You Can Make with Bamboo

The 1.20 Update in Minecraft brought many things. One of those things is Bamboo. It’s a well-known fact that Bamboo has been around for quite some time now, specifically since the 1.14 update that came out in 2018. What was frustrating back then and still is in 1.19 is that you can’t use Bamboo like regular wood, so what are some things that you can make with Bamboo in Minecraft now in 1.19

We can go beyond what is possible in 1.19 and get a glimpse into the future with 1.20 snapshots that are already out and that you can test out for yourself in-game. So beyond the things you can make with Bamboo in 1.19, we’ll dive into what you will be able to make in 1.20 so sit back and open up your eyes to the new things you can do with Bamboo.

Natural generation

For you to make the most out of your bamboo builds, you need to acquire Bamboo first. Bamboo naturally generates in jungle biomes, specifically in the jungle, sparse jungles, and bamboo jungles. You can break it instantly using swords. Water will also break bamboo shoots but not mature bamboo stalks.

You can also find Bamboo in jungle temples and shipwrecks. Luckily, Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in Minecraft and possibly in real life. Minecraft will grow every 204.8 seconds, while in real life, it grows 1.5 inches per hour or 2.91 ft per day.

1. Easiest Wood Farm

1 Wood Farm

Given the fact that Bamboo is the fastest growing block out there, it makes it easy to make a bamboo wood farm. With the 1.20 update, we were introduced to a new type of wood – Bamboo. Not only does this make obtaining wood faster, but it also makes the farm needed for it easy to make.

There is some Redstone required, but anyone can do it. The principle is similar to a sugar cane farm. This is the mechanic we’ll use in today’s guide on how to make the farm. You’ll need Bamboo, a Minecart with Hopper, 33 Mud, 37 Black Terracotta (mud and terracotta can be swapped with something else), 20 Pistons, 20 Observers, 17 Redstone Dust, 2 Chests, 2 Hoppers, 4 Redstone Torches, 29 Rails, 4 Powered Rails, 17 Bamboo Trapdoors. To make it, follow these steps:

  1. Create a 9X9 square using mud blocks in a flat area (the area should extend at least three more blocks in each direction
  2. Plant bamboo on the blocks but leave the corner and their adjacent blocks free of Bamboo.
  3. Behind every Bamboo inside the square, place black terracotta on the ground and a piston on top of it. The pistons should face the Bamboo.
  4. Place observers on each piston; their faces should also be towards the Bamboo-
  5. Take black terracotta, place it behind pistons, and then put Redstone dust on top.

Now, onto the collection system.

  1. Pick a side where you placed the Bamboo and dig a 5-block wide and 3-block deep hole.
  2. Break two blocks beneath each block you planted the Bamboo on; you should have a tunnel.
  3. In the original hole, place a double chest and connect it with hoppers; the hoppers have to be placed after the chest, below the mud blocks, with a one-block gap.
  4. Place a Redstone torch in the ground next to one of the hoppers. Then, place a torch in the middle of each tunnel row but one block below.
  5. Place rails around the tunnel and a powered rail above the Redstone torches on every block.
  6. Place a minecart with a hopper on top of the powered rail right next to the hoppers and push it.
  7. Close off everything but make a staircase to access the chest.
  8. Finally, place three rows of trap doors on top of each other next to the plantation area and open them.


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2. XP Farm

Although you can’t necessarily make an XP farm using only Bamboo, this farm takes advantage of the fact that Bamboo can be used as fuel. In reality, you’re making a cactus farm, but with the addition of Bamboo, the farm is fully automatic, and you don’t ever have to reload the furnace since you won’t be using coal to smelt cactus.

You’ll get five things out of this easy-to-make farm: cactus, green dye, fuel, XP, and of course, Bamboo. TadCrepper made an excellent, easy-to-follow video on how to make the farm, so follow along with his steps in video above.

3. Seamless builds

3. Seamless builds

The 1.20 update introduced two bamboo wood types – a bamboo mosaic and stripped bamboo wood. I prefer the bamboo mosaic, but I can see where the stripped Bamboo will find its place in my builds. What I mean when I mention seamless builds is that the texture of each block of stripped Bamboo will connect.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, look at the photo above that compares regular wooden planks and stripped bamboo blocks.

4. Rafts

Raft boat

Although rafts don’t have cool new features and will be used the same way as a boat, they will help out your jungle-inspired build and may even help with the roleplaying aspect of the game many YouTubers are practicing. The raft is a classic in survivalist movies since most characters usually build rafts to escape the island. Take advantage of it and enjoy it because a raft looks different from a boat.

5. Scaffolding

Scaffolding 1

Although scaffolding is pretty much useless in creative mode, it sure does help in survival worlds when you want to make tall and detailed builds. To make scaffolding, you’ll need Bamboo and strings. The benefit of scaffolding is placing it as tall as you’d like without ever having to get high up with it.

To make it, you’ll need six bamboo and one string. When you make it in the crafting table, it’ll yield you six scaffolding, so it’s rather easy to craft a lot of it. You can acquire string from spiders. Remember that although scaffolding is a transparent block, mobs can still spawn on it, so don’t forget to spawn-proof it in your survival world.

6. Feeding/breeding pandas

6. Feedingbreeding pandas

Feeding pandas is easy enough. You find the panda and feed it Bamboo by pressing use. It gets trickier when you try to breed pandas, which also mimics real life. Pandas are the only passive mob in the game, with an additional requirement for successfully breeding them.

Apart from having to have two pandas to breed them, you’ll also need to have eight bamboo blocks five blocks from the pandas to breed them. It seems easy enough, but if you don’t know this, you might get disappointed when you try to breed them, and it fails almost every time. If you don’t have the bamboo blocks required to breed them, both will attack you, and my guess is you don’t want to kill the pandas anymore than I do.


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7. Fuel

bamboo fuel

Although Bamboo is not an efficient fuel source, its power is in the number of bamboo you can acquire in a short period. Each Bamboo will only smelt 0.25 items, meaning you’ll need 4 to smelt one iron ingot. As I said, the upside in all this is that you can acquire a lot of Bamboo in a short period simply because Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in Minecraft.

If you make the simple bamboo farm from before, you’ll have no problem acquiring it. The XP farm also uses its fuel power to give you unlimited XP.

8. Easy stick source

bamboo stick

If you take two bamboo sticks and combine them in the crafting table the same way you would regular wooden planks, you can acquire a lot of sticks in no time. This is especially useful in the early stages of your survival world when you need to go caving for diamonds and other valuable resources.

The only problem might be that you’ll have to find a jungle biome to obtain Bamboo, and of course, if you want to make it a permanent source of sticks, you’ll need to make the farm from above. If you don’t want the farm to be automatic, you can easily do that, but I suggest you make it automatic since it’s easier and you can do other things.

9. Bamboo Mosaic

Bamboo Mosaic

The bamboo mosaic can make excellent floor patterns in your builds. The way it looks is shown in the image above, and it can massively help your builds. Apart from the standard block, you can make bamboo mosaic stairs and slabs. Everything you can make is only available from making stripped bamboo blocks.

To craft it, you’ll need to place three bamboo planks to create bamboo slabs on the crafting table. Then, combine the two slabs the same way you would to make a stick, and you’ll get. To make bamboo planks, you need to make a bamboo block first. It’ll be green in color, and you craft it the same way as any other plank.


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10. Stripped Bamboo Wood

The benefit of the stripped bamboo wood is that you can make slabs, stairs, doors, trap doors, pressure plates, and buttons. The doors will be transparent, allowing you to look outside the doors easily. The same logic applies to the trap doors, which allow you to make windows using them.

11. Tree House

tree house

If you take everything you learned from the guide, you can start creating your builds and making adventures with the new type of wood, so here’s a little inspiration for the last build we’ll cover. There are no details, no steps to follow, just general ideas to inspire you.

Building with jungle wood wasn’t very inspirational before. It looked the same way as any other wood type, but with the introduction of bamboo wood to Minecraft, your jungle-centered build can get on a whole new level. You might consider making a tree house in the jungle or even a tree house jungle village, with their houses connected by making hanging bridges. You can level up your shrine builds by incorporating the bamboo mosaic. Whatever you do, I’m sure it’ll look amazing.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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