Mirko vs. Garaki: Who Would Win in a My Hero Academia Fight?

mirko vs garaki

The Rabbit Hero Mirko has taken My Hero Academia fans by storm with her savage attitude and brutal attacks, topped with a loveable, cute, and thrill-seeking personality that is hard to match. My Hero Academia season 6 featured Mirko chasing down the infamous Garaki with immense force and speed, leaving curious fans wondering who would win in a fight.

Although Dr. Garaki could technically overpower Mirko by means of his technology or by enhancing a more powerful villain that can defeat her, Mirko is far too overpowered for Garaki to take on solo. Mirko would probably beat down Garaki if they were to end up in a solo My Hero Academia fight, but Garaki would most likely run or cower – making Mirko the winner by default.

While Dr. Garaki is certainly no match for Mirko on his own, he may have a few tricks that could put this beloved hero in a tricky predicament. Stick around to find out about Mirko and Garaki, as well as how these two My Hero Academia characters would compete in a one-on-one fight.

Mirko (Rumi Usagiyama)

Mirko, formally known as Rumi Usagiyama or by her superhero name Rabbit Hero, is the No. 5 Pro Hero in the My Hero Academia universe. She is rough and tough, fearlessly speaking her mind and enjoying every opportunity she has to take down a bad guy – frequently exploring Japan and defeating villains on her own.

mirko costume

She is extremely well-built and muscular with powerful limbs and an agile stature – topped with menacing red eyes, protruding bunny ears, and a round white bunny tail. This albino rabbit-like superhero quickly became a favorite white-haired anime girl for countless My Hero Academia fans, and it’s easy to see why.

Rabbit Quirk

Mirko has the Rabbit Quirk, which grants her some incredibly powerful traits inspired by rabbits. She has super leg strength as a result, enabling her to kick and jump with immense force – potentially destroying large chunks of structures, rocks, and ground simply by stomping her feet.


In addition, Mirko also has some rather excellent senses as well, much like rabbits. She has incredibly sensitive hearing and can sense danger in a pinch thanks to the animal-like instincts provided by her Quirk. She also has a range of special moves thanks to this quirk, namely the Luna Ring, fall, Tijeras, Arc, and Rush.

Abilities & Stats

Mirko has some amazing abilities and stats, and she is considered far more powerful than most of the other Pro heroes in My Hero Academia. Some of her most notable abilities include Enhanced Strength, Speed, Dexterity, Agility, Pain Tolerance, and Intuition.


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But, she is also an excellent fighter being a Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant. Below are Mirko’s stats according to the Ultra Analysis Book, provided by the My Hero Academia Wiki.

mirko stats

Dr. Garaki (Kyudai Garaki)

Garaki, formally known as Kyudai Garaki, or by the aliases Daruma Ujiko and Dr. Tsubasa, is a classic ‘mad scientist’ type villain that works closely with the League of Villains. Garaki is not the most powerful bad guy in the My Hero Academia universe, but he is a faithful servant of All For One and would later become a massive helping hand for Tomura Shigaraki – an extremely important villain in the My Hero Academia storyline.

garaki hospital

He is quite an old man, with a short and rather feeble physical build – characterized by a completely bald head and a big bushy mustache. Garaki is the chairman of Jaku General Hospital in the My Hero Academia world, and he generally wears a labcoat over a shirt topped with circular, gear-like goggles.

Life Force Quirk

His quirk is quite interesting but isn’t all too strong compared to many other quirks in My Hero Academia. He has the Life Force Quirk (later a duplicate version of the original quirk), which simply makes him appear younger than he actually is – which is surprising considering how old he looks already.

garaki old

Without this quirk, Garaki would have significantly more wrinkles and his eyes would be far more sunken than they are already. But, this quirk also gives Garaki an extended lifespan at the cost of his physical mobility, with Garaki stating he is well over 120 years old.


The main threat that Garaki poses to My Hero Academia characters is through his genius level of intellect (particularly concerning biological and technological advancements) as well as medical expertise. Garaki has an incredibly in-depth understanding of Quirks and is often considered an expert in the field.

While Garaki is not necessarily a threat on his own, he has tons of tricks up his sleeve that can complicate things for My Hero Academia protagonists – primarily by means of aiding more powerful My Hero Academia villains. He frequently restores health to villains, modifies their bodies, and duplicates special weapons by unknown means.

Mirko vs. Garaki: Who Would Win?

Mirko was seen chasing down Dr. Garaki with some intense speed, agility, and brute force in My Hero Academia season 6 so far – instantly stealing the hearts of countless My Hero Academia fans worldwide. She was shown slashing and dashing through hordes of enemies, finally catching up to a fearful-looking Garaki, as seen below thanks to Inuppe.

While the gap between Mirko and Garakli’s power levels is staggering, quite a few fans have become curious to find out if Garaki would be able to defeat Mirko in some way. However, odds are that Mirko would overpower Garaki in just about any scenario – unless Garaki uses some of his insane technology or sly scientific creations to take down Mirko or help another villain defeat her.


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Garaki probably wouldn’t even face Mirko in a fight if given the chance, since his usual calm, confident, and collected demeanor can turn cowardly very quickly. Not to mention, Garaki has a full-blown freak-out session whenever he discovers that he is in danger, as seen below.

garaki panic

The recent scenes in the My Hero Academia anime series flaunted all of Mirko’s most well-loved traits, from taking down bad guys with a smile to blowing up structures with mere muscle flexes. While it’s unknown if these two will ever face each other solo, it’s likely that Mirko would give Dr. Garaki a really tough time.

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