Monkey D. Dragon vs. Kaido: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Monkey D. Dragon vs. Kaido: Who Would Win in a Fight?

One Piece is an anime that certainly has its fair share of strong and powerful characters. Kaido of the Beasts is one of those characters, as he is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the whole series. Although his role is smaller since his defeat to Luffy in Wano Country, he is still a formidable character and is great for comparisons. In this article, we are going to compare him to Luffy’s father, so that we can determine whether Monkey D. Dragon is stronger than Kaido or not.

Due to the fact that Dragon’s actual powers are unknown, we cannot state whether he is stronger than Kaido or not. He most likely isn’t, since Luffy could only defeat him after activating Gear 5, but there is a possibility that Monkey D. Dragon has some unknown powers that we are not aware of so he might be stronger than Kaido, but we cannot really determine the winner in this one.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. We had to resort to such an analysis because Dragon’s powers and abilities are completely unknown and we don’t really know how he compares to Kaido in some categories, since we don’t even know how he fares in those categories. In the end, we are going to elaborate on our answer a bit.

Monkey D. Dragon and his powers

Monkey D. Dragon, known as the World’s Worst Criminal, is the supreme commander of the Revolutionary Army and the most wanted and dangerous criminal in the world. He is the father of Monkey D. Luffy and the World Government’s greatest threat. Although a complex character, he has still shown that he cares for his son, but also his own revolutionary ideals.

Monkey D. Dragon vs. Kaido: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and has complete command of the organization. It has been hinted that Dragon could be an incredibly powerful person; the world government dubbed him “the most wanted man in the world” and is terrified that he could rebel against them with Whitebeard, who has himself become a powerful threat.

He is also the son of the legendary Marine Garp and the father of Luffy, a notorious pirate. The proof of his great power is that he trained Sabo, the second in command of the revolutionaries, who was already a strong fighter in his childhood, and with his acquired training, years later Sabo could be on the same level as Fujitora, Admiral of Naval Headquarters.

When Sengoku told everyone about his relationship with Luffy, most people were stunned, including Gecko Moria, then a member of the Seven Warlords, and members of the Whitebeard Pirates, very powerful people under the command of Whitebeard, the most powerful pirate. This reputation was enough to mark Luffy as a potential threat in the future.

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He has powerful subordinates such as his commander Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma who are relatively lower in rank except for his second in command Sabo who could only fight Burgess and Diamante who had previously worked as commanders for other fearsome eating pirates the Mera Mera no Mi, which greatly increased its power and brought the power of its leader to a level similar to that of an emperor.

Ivankov comments on Luffy’s will to live and inordinate power and that this only proves the idea that he is in fact Dragon’s son, implying that Dragon has a similar will. When Dragon arrived in Goa, people noticed that it was windier that day, such as when it did not snow for a full day on Drum Island due to the presence of Portgas D. Ace. It is also worth noting that every time (except for the headquarters of the revolutionary army) a storm appears or is already there.

Kaido and his powers

Kaidou the Beast is the leader and captain of the Beasts Pirates who served as one of the Four Emperors until he lost that title when he was defeated during the assault on Onigashima. He was also an apprentice of the legendary Rocks Pirates during his youth. He was the third emperor to be mentioned and the last to make an appearance.

Monkey D. Dragon vs. Kaido: Who Would Win in a Fight?

He was one of the Four Emperors so he was among the piracy elite, where he is known as “the Most Powerful Creature”. He has a bounty of 4,611,100,000 Berrys, currently the highest and second only to Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger. Prior to the conflict at Marineford, Kaidou tried to take Whitebeard’s life, something few would dare to do, though he eventually confronted Shanks.

When Gecko Moria was at his best, Kaidou fought him and emerged victorious, laying waste to his entire crew in the process. The Five Elders mentioned that Kaidou is one of the few people capable of stopping Blackbeard. Trafalgar Law stated that Kaidou could easily assassinate Donquixote Doflamingo, a world-famous and extremely powerful pirate.

Law also speculated that even with an alliance with the Straw Hats, his chances of overthrowing the Emperor were reduced to 30%. This statement may, however, be questionable, as at the time Law was not posing a real and open conflict with Kaidou. The Emperor was able to defeat another member of “the worst generation”, Eustass Kid, with apparent ease and refused to take Luffy and Law’s alliance seriously regardless of his achievements, taking the defeat of a Sea Warrior as minor and of no real importance to him.

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Kaidou then defeated Luffy himself effortlessly, knocking him unconscious in a single blow. Kaidou can also go toe-to-toe with Big Mom of the Four Emperors, as evidenced by the force of their clash, which was strong enough to split the sky in two, similar to the clash between Whitebeard and Shanks, and fight her for two days without sustaining injury.

Like the rest of the Emperors, Kaidou has under his command a vast number of subordinates and other pirates allied with him, such as X Drake or Scratchmen Apoo. With Caesar Clown and Doflamingo as his partners, Kaidou managed to create an army of over five hundred artificial Zoan devil fruit users, the Gifters.

Monkey D. Dragon vs. Kaido: Who would win?

Ultimately, we cannot say much about this match-up, since we don’t know much about these guys in the first place. Okay, we know everything about Kaidou, but in comparison, we know almost nothing about Dragon, so it’s somehow balanced out.

Nominally, Kaidou should be stronger than Dragon. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the series and he was able to defeat Luffy on more than one occasion until Luffy activated the divine powers of his Devil Fruit and eventually Gear 5. It was only when Luffy became ridiculously overpowered that he was able to defeat Kaidou, and that speaks for itself when Kaidou’s powers are concerned.

Now, as far as Dragon is concerned, we know absolutely nothing; we have never even seen him use any of his powers; in fact, we know of them only by reputation. He is feared around the world and people generally try to avoid him, but whether it’s because of his actual powers or his reputation is unknown. It is also assumed that he is more powerful than the other members of the Revolutionary Army, but we cannot confirm even that.

Be that as it may, we are not able to reach a conclusion here. It is wholly unknown whether Dragon is stronger than Kaidou, simply because we have absolutely no clue as to what Dragon’s exact powers and abilities are.

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