Who Has The Most Original Shows & Movies? Netflix vs. Disney vs. HBO (Comparision)

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The modern age has gifted us with plenty of luxuries and services, including a range of entertainment options at our very fingertips. But, with so many varieties, features, and content types, choosing a platform can become rather complex.

Netflix is the most ‘original’ in terms of its in-house-made content, steadily releasing more Netflix Originals due to classic title licensing issues. Disney Plus includes countless iconic and high-quality titles, which can also be considered original, whereas HBO Max features a wide spread of infamous titles but lacks original productions.

Disney, Netflix, and HBO have been providing entertaining shows and movies to their customers for ages, but they all come with a range of pros and cons. Join us as we discuss and compare the services and content provided by Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max, and unravel each of these platforms’ strengths and weaknesses.

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max Comparision

Numerous platforms have been competing for the streaming spotlight for many years, and these three platforms have made it to the very top of the list. Making a final choice between these platforms can be tricky considering their range of shows and movies, as well as their relative subscription prices.

Disney Plus vs. Netflix vs. HBO Max (Infographic Comparision)
Disney Plus vs. Netflix vs. HBO Max (Infographic Comparision) by Fiction Horizon

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max all offer various content options for viewers, and many aspects are purely based on viewers’ preferences. Below is an outline of these platforms’ prices, strengths, and weaknesses.

PlatformStarting PriceStrengthsWeaknesses
Disney Plus$7.99 per monthHigh-Quality Productions
Iconic titles such as Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel releases
Predominantly targeted at younger audiences
Netflix$8.99 per monthNetflix Original series and movies
A steady flow of binge-watch friendly content
Entertainment for all ages
Steadily dissolving licensed programming
HBO Max$9.99 per monthA plethora of titles for viewers of all agesLacks original content

All three of these platforms support mobile downloads, offline viewing, and offer a range of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Some offer more original content than others, but the choice will still come down to viewing preferences and audience age ranges.

Disney Plus

Disney certainly shook up the world of streaming when it first released its Disney Plus services in late 2019, with competitors assuming that Walt Disney’s prized productions would blow everyone out of the water. But, Disney was smart in its approach, choosing to focus on a single target for its streaming platform – young viewers (and, of course, young-hearted adults!)

disney plus

This streaming platform has a ton of top-quality pieces to offer viewers, with an entertainment giant under its belt and countless highly sought-after titles in its catalog. Disney Plus is relatively budget-friendly and is a perfect choice for anyone who is already a fan of infamous Marvel, Disney, or Star Wars releases.


Instead of all streaming platforms competing for Disney titles, Disney has its own way of distributing its content. All Disney content is available on Disney Plus, including animated, live-action, and much more, which accounts for over 7,500 TV shows and more than 500 movies.


Needless to say, Disney productions are always naturally unique, high-quality, and encased with gripping storylines. Disney Plus includes a range of Disney Exclusives, most of which stand the test of time.


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However, the fact that these top-rated titles are original to Disney doesn’t necessarily mean they are unique – most people may have seen at least glimpses of these titles before, either in cinemas, online, or on other TV channels. Still, Disney Plus is a great choice for any fun-loving families, kids, and younger audiences who adore having access to their favorite titles around the clock.


A ton of iconic pieces are available for viewing on Disney Plus, such as Pixar pieces, Marvel productions, Star Wars installations, and even National Geographic content. The Disney franchise has been incomparably popular for ages, and Disney Plus’s wide range of high-quality content makes it a great choice for viewers of all ages.

Prices & Packages

PackageSubscription PricePackage Features
Standard$7.99 per month/ $79.99 per year– Gets customers unlimited access to over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movie titles.
(Tier 1)
$13.99 per month– Gets customers unlimited access to over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movie titles.
– Access to ESPN Plus and Hulu (Saves customers $6 compared to individual subscriptions)
(Tier 2)
$19.99 per month– Gets customers unlimited access to over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movie titles.
– Access to ESPN Plus and ad-free Hulu
(Tier 3)
$73 per month– Gets customers unlimited access to over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movie titles.
– Access to ESPN Plus, Hulu Basic, and Hulu Live
(Tier 4)
$79 per month– Gets customers unlimited access to over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movie titles.
– Access to ESPN Plus, ad-free Hulu Basic, and ad-free Hulu Live
disney plus 2

One of the most convenient aspects of Disney Plus is that the platform offers a GroupWatch feature, which allows family members and friends to host watching parties simultaneously. They also offer 4K HDR, mobile downloads, and are completely ad-free.

Pros & Cons

Access to infamous high-quality movies and shows
Access to top-quality documentaries
Content available in high video resolution
Completely ad-free
Mostly PG and G-rated content for families, lacking adult content
Weekly releases, not binge-watch friendly

Pros: Viewers have every Disney classic, TV show, and Disney movie at their fingertips without ads, in addition to infamous releases by Pixar and Marvel. Amazing documentaries are also available thanks to National Geographic, which can make Disney Plus great for viewers of all ages – not to mention that content is available in 4K!

Cons: Having a variety of high-quality PG and G-rated content can be amazing for families and younger audiences, and it can be loveably nostalgic for older viewers. But, while Nat Geo documentaries can be entertaining, Disney Plus does lack adult-tailored content.

disney plus 1 1

Although, Disney Plus did purchase 20th Century Fox recently, which could mean that all of Fox’s awesome adult content, such as The Simpsons, could be introduced over time. However, considering Disney’s focus on younger audiences, it’s more likely that these catalogs would be introduced to Hulu – which would require upgraded packages and a heftier price.

Disney Plus also does not necessarily encourage ‘binge-watching’ as Netflix would with their massive dumps of an entire series all at once, as Disney Plus releases their episodes each week on a schedule (although, whether this is a con or pro is debatable).


Netflix is by far the most favored streaming site to date, flaunting a well-rounded selection of shows and movies for viewers to enjoy. They have been around for the longest and have become pioneers in terms of their unique streaming services, making them the go-to option for many people.

They have perfected the art of providing endless streams of content online with their services. The considerable factor is that they are releasing more and more Netflix Originals due to licensing issues – but, this shouldn’t be an issue if you enjoy unique Netflix productions!


Netflix flaunts an absolutely colossal selection of shows and movies for its customers to choose from, including over 13,900 titles in total. They have a ton of entertainment lined up for just about anyone and will ensure viewers have something to keep them occupied regardless of their mood, preferences, or content taste.


Original TV shows and movies are a staple for Netflix, as they are firm concerning their additions of fresh and unique content. They add at least one new Netflix Original movie each week, in addition to their wide selection of Netflix Original series.


Netflix has gained countless customers over the years, now accumulating over 200 million subscribers in total. Although many subscribers may switch to other platforms over time, it seems that they typically continue their subscriptions and are often drawn back to everything Netflix has to offer, even if it means only catching up on their content every now and then.

Prices & Packages

PackageSubscription PricePackage Features
Basic$8.99 per month– Gets customers one screen, one tablet, and/or one phone to watch downloads on
– Unlimited Movies and TV shows
– Laptop, phone, and tablet access
– Concurrent stream and 480p video resolution.
Standard&13.99 per month– Gets customers two screens that can watch simultaneously,
– Two phones and/or tablets to view downloads on.
– HD titles where available.
– Unlimited movies and TV shows
– Laptop, phone, and tablet access
– Concurrent stream and 1080p video resolution.
Premium$17.99 per month– Gets customers four screens that can watch simultaneously,
– Two phones and/or tablets to view downloads on.
– HD titles where available.
– Unlimited movies and TV shows
– Laptop, phone, and tablet access
– Access to Ultra HD titles where available.
– Concurrent stream and 4K video resoltuion.


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Apart from their wide selection of content and awesome originals, one of the main reasons why Netflix has become so well-loved is due to their affordable subscription plans. They offer great value for money, and most customers choose the Standard package for an entertainment arrangement that meets the basic requirements with added conveniences.

Pros & Cons

Massive movie and show catalog
Great Netflix Originals and steady original content
Steadily decreasing in available classic shows and titles

Pros: Netflix’s extensive catalog of TV shows, movies, and even documentaries was a major selling point for many subscribers and customers. Their Netflix Originals are also incredibly popular and successful, including iconic titles like The Witcher and Stranger Things.

netflix 1 1

Cons: Many classic TV shows and titles are requiring more expensive licenses, as the network companies start creating their own streaming services and platforms. Thankfully, Netflix is committed to churning out original content that’s enjoyable and quality enough to keep viewers coming back for more.


HBO Max is essentially the TV variant of the HBO available online, and its extensive catalog (which includes a ton of classics and new releases) is undeniably alluring. However, HBO Max does lack the video quality provided by other platforms which can dampen the experience.

hbomax 2


HBO Max has an absolutely massive library of TV shows and movie titles, ranging from classic and iconic old-school titles to new releases. You could find nearly everything on HBO Max, from Friends and Sesame Street to The Big Bang Theory and even Game of Thrones!


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They also have quite a few awesome deals with masterpiece-makers such as Warner Bros and even Cartoon Network. As a result, HBO Max is pretty much the perfect all-in-one package for viewers of all ages and preferences.


Although HBO Max is not renowned for its original pieces, they do have a few arrangements that allow viewers to get their eyes on some ‘original’ content.


For example, HBO Max made a deal that allows them to premier all of their theatrical releases, allowing viewers to watch the latest hits such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Suicide Squad, Matrix Dune, and much more from the comfort of their own homes.


There are over 17 million HBO accounts, still rising as time continues. HBO Max became far more accessible recently after they revealed their new, less expensive, and ad-supported tier for customers on a lower budget.

Prices & Packages

PackageSubscription PricePackage Features
With Ads$9.99 per month/
$99.99 per year (about 16% savings)
– Customers get access to thousands of hours of entertainment.
– Access to HD content
Ad-Free$14.99 per month/
$149.99 per year (about 16% savings)
– Customers get HD access
– Customers get selected movies in 4K UHD
– Downloads to watch when offline
– Access to Warner Bros premieres

HBO Max is the most expensive option of the three platforms on this list, but it is still reasonably priced compared to many other streaming platforms and services to date. Considering everything that HBO has to offer, customers are still getting great value and variety for their money.

Pros & Cons

Massive catalog of various content types
All-in-one package for viewers of all ages
Does not support 4K HDR
Weekly releases, not binge-watch friendly

Pros: HBO Max is essentially an all-in-one package of entertainment for viewers of all ages. It includes awesome and epic titles such as The Matrix, The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and even the DC Extended Universe, making an amazing all-around choice for anyone.

HBOMax 1

Cons: HBO Max does not support 4K HDR, unlike other streaming and entertainment platforms. They also do not necessarily encourage ‘binge-watching’ as Netflix would with their massive dumps of an entire series all at once, as HBO Max releases their episodes each week on a schedule (although, whether this is a con or pro is debatable).

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max Viewership Comparision

Nielsen released its year-end streaming rankings for 2020 in terms of its total minutes watched across the United States subscribers, not accounting for mobile usage.

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max Movie Comparision

Below are the rankings for the Top 10 Movies in 2020 across all streaming platforms, displaying total viewership and overall ranking:

Rank No.Original Series NameSVOD ProviderMinutes Streamed (Nearest Billion)
1Frozen IIDisney Plus14,921
2MoanaDisney Plus10,507
3Secret Life of Pets 2Netflix9,123
4OnwardDisney Plus8,367
5Dr. Seuss’ The GrinchNetflix6,180
6HamiltonDisney Plus6,132
7Spenser Confidential Netflix5,374
8Aladdin (2019)Disney Plus5,172
9Toy Story 4Disney Plus4,416
10ZootopiaDisney Plus4,400

It’s no surprise that Disney Plus has outshined all other platforms in the movie department, with their vast assortment of hits and cream-of-the-crop content. Disney Plus has an advantage here, as 8/10 Top 10 titles are kids’ movies, and younger viewers often rewatch their favorite titles over and over – unlike adults.

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max Original Production Comparision

This metric is generally slanted in favor of multi-season shows, and it’s impossible to understand the full context – definitely worth consideration as we outline the series statistics. In addition, the data shown cannot account for potential shifts in popularity between 2020 and 2022, and onwards.

Still, Neilsen’s data can help paint a clearer picture of audience behavior concerning series between Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max. Below is the Top 10 Original Productions of 2020 across all platforms, displaying viewership and overall ranking:

Rank No.Original Series NameSVOD ProviderNo. of EpisodesMinutes Streamed (Nearest Billion)
3The CrownNetflix4016,275
4Tiger KingNetflix815,611
5The MandalorianDisney Plus1614,519
6The Umbrella AcademyNetflix2013,470
7Great British Baking ShowNetflix6513,279
8Boss Baby: Back In BusinessNetflix4912,625

Ozark was the most-watched streaming original of 2020, provided by Netflix. Netflix definitely takes the cake when it comes to Original Series popularity – at least in 2020 – with 9/10 Top 10 Original Series being provided by them.


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Only 1/10 Top 10 Original Series on the list for 2020 was provided by Disney Plus – and, this specific title was popular for good reason. The Mandalorian had received a ton of hype for quite a while before its final release. Meanwhile, HBO Max and even other HBO variants are completely absent from the Top 10 Original Series of 2020 list.

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max Acquired Production Comparision

But, the above only concerns original pieces – let’s see how Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO compete when it comes to classic titles requiring licenses for acquisition. Below is the Top 10 Acquired Productions of 2020 across all platforms, displaying viewership and overall ranking:

Rank No.Acquired Production NameSVOD ProviderNo. of EpisodesMinutes Streamed (Nearest Billion)
1The OfficeNetflix19257,127
2Grey’s AnatomyNetflix36639,405
3Criminal MindsNetflix27735,414
5Schitt’s CreekNetflix7023,785
8New GirlNetflix14614,545
9The BlacklistNetflix15214,480
10Vampire DiariesNetflix17114,091

The Office was the most-watched program overall in 2020 among United States subscribers. Netflix is essentially unparalleled in this department as well, with 10/10 of the Top 10 Acquired Productions of 2020 list.

Original Content vs. Licensed Programming

Although original content is crucial for attracting new customers by providing shows and titles that are unique to the platform, licensed programming is still an integral aspect in maintaining sign-ups and providing quality content. As such, relying heavily on originals does have the potential to cause issues later down the line.

disney plus vs netflix vs hbo max

The battle for content ownership and licensing is an ongoing war amongst streaming services, and while Netflix continues to surpass others in terms of viewership, they do lack in this department. For example, The Office is now exclusive to Peacock, and Netflix’s licensed library will continue to shrink as companies reclaim their content for in-house usage.


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Even so-called Netflix Originals are not necessarily owned by Netflix, which can pose serious threats in the future. For example, The Crown and The Umbrella Academy prove costly, as Netflix does not outright own either show.

Netflix only owned 2 of the 2020 original hits, namely Ozark and Tiger King. Andrew Rosen, former Viacom Digital Media Exec and Founder of Streaming Newsletter, PARQOR, said the following in an interview with Observer:

“For a finance audience, Netflix not owning its own IP is a large variable cost for a company that has yet to consistently generate free cash flow. It also means that Netflix is not making enough bets on its objective of building out a library of original IP. Netflix is both explicitly and implicitly messaging to Wall Street that a Disney ecosystem/flywheel model is its ultimate goal, but if its top performing IP continues to be licensed, that would imply it is still no closer to reaching that objective.

But, if licensed IP continues to be the most optimal marketing tactic to drive growth and reduce churn, it will raise more questions as to whether Netflix is a service that can successfully build out its own library of original IP, and can reach its objective of a Disney-like ecosystem. In other words, the key question for Netflix is whether the predominance of licensed IP is a feature or a bug on its way to achieving its objective of a Disney-like ecosystem.”

Netflix has been providing a steady stream of enjoyable content for almost a decade, not to mention its commitment to releasing fresh and entertaining Netflix Originals as often as possible. While they are not without their shortcomings and downfalls, Netflix will definitely be the best choice if you’re set on having an endless flow of unique content at your fingertips.

Still, both Disney Plus and HBO can be amazing choices as well, despite their lack of ‘original’ content. Disney Plus is the go-to when it comes to iconic hits and masterpieces, while HBO can be a perfect comfort choice for all things nostalgic and classic.

Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max are all incredible platforms with exceptional services – in an ideal world, we’d love to have all three! Either way, your ultimate decision should come down to what features you appreciate, your budget, and most importantly, the kind of content you enjoy.

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