One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?

One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?

One Piece is an anime with its fair share of strong and powerful characters and epic battles. In light of that, as well as the current happenings in the anime series, we are going to focus on the recently-finished fight between the Straw Hat Pirates crew member, Roronoa Zoro, one of the best swordsmen in the series, and King of Kaidou’s crew, since the two of them have actually completed their epic fight in Wano Country; it was one of the arc’s best fights without a doubt. In this article, we are going to tell you how Zoro won the fight and whether he killed King or not.

Realizing that King’s power depended on the strength of his flames, Zoro waited for the right moment when King attacked him and thus became vulnerable. He then used a powerful three-bladed slash to finish him off and send him flying off Onigashima. King was seen flying off the floating island and survived the fall, but a week later, he was attacked and presumably apprehended by Marine Admiral Ryokugyū.

The rest of this article will focus on King and his fate in the One Piece series. King was one of the most interesting villains in the whole series, and he had an epic fight with Zoro, and it only makes sense that the fans want to know what happened to this brute, so we have decided to compose this article. This article will contain some spoilers from the One Piece manga, so be careful how you approach it.

King lost to Zoro after an epic battle, but he did not die

A revived Zoro and Sanji charged at them with their various attacks before King and Queen could finish off Marco, with King getting cut by Zoro. The attack knocked King to the ground, but he was uninjured, and he, like Queen, rose soon. King used the chance to pull his sword and attack an undefended Sanji, which Zoro successfully deflected.


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King grasped the hint when Queen said that Sanji’s burning leg was an illogical talent for a regular human like him who wasn’t from the Lunarian tribe. Zoro then attempted to attack the headliner, but the latter blocked his swords with his notched blade, hurled them into the air, and punched Zoro hard enough to loosen the sword from his lips.

King said that it wasn’t necessary to adhere to conventional combat tactics when Zoro questioned him about his fighting style. As the fight continued, King stopped the aerial fighting by hitting Zoro. Later, Zoro shattered the top left corner of King’s mask. King started utilizing his hybrid form to indiscriminately attack everyone nearby after becoming enraged by the damage to his mask.

He unleashed a barrage of aerial attacks using his Pteranodon wings as makeshift swords that hurt both friends and opponents. One of his blows against Zoro was so powerful that it sent him flying into the tower’s main corridor, where Franky was. King rapidly flew in his direction to strike the swordsman again with a wing. Zoro counterattacked, causing further damage to his mask, but King outmaneuvered him and kicked him even further, allowing him to pierce the Skull Dome’s outer walls.

King was going to use a third strike to drive Zoro off of Onigashima, but Zoro could go back to the island’s periphery, where King was. King, whose mask was now partially shattered, replied by saying that he would dement Zoro for the same when Zoro stated that King should, at least, use a sword to make the final slash, as anything else would be a sign of disrespect for the opponent.

King Kicks At Zoro

Zoro’s sword Enma started to aggressively drain his haki at that same moment. King seized the chance to approach Zoro but refrained from assaulting him. King only perceived the confused Zoro’s sword stab as a precise hit to the gut before it suddenly went off and caused a huge explosion.

By erecting a protective Haki, Zoro narrowly avoided the devastation, and when the smoke cleared, he saw that King had been spared by his own attack. Without wasting any time, Zoro attacked King straight with Shishi Sonson but was unsuccessful in doing so. King then launched a second round of his assault.

Enma’s “rebelliousness” allowed King to blow up most of the rocks that lined the shore of Onigashima while still managing to graze Zoro with his head. King kicked his opponent to the ground and then used his barizodon strike to apply pressure as Zoro struggled to control his falling blades. King then sent Zoro into the lower levels of Kaidou’s castle using his wing while flying directly at the swordsman.

Zoro used his Haki ability to knock down the onlooking Beasts Pirates after temporarily resting on the ground daydreaming about his history. Zoro then grabbed Enma, as he was sure he could use it properly at that point. The following strike by Zoro cut King, breaking off his mask. Zoro felt that while King’s speed had risen, his defense had weakened due to the fires on his back being put out, making King vulnerable. This was his edge.

The remainder of his mask was subsequently removed by King, who then showed his face to his minions in the area. They instantly identified him as a Lunarian. When Zoro used his Rengoku Oni Firi to attack King, he quickly understood that the attack had been ineffective because King’s fire had returned.

When Zoro managed to avoid the fire dragon King threw at him, they collided with his swords. Like before, King tried to remove Zoro’s swords using his Swordbreaker, but Zoro’s Haki sent King flying. Then, as King kicked him in the face, Zoro quickly reacted after observing him speeding up again with the Yakkodori technique to instantly cut through his now-vulnerable body.

King Defeated

When King stated that no human could win against a member of his race and that he would only remember Zoro as a respectable swordsman if anything, Zoro refuted this and pointed out that King had started deflecting his attacks and now seemed vulnerable. He also declared that King should manage to survive. He would personally see that King would remember him.


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Then King summoned an even larger flaming dragon and moved toward Zoro. The latter leaped into the fray without hesitation, splitting the dragon in two with his Santoryu as he sent a focused wave of slashes at King, striking him square in the chest, removing a portion of his right-wing, and smashing his sword. Zoro now won the battle.

As for King, he was kicked off Onigashima by Zoro and landed somewhere on the ground. But he did survive, as the manga revealed later. He was later seen in the former Prisoner Mine alongside Queen and numerous other members of Kaido’s crew; Kaido was, in the meantime, also defeated, with his fate unknown as of the time of writing. Marine Admiral Ryokugyū found them, and he impaled Queen with his Devil Fruit ability, dehydrating him and thus decreasing him in size considerably, after which he brutally kicked him. King was not seen getting beaten but he is officially alive at this moment, and it is assumed that the Marines have apprehended him.