Is Kaido Dead in One Piece? What Happened to Him?

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If you remember your One Piece fights 101, you’ll know that one fight managed to stand out among Luffy’s many fights against his numerous opponents. The fight we are talking about is Luffy’s fight against Kaidou of the Four Emperors, one of the most powerful characters in the whole franchise and one of its principal villains. With the conclusion of the Wano Country Arc, we finally have a clear winner of this battle, but what happened to Kaido in the end? Is he dead or alive? In this article, we are going to tell you what happened to Kaido and whether he is alive or dead in One Piece!

At this moment, the fate of Kaido remains unknown. We know that he has been defeated and that he has fallen into Wano’s magma chamber along with Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin), seemingly dying from the fall. Still, Kaido is a very resilient character and we haven’t really seen him die on the pages of the manga, which is always a hint, and with Oda planning an all-out war for One Piece, he might come back in the future.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Kaido’s fate during the final moments of the Wano Country Arc. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers about the current events in the One Piece manga.

Is Kaido really dead in One Piece?

Officially, the status of Kaido in One Piece is – unknown. Namely, after his defeat to Luffy in Wano Country, Kaido seemed rather dead due to Luffy’s newly-discovered powers, and with Big Mom’s defeat also causing a stir, both of them fell into Wano Country’s magma chamber. From that moment, his fate is unknown. The protagonists consider Kaido and Big Mom to be dead, but no one has seen a body and Oda has not confirmed Kaido’s death in any way.

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Kaido (right) and Big Mom (left) fall into Wano’s magma chamber after being defeated (One Piece, Chapter 1050)

We know that there is a rule in manga and anime that if you don’t see a character die on-screen (or on-page), they’re probably not dead. This is a long-standing rule in the world of anime and manga, so it might give us some hint about Kaido’s real fate. We actually never saw him die, only fall into the magma chamber. Now, Kaido is a major character and while he was a villain whose death might make sense, knowing that Oda is probably heading towards an all-out war, his death might not be as certain as the protagonists think. Knowing how strong he is, he might just come back in the future but at this moment, we don’t know for certain.


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What happened to Kaido in One Piece?

In this section, we are going to reveal what happened to Kaido during the final moments of the Wano Country Arc. At first, Kaidou was unable to avoid Luffy’s attacks since he was too overwhelmed by them. They both prepared for one more strike as their duel came to a close, but a CP0 member cut off Luffy’s attack. When Kaidou was startled by his appearance, he recalled how he had interrupted Kozuki Oden and ended the combat similarly to how he had done it against the samurai. The Emperor was totally devastated as a result.

In retaliation, Kaidou severely stabbed the CP0 agent before transforming into a dragon, after which he flew back to the castle. There, he declared Luffy dead, demanded that Momonosuke submit to him, and vowed to take on any remaining foes. He warned the samurai that his rebellion against him had aroused his wrath and that the loss of his freedom and hope would be the price of his failure. He also vowed to continue fighting until Momonosuke arrived.

He soon heard what sounded like a drum beating, but then Luffy had just awakened the true powers of his Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit, grabbed him, and foolishly pulled him back to the roof where they were fighting. Kaidou was then swung by Luffy before being knocked to the ground. Before unleashing a Boro Breath on him, Kaidou admitted that he was relieved that Luffy had survived.

To his astonishment, Luffy struck him back, landing the blow on him. As they both got ready for their final battle, he recovered from the blow and apologized to Luffy for letting the CP0 meddle with their battle. Kaidou explained to Luffy that he had awakened the true powers of his Gomu Gomu no Mi, which led to the ground transforming into rubber, like Luffy himself, but felt that the transformation was similar to that of a Zoan Devil Fruit, which perplexed him. Kaidou was watching Luffy bounce around.


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But after swallowing Luffy, who had bounced off of him, Kaidou used a Gomu Gomu no Fusen to inflate both of their bodies, making the man uncomfortable as they drifted around. As Luffy was going to extend his arms through Kaidou’s eyes to use a Gomu Gomu no Dasshutsu Rocket to propel himself out of Kaidou’s body, Kaidou sought to grasp how Luffy managed to turn his whole body into rubbed, which made Kaidou feel even worse.

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When Kaidou ducked and lunged for Luffy’s body, he turned into a giant to simply stomp him. Luffy grabbed the dragon’s head and tail and then began using him as a jump rope until the moment when Kaidou used a Boro Breath to hurl him away. When Luffy recovered and sprinted toward him, Kaidou activated his hybrid form and rammed Luffy into the ceiling with the Kosanze Ragnaraku, making everyone in the room burst into tears.

Kaidou remarked that Luffy’s fight seemed like it belonged in a comic book as he drew his head back, but he thought that Luffy was tense, which was proven when the awakening effect subsided. Even though Kaidou himself knelt, he said to Luffy that he would recount his valiant struggle to the world after his passing. Luffy declined this completely and transformed back, thereby assuring Kaidou that death did not make him scared.

Before Luffy jumped off a boulder and headed in the direction of Kaidou while using his arms as a propeller, Kaidou was able to hit him with the Hassaikai several times. As Kaido tried to resist Luffy’s strike while also attempting to ascertain the true nature of Luffy’s newfound power, claiming that no one could possibly be able to surpass him in battle, Luffy struck him directly in the head and knocked him down to the floor.


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Luffy responded that Kaidou was the person who would surpass him and take the throne of the Pirate King when Kaidou stood up once again and questioned who he was. Kaidou realized how “crazy” Luffy’s power was and that he still maintained his spirit. He acknowledged that he suffered significant losses in that conflict and thought that Luffy also did, but Luffy shot back that he would recover all of his losses.

Luffy Defeats Kaidou

He attacked Luffy with a Gundari Ryuseigun, but Luffy also hit him multiple times and continued to pound him. He thought the entire castle was on fire and that everyone would perish when smoke began emerging from the lower part of the roof, but Luffy replied that he trusted his friends to put out the fire Kaidou launched a Kaifu attack, which Luffy was able to evade. He then observed Luffy as he caught a light beam while grinning.

Luffy was propelled into the air once more when Kaidou used a Gomu Gomu no Kaminari to escape Luffy’s lightning attack and strike him from the side. Kaidou flung himself backward with another lightning strike to assault Luffy, but he was able to escape his punch and hit him in the head. Kaidou struck Luffy with a Daiitoku Raimei Hakke as he was doing so, knocking him back into the air. Then he said to Luffy that despite Roger not possessing a powerful Devil Fruit, he still managed to become the Pirate King, proving that having one is not necessary to rule the seas.

Kaidou attempted to throw Luffy off of him, but Luffy grabbed him as he was moving through the storm clouds. To do this, he first hit him with the Hassaikai before transforming into a full dragon and using the Tatsumaki Kaifu and the Boro Breath. Ineffective since Luffy not only managed to hang on but also blew up his second fist to an enormous size to defeat Kaidou.

Kaidou made the decision to attack Luffy while he was immersed in fire after spotting his enormous fist. This caused Luffy to release his grip on him, which Kaidou claimed was the proper decision. The residents of Wano have been clinging to the belief that their “savior” will arrive ever since he told Luffy about Oden, who had been burned to death.


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He also warned Luffy that if he ever struck him, he would end up being destroyed by his flames, and then he used his Shoryu: Kaen Hakke to counter the Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun used by Luffy at that moment. While they were engaged in combat, Kaidou congratulated Luffy for making it this far but thought he couldn’t make a difference in the world. While punching Kaidou in the face so forcefully that he fell to the ground in front of the Flower Capital, supposedly knocked out, Luffy said when the man asked him what kind of society he wanted to create: “I want to construct a world where my friends can eat everything they want.”

After that, Kaidou continued to fall while he returned to his original form until he reached a magma chamber next to Big Mom. Because of this, the place exploded in a large lava eruption. After this, it is unknown if he is still alive or not.

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