One Piece Theory Explained: Is Kizaru Actually a Good Guy?

One Piece Theory Explained: Is Kizaru Actually a Good Guy?

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As far as One Piece is concerned, it is only natural to think that there are many theories surrounding the story’s lore, as the story has been ongoing for more than two decades, and with that much content available, it makes sense that fans keep hypothesizing about certain phenomena in the series. And while some have been resolved, more keep popping up as the series progresses and in this article, we are going to address one recent theory related to Admiral Kizaru of the Marines. Based on the recent events on Egghead, some fans think that Kizaru might be a good guy actually and that he has switched sides. Is that true? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, is a marine Admiral and one of the strongest members of the Marines shown in the series. He has been portrayed as a loyal member of the Marines.
  • Due to some recent events, some fans think that Kizaru might not be as evil as fans think and that he is actually a good guy who is using his position to help the heroes.
  • This theory does not have any solid foundations in the manga, so while it is good and well-executed, it is not likely, although Oda has been known to surprise us here and there.

The theory about Kizaru being a good guy is solid…

Kizaru, whose real name is Borsalino, is one of the most famous members of the Marines in the series. He has been portrayed as a loyal Marine so far, but some fans think otherwise, especially in light of the most recent events on Egghead. Reddit user AmishxNinja has presented us with the following theory:

Ok so for some reason I was pondering the actions of kizaru and along came a theory in my mind. What if Kizaru is a good guy. The primary way he is being a good guy in my theory is that he is basically a more effective version of what Aokiji was being in that he basically wastes an admiral spot and tries to do nothing with it. His modus operandi is to not do anything. Think about it, what has he done at all in his time in the story. He shows up at soabody and doesn’t do much other than beat up some pirates, then he fights some people at marineford but doesn’t have a very large impact. I personally think Kizaru’s strength would be near limitless if he applied himself but he doesn’t. You could say it’s because he doesn’t care but maybe he just wants to appear like he is doing things, but he ends up doing the bare minimum required to look like he is a significant asset to people like the Gorosei and Akainu. He could straight up murder the hell out of most of those supernovas, and could’ve probably zoomed around the battlefield of Marineford and took out so many targets, but other than getting a few good attacks in he hasn’t ever did much actual damage to the overall pirate cause. In fact his inaction and lack of damage as someone who is one of the most powerful marines and people on the planet probably is helping everyone who isn’t a marine more than hurting it. The other small things he has done are arrest 500 pirates offscreen which could actually be an example of him applying himself but it happens offscreen and it also wasn’t anyone important enough to hurt piratry at large (I don’t think that’s a word but ya know what I mean). He also offered to finish off little oars jr. which was probably an act of kindness. Last but not least he also beat up Arlong in the past an Arlong is a jackass, so all in all his actions have not really had a negative impact on pirates in general other than the small fish he captures. Another interesting aspect of his character is he goads people a lot. He made fun of Luffy for not being strong enough, which to someone like Luffy, is kind of bait for him to draw out more strength. He even made fun of Luffy again to Whitebeard saying he wasn’t powerful enough to lead the charge to the executioner’s platform, which he ended up doing anyway.

Another thing that could possibly hint to his true intentions is his Admiral’s Motto which is “Unclear Justice”. This points to his true intentions being vague and unclear as to what his brand of justice is which falls in line with this theory.

The only point in time you could maybe point to Kizaru actually going against the pirates of the world is when he almost killed zoro, but then again, he didn’t. His track record of not having an impact continues as in the end, he did not kill Zoro. Here’s the thing too, Kizaru has Haki, he almost surely has great haki in fact. He may have seen Rayleigh coming and wanted to but on a show. Now this may be stretching even further but maybe Kizaru is not only using his position to sandbag on the marines and not harm the pirates, but he also may be slowly leading certain pirates along, working as an obstacle for them to overcome. This ties in to his habit of goading people.

TL;DR: Kizaru’s true intentions are to, in a way, “sandbag” on the marines, using his position to not have any sort of negative impact on pirates or anyone fighting against he world government. He is incredibly powerful but yet hasn’t killed, jailed, or permanently injured a single important character. Kizaru is smart and knows if he acts openly treasonous they’ll replace him, so he does the bare minimum required to look like an asset to the world government but he actually hasn’t done a single thing in the story that we know of that has hurt those in rebellion to the world government at all.


And this is pretty much it. The Reddit user claims that Kizaru could be a good guy because we haven’t really seen him being a bad guy, and that makes some sense, but we don’t think it is very likely.


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… but it doesn’t make much sense

Oda has been known to throw us off our guards here and there, and the series has presented us with many surprises over the years. Some of them were more obvious, some less, some were announced, and some were true surprises in the full sense of the word. Based on what we know about Kizaru, his being a good guy would fall into the latter category, as it would be a proper surprise.

As we said, the theory is solid, and it wouldn’t be unheard of for a manga to have such a resolution for a character, but it doesn’t seem likely. Nor does it seem like it will make much sense, really. Save for him not being shown as a killer; there is nothing to suggest that he is a good guy. He didn’t really save anyone, he didn’t really do anything suspicious… we simply didn’t see him be the bad guy we think he is. But, everything he is saying and fighting for suggests that he is, indeed, a villain in the series.

And while it wouldn’t be impossible for Oda to trick us and reveal that Kizaru really is a good guy, the theories presented don’t make much sense and it doesn’t seem likely that Oda will give us such a twist in the series, so we don’t think that Kizaru will switch sides in the series.

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