One Piece: Rayleigh vs. Kizaru – Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

One Piece: Rayleigh vs. Kizaru - Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win?

Many of our One Piece comparisons have focused on fictional, hypothetical encounters, but in this article, we are going to actually focus on a clash that happened in the series, although we are going to, of course, provide you with a more detailed analysis of that fight. We are talking about the one between Kizaru, Admiral Borsalino, and the legendary pirate Silvers Rayleigh. Who is stronger? Well, keep reading to find out more details.

Despite not having a Devil Fruit, Silvers Rayleigh would beat Kizaru to a pulp at his peak. Kizaru’s Devil Fruit is exceptionally powerful, and it makes him one of the most difficult opponents in the series, but even an old, worn-out Silvers Rayleigh was able to stop Kizaru when they fought, which means that a Silvers Rayleigh at the peak of his abilities, would easily defeat him. Silvers is physically stronger than Kizaru, a better swordsman, and uses all three types of Haki, which is absolutely enough to surpass even Kizaru’s amazing Devil Fruit abilities. This is why Silvers Rayleigh is stronger and would definitely defeat Kizaru if they were to fight (again).

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article will provide you with a more thorough and detailed analysis of the issue at hand. Through several categories, you will see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is, i.e., why we think that Silvers Rayleigh, at his peak, would be able to defeat Kizaru, as he was able to surpass him when he was an old guy.

Physical skills

Having been the vice-captain of the pirate king’s crew, Rayleigh is an exceptionally powerful individual. In fact, Shakky claims that he is a hundred times more powerful than all the Supernovae present on the archipelago at that time, although they were all part of the Worst Generation.

Furthermore, thanks to his strength, he could fight on equal terms against Admiral Kizaru, even managing to wound him, although, by his own admission, his old age had weakened him a lot. He has, in fact, stated that if he had been younger, he could have both committed Kizaru and protected Luffy’s crew from Sentomaru and Bartholomew Kuma.

Sentomaru himself, who seems to have known Kizaru for a long time, stated that he had never seen anyone capable of putting the admiral in trouble. Rayleigh has a very muscular and strong physique.

In fact, despite his advanced age, he managed to swim alone in one of the calm zones, killing even some Sea Kings who wanted to eat him, which puzzled Trafalgar Law himself. He also kicked Kizaru’s leg. He is also very quick in his movements, so much so that he snapped Kayme’s explosive collar and threw it in the air before he could explode. Despite being thrown at lightning speed, Rayleigh also managed to intercept an attack by Admiral Kizaru, who was about to kill Zoro.


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Kizaru could hold down Whitebeard’s Bisento with just one foot, demonstrating his strong physical constitution. He has also demonstrated his strength by withstanding a kick from the Armament Haki-enhanced Marco without suffering harm. He also possesses exceptionally good hearing because, before the Battle of Marineford, he detected the underwater activities of the Whitebeard Pirates.

He also demonstrated excellent marksmanship during the latter moments of the conflict when he used a laser beam to destroy the key Luffy was carrying despite its enormous distance.

Now, we’re dealing with peak versions of the characters in question, but even if we were not, Rayleigh would win this one. Old man Silvers managed to wound Kizaru, and the younger version of Silvers would have trashed Borsalino completely.

Points: Rayleigh 1, Kizaru 0

Devil Fruit

Silvers Rayleigh has never eaten a Devil Fruit but has still managed to become an extremely powerful character, much like Shanks, Mihawk, and Zoro. In that aspect, he is among a smaller group of characters from the series who are considered to be exceptionally strong despite not having a Devil Fruit.

Borsalino consumed the Logia-type Pika Pika no Mi, and it gave him intangibility because it turned him into Light. This Fruit allows him to morph into light, allowing him to repel enemy strikes and transform his body into light particles. His power is amazingly great, to the point where he may generate powerful explosions to shatter buildings and uproot enormous plants.

This is specifically because he can move and attack at the speed of light. Because of it, Borsalino in Gear Second could effortlessly intercept Luffy and kick him hard.

Although Rayleigh was able to counter Borsalino’s Devil Fruit powers, the latter still wins this one because Rayleigh cannot be given a point if he did not deserve it.

Points: Rayleigh 1, Kizaru 1


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Rayleigh is among a few people who can use all three Haki types at a high level. In Rusukaina, he used Observation Haki, demonstrating that he knows how to use it perfectly to establish how many wild beasts were on the island and to avoid the attacks of one of them. He also trained Luffy to use it subconsciously. He can also use the Armament Haki and is one of the few characters to have demonstrated the ability to use it to strike his target without direct physical contact, an indication of his prowess with it.

He also possesses the Conqueror’s Haki, the rarest of these abilities, with which he knocked unconscious a large number of people in the human auction house as well as an animal that attempted to attack him in Rusukaina.

He knows how to use it to hit only whoever he wants, and his prowess with this power is such that if he had used it on Fish-Man Island instead of Luffy, he would have probably knocked out all 100,000 opponents instead of just fifty thousand.

During the war, Kizaru demonstrated his ability to employ Armament Haki to deflect a Whitebeard strike intended for the gallows Ace was standing on, along with the assistance of the other two admirals. He is one of the few characters who has used it to hit the target without making direct physical contact, which speaks to his proficiency with it. He can also use Observation Haki, but not Conqueror’s Haki.

Just as in the previous category, the points here clearly go on Rayleigh’s side, as he is able to use more types of Haki than Kizaru, so the situation is clear.

Points: Rayleigh 2, Kizaru 1


Rayleigh is also a skilled swordsman, although he has lost some of his enormous skills. Although when he confronted Kizaru, he claimed that he hadn’t used a sword in a long time, he still managed to face him, even landing a cut on his face. When he was a pirate, he used to use a cutlass, while during Luffy’s crew’s stay on the Sabaody archipelago, he wielded a double-edged sword.

After the war for supremacy, he instead uses an oval guard katana classified as a meito. He has proven to be very skilled at handling this type of weapon, rivaling a Navy admiral. While training Luffy, he used a long wooden stick.

Through his Devil Fruit, Kizaru can also create a sword made of light with which to counter the attacks of swordsmen capable of using Haki. He has proven to be very proficient in his usage, having fought on par with Silvers Rayleigh.

Even in his advanced age, Silvers Rayleigh was able to injure Kizaru in a swordfight, which proves that his skills are superior to his; at his peak, he would have sliced Kizaru in a matter of seconds, and that is why Rayleigh won the final point as well.

Points: Rayleigh 3, Kizaru 1

Even when not at his peak, Rayleigh is still far superior to Kizaru

The only category in which Kizaru surpasses Rayleigh is the Devil Fruit, but only because Kizaru has one and Silvers doesn’t; but, regardless of that, Kizaru’s Devil Fruit was not overly helpful in their encounter, as Silvers showed that even as an old man, he was still capable of countering Kizaru’s powerful Devil Fruit. Silvers Rayleigh surpasses all of Kizaru’s skills and abilities in all other categories.


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And that is why he is the winner here. Even as an old man, much weaker than in the past, Silvers was able to surpass Kizaru in their fight, which means that in his prime, he would have wiped the floor with him in a matter of minutes, and in light of that fact, we can only confirm that Silvers is the winner of this comparison.

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