Reports Reveal Sam Wilson’s Future in the MCU Post ‘Captain America 4’ – Stepping Up to Lead

sam wilson leader

‘Captain America: Brave New World’ faced significant delays in development. Initially set for release this year, the film encountered substantial negative feedback during early test screenings, prompting extensive reshoots.

Details on the plot remain sparse, but it is known that Sam Wilson will be tasked by Thunderbolt Ross to reunite the Avengers and confront various formidable threats ahead.

This marks Wilson’s debut in his own Captain America film, and despite mixed reactions to him taking on the mantle, fans are eagerly anticipating his journey in the MCU following the movie’s release.

In his Discord AMA, prominent insider Alex Perez disclosed the MCU’s plans for Sam Wilson. As anticipated, Wilson is poised to take on the leadership of the Avengers:

h: What can we expect Sam Wilson’s role to be in the future post-Captain America 4?

Alex: One of the leaders of the Avengers.

h: What would you say is your most anticipated aspect of Captain America: Brave New World?

Alex: What the governments of the world have been doing for the past few years with their superhuman projects.

There’s speculation that Wilson will co-lead the Avengers alongside another character, with much focus on Carol Danvers or Wong, who is gaining prominence in the MCU.

While the Avengers lineup for the upcoming phases remains uncertain, details are expected to emerge before ‘Avengers 5.’

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