Rob Liefeld Offers a Spoiler-free Review of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’: “The car fight! Forest fight! The ********** fight!”

deadpool wolverine movie

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is poised to be a significant release this year, marking Deadpool’s debut in the MCU, a moment long-awaited by fans. Additionally, it forms part of a new strategy aimed at restoring fans’ confidence in the franchise and the studio.

Every aspect of the movie, from the cameos to the humor and action, has been carefully crafted with fans in mind. This indicates that the MCU is recognizing the importance of quality over quantity, ensuring that fan satisfaction remains a top priority. As the only Marvel Studios cinematic release this year, ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ underscores the studio’s commitment to prioritizing fan enjoyment over profits.

Even before the first trailers were released, those who had seen the movie or parts of it hailed it as a savior of the MCU from superhero fatigue. Now, following the release of the second trailer, Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, has provided a spoiler-free review of the movie, offering high praise and substantiating some bold assertions.

Liefeld declared ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ the greatest comic book movie of all time, citing it as having the best action since ‘Winter Soldier.’

While Liefeld may be somewhat biased, we won’t fault him for it.

In the movie, Deadpool is recruited by the TVA to prevent his reality from crumbling, leading him back into his crime-fighting role. Wade will try to persuade Wolverine to join him, although the trailer suggests Wolverine is hesitant. The film will introduce Cassandra Nova as the main villain and continue the Multiversal Theme of the MCU.

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is slated for release on July 26, 2024, as part of Phase Five of the MCU.

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