Saitama vs. Tatsumaki: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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There are a lot of different characters that are incredibly powerful in the world of One Punch Man, but we all know for a fact that Saitama sits at the top of the spire when it comes to how strong he is. Still, certain characters are quite strong in their own right as well, and that’s where Tatsumaki comes in, as she is second overall in the Hero Association. So, in a battle between Saitama and Tatsumaki, who would win?

Saitama would win every single time against Tatsumaki because it was confirmed that her powers didn’t even work against him. On top of that, Tatsumaki’s physical abilities don’t hold a candle to Saitama’s own strength, speed, and durability. That means that there is nothing that Tatsumaki can do against Saitama.

People often forget that the purpose of Saitama as a character is to be the strongest there is no matter who he is up against, and that includes Tatsumaki. Despite the fact that Tatsumaki has had her own great feats, she can’t do anything against Saitama, who seems to be immune or highly resistant to psychic powers. That said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.

Saitama’s Powers And Abilities Explained

The titular character of One Punch Man is Saitama, who we all know is one of the most powerful characters in the entire world of anime. Of course, as the title of the anime suggests, Saitama is capable of defeating almost anyone with a single punch, and that’s because he is incredibly strong for a reason that was never fully explained.

Saitama supposedly got his powers after training hard every single day for more than a year. He said that he underwent a training program that had him doing 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats and 10 kilometers of running every single day. While that may be impressive to regular humans, it doesn’t fully explain why Saitama is incredibly strong.

After training hard, Saitama became the strongest being in the entire series as his physical strength increased to levels that were beyond crazy. He became the strongest, fastest, and most durable character in the entire series, as there seems to be no limit in relation to how strong Saitama is. He has shown his capabilities against an incredibly strong alien-like Boros, who was strong enough to probably take on and defeat all of the heroes that the planet had to offer. And Saitama even restrained himself to a certain degree in that fight against Boros so that he could actually enjoy it.

Throughout the entire series, Saitama has displayed his immense strength as he could kill Elder Centipede, a dragon-level threat monster that could take on multiple S-ranked heroes all at once, with a single punch. In his battle against Cosmic Fear Garou, Saitama was able to take on the god-level character all on his own. They were also producing immense shockwaves and energy that Blast needed to teleport them to a location where they wouldn’t be able to cause anyone harm. 

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Saitama’s physical abilities also extend to the rest of his body because he has incredible speed thanks to his strong legs. He can run faster than any other character in the series and is capable of leaping so high that it seems like he is capable of flight, as this was seen when he could leap from Earth to the moon with a single jump.

Due to Saitama’s unlimited physical capabilities, he is also capable of withstanding the strongest attacks imaginable and is seemingly immune to the effects of certain types of attacks that aren’t physical in nature. In that regard, he came out unscathed after Garou hit him with a nuclear fission attack and a gamma-ray burst at point-blank range. As such, he is said to be invulnerable to any type of attack, as there is yet to be an attack that could harm him.


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While Saitama may be incredibly strong, fast, and durable, he doesn’t have any powers as he isn’t capable of flight and cannot produce energy blasts. He is simply a regular human being with physical capabilities that have far exceeded the regular limits of what humans are capable of.

Tatsumaki’s Powers And Abilities Explained

There are a lot of heroes that are actually quite strong, especially when they are S-Class. Out of all of the S-Class heroes, the one that we have seen quite a lot of times is Tatsumaki, who is second-ranked among all of the heroes on Earth. With Blast, the top-ranked hero, always somewhere doing his own thing, Tatsumaki has become the default strongest hero among all of the active heroes that are constantly protecting the planet from threats. And her powers come from the fact that she is an esper.

As an esper, Tatsumaki is capable of doing all sorts of things with her mind, such as pulling an entire meteor from outer space to destroy an incredibly powerful monster that tried to wreak havoc on the planet. Because of her incredible powers, Tatsumaki is often considered the Hero Association’s ultimate weapon, as she is often the one called to defeat powerful opponents, especially because Blast is given the ultimate freedom due to his rank and status.

The extent of her powers was seen when she was able to fight the fusion of Psykos and Orochi on her own. This fusion was the most powerful dragon-level threat the world has seen (aside from Cosmic Fear Garou). However, Tatsumaki was able to destroy this creature by twisting it and causing the entirety of Z-City to twist as well.

Tatsumaki vs Psykos and Orochi

On top of the fact that her powers are incredibly potent, Tatsumaki is also capable of using her psychokinetic abilities to stop the powerful bombardment attacks coming from Boros’s giant ship and even send them back to the ship with relative ease. No other esper has the same kind of psychokinetic abilities that Tatsumaki has, as she can basically defeat anyone without so much as lifting a finger due to the incredible powers of her mind.

No matter how big a monster or an object is, she is capable of lifting them and doing whatever she wants to do. One case in point was when she crushed a gigantic demon-level monster with her mind. Meanwhile, she was also seen being able to carry a lot of meteor-sized boulders out of the ocean and tossing them to her opponents at incredible speeds with relative ease.

However, while Tatsumaki relies a lot on her psychic powers, she is also known to be able to react fast enough to incoming attacks, as she uses her powers in conjunction with her body to dodge fast-moving attacks. She did that in her fight against the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, as it was quite easy for her to dodge the extremely powerful monster’s energy beams, which were powerful enough to cut through the surface of the planet.


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Tatsumaki’s stamina and endurance are also, to an extent, superhuman because she can last in a fight for a very long time despite exerting herself. This was shown in the battles against the Monster Association, wherein she was able to defeat multiple opponents and crush Psykos and Orochi. And she can even do multiple things at once with her powers, such as maintaining a large psychic barrier over an entire city while exerting herself in a fight.

As such, in terms of her overall psychic abilities, she is without equal in the entire series. She is probably the strongest non-physical character we’ve seen in One Punch Man, as only a few people in the anime could defeat her.

Saitama vs. Tatsumaki: Who Would Win In A Fight?

As powerful as Tatsumaki may be, she isn’t the strongest character in One Punch Man and is far from the levels of the strongest beings the series has shown. That’s because certain characters like Saitama, Cosmic Fear Garou, and Blast are stronger than her. Nevertheless, her esper powers are so powerful that she could probably stand a chance against some of the stronger beings in One Punch Man, except for the titular character.

What we’re saying here is that Tatsumaki has no chance against Saitama, not only because he is basically an unstoppable force in the series but also because he is so strong that Tatsumaki’s psychic powers don’t even work on him. It was never explained how or why Tatsumaki’s powers have no effect on Saitama, but it is possible that he is simply so strong that there is nothing that could affect him.

This was seen in the audiobook of One Punch Man when Saitama was in a haunted house during a festival where he worked at. It was at that moment when he and Tatsumaki met for the first time, as Saitama thought that she was a lost child. 

However, Tatsumaki thought that he was a ghost because her powers didn’t work on him, and that meant two things. The first is that Tatsumaki’s powers probably don’t work on ghosts. Meanwhile, the second is that Tatsumaki’s powers have no effect on Saitama.

And even if Tatsumaki’s powers had an effect on Saitama, there is no way that she could simply use her psychokinetic abilities to bend and twist his body. After all, Saitama has enough power and endurance to withstand a gamma-ray burst, which is the most powerful energy blast in the universe.

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