Goku vs. Homelander: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

goku vs homelander

There are simply a lot of different powerhouses in the world of fiction, as different fictional universes tend to have their own versions of characters that are so strong and powerful that they can do things that normal people can’t even comprehend. In the world of Dragon Ball, we have Son Goku and the rest of his friends and enemies. On the other hand, the world of The Boys has Homelander, who is also the resident powerhouse of his own series. So, in a fight between Goku and Homelander, who would win?

Goku will win in a fight against Homelander at any given moment. That’s because he simply is too powerful for Homelander, who isn’t even at the level of Superman in terms of his strength and powers. In that regard, we can’t really see Goku losing this battle to Homelander, as he is simply too strong.

Despite the fact that Homelander is the most powerful character in the world of The Boys, his power pales in comparison to the strongest fighters and characters that we’ve seen in other fictional worlds. Of course, the world of Dragon Ball is one wherein there are plenty of characters that are stronger than Homelander. So, let’s get into the details of this fictional battle.


Goku’s strength is something that continues to increase as he gets stronger because he is yet to reach the limits of his strength. We know for a fact that he could easily carry over 100 tons whenever he is at his base level. But we also know that this happened long before the events of Dragon Ball Super, where his base level is now incredibly strong. Of course, when Goku transforms into any of his powered-up forms, his strength increases exponentially, as it is possible that we can’t measure just how strong he is.

goku lift

There is no true measure for how strong Homelander is but the fact of the matter is that he is the strongest supe in the world of The Boys. He is capable of punching holes right through people simply because he is so strong. Homelander is seen as being able to crush people under his feet just by landing on them. And he could even rip people apart limb by limb if he really wanted to do so.


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The thing about Homelander is that he can’t even use his full strength while he is in flight because he has to have his feet planted. On the other hand, regardless of the situation, Goku has always been able to use his full strength and is so much stronger than Homelander in his base form. 

Goku 1, Homelander 0


Similar to his strength, Goku’s speed increases over time as he becomes stronger through training and by unlocking new forms. He is so fast that he can move and react at speeds that are faster than light, as he can beat a slower opponent in a nanosecond. Meanwhile, whenever he is in his Ultra Instinct form, he is so fast and quick that he can react to any attack and then counter with his own attacks without even thinking.

Homelander is arguably the fastest supe in the world of The Boys, as he is incredibly fast regardless of whether he is in the air or on the ground. He is so fast that he can keep up with an airplane and can even fly faster than fighter jets. Homelander can even dodge bullets due to how fast he can move. In that regard, he easily breaks the speed of sound due to how fast he can move.

While Homelander’s speed is several times faster than the speed of sound, Goku is so fast that he can move as fast or even faster than light. There were even instances wherein he was so fast that his attacks and movements couldn’t be perceived by other people.

Goku 2, Homelander 0

Powers and Abilities

Goku has a lot of different powers and abilities that allow him to excel in any fight. Most of the fighters in the world of Dragon Ball rely on ki, which is the inner energy that is innate in anyone. As such, using ki, Goku could power up, fly, and attack using ki-based energy techniques such as his trademark Kamehameha. Goku also has a lot of different powers and abilities, including the ability to teleport instantly from one place to any part of the universe as long as he has the person’s energy locked on.

Homelander is your generic Superman clone in terms of his powers and abilities, as he has all of Superman’s powers except for freeze breath. That means that Homelander can fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, and use his enhanced senses to sense things that people can’t sense. However, it is widely believed that Homelander has abilities that are far weaker than Superman’s, as he can’t even use his full strength whenever he is in the middle of the air.

homelander laser.png

As mentioned, Homelander is a weaker version of Superman, whose powers and abilities aren’t even better than Goku’s own powers and abilities. That means that the Saiyan takes this round again.

Goku 3, Homelander 0


Goku’s durability increases whenever he becomes stronger or unlocks a new form. That means that his durability is yet to reach its maximum level, but he is already incredibly durable to the point that he could survive attacks that could potentially destroy entire planets. In fact, he is shown to have shrugged off attacks coming from powerful beings like Frieza, who we know is capable enough to destroy planets. And when Goku is in his most powerful form, he is capable of withstanding any kind of attack.


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While Homelander’s strength makes him dangerous, his durability is his greatest asset, as no one in the world of The Boys has found a way to kill him. It is said that no weapon on Earth could kill him, as it is possible that not even a nuclear blast is capable of killing Homelander. But what we do know is that his durability has its limits, as he was visibly bruised after he survived an assault from Billy Butcher and Soldier Boy. And it is possible that Soldier Boy’s nuclear blast could damage him, as he was afraid of what it could do to him if he got blasted by it.

Homelander could survive anything that Earth has to offer, but Goku isn’t even from Earth. Goku is simply too durable, as he can survive attacks that could destroy entire planets, while Homelander is yet to show that he can survive Soldier Boy’s own nuclear attack.

Goku 4, Homelander 0


Goku’s feats are legendary, to say the least, as he has saved not only the world but entire universes by defeating enemies that could potentially endanger all of existence. Defeating the likes of Frieza, Majin Buu, and Zamasu was already quite impressive but being able to save the entire universe from being erased when he defeated Jiren is an entirely different thing as well. He even stood up to the God of Destruction, who was capable of killing him if he wanted to.

goku broly

The thing about Homelander is that he is yet to face someone who is just as strong as he is, as Soldier Boy was the toughest challenge he has faced. However, he isn’t someone who handles adversity really well, as he has never really faced an actual challenge in his entire life. As such, he doesn’t have the most impressive feats, despite the fact that he has killed a lot of characters that are far below his level.

Goku, of course, has saved the universe a lot of times in the past. Homelander, meanwhile, struggled to defeat Soldier Boy in their first encounter. That means that he still has a long way to go before he can even match Goku’s feats.

Goku 5, Homelander 0

Goku vs. Homelander: Who Wins?

This battle between Goku and Homelander wouldn’t be an actual fight but would be a massacre in favor of Goku because he is simply a lot stronger than Homelander. There is nothing that Homelander can do to actually hurt or defeat Goku, as the Saiyan is simply on an entirely different level in terms of how strong he is. The only question is whether or not Goku actually has to transform into one of his power-ups to defeat Homelander.

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