Soldier Boy vs. Dean Winchester: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Soldier Boy vs Dean Winchester who would win in a fight

When season 3 of the TV show The Boys was announced, fans went crazy when they heard the star of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles will portray the character of Soldier Boy, the mighty Supe. But, who would win in a fight between Soldier Boy and Dean Winchester? This is a question that has been debated by fans of both characters. They are both powerful characters with impressive superpowers, so it’s hard to say who would come out on top without thorough analysis. In this article, we will take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each character and try to come up with an answer.

All things considered, my ruling is that Dean Winchester would win due to his resourcefulness. Soldier Boy is incredibly strong, but he also has his weaknesses I think Dean would intelligently use to his advantage. Because of Soldier Boy’s trauma and PTSD, he is emotionally unstable and can’t always keep his powers in check it. On the other hand, Dean is a master at exploiting other people’s weaknesses to achieve his goals. Dean has been fighting supernatural creatures for over two decades, so in a one-on-one fight, I think Dean’s experience would give him the edge.

Of course, it is not like all the odds are on Dean’s side. Both Soldier Boy and Dean Winchester have some amazing abilities, so depending on the circumstances, the fight between them could easily go either way. Let’s analyze this a little bit further so you can decide do you agree with my ruling or not.

Soldier Boy Vs. Dean Winchester: Strength

Soldier Boy has superhuman strength and can easily overpower multiple enemies at the same time. He defeated his entire team of Supes on his own and severely fractured Black Noir’s head in the process ( Black Noir is very durable ). Soldier Boy is considered to be the second strongest Supe in the world as he is almost equally as strong as Homelander. Because of his strength and ‘you are not to mess with me’ character, Soldier Boy is feared by almost every other Supe out there.

On the other hand, Dean Winchester is a versatile person because his abilities change depending on circumstances. But, as a human, Dean Winchester was the bearer of the Mark of Chain which provided him with extreme strength and he was able to fight with some very powerful creatures. Also, when he was turned into a vampire or was in his demonic phase his powers and senses were very enhanced.

Despite all the pros for Dan, I have decided to rule this one in favor of Soldier Boy as his strength is his trademark.

Strength: Soldier Boy wins


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Soldier Boy Vs. Dean Winchester: Speed

We are yet to see the full extent of Soldier Boy’s speed, but what we know so far is that he is fast enough to take on several enemies at the same time, end that he is capable of blocking and dodging Homelander’s punches and attacks. This is enough to make us believe that his reflexes are really fast and his speed is more than decent.

On the other hand, Dean Winchester is a master hunter. Since his childhood, he trained to be an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and thanks to his fast reflexes and skills he was able to defeat many creatures that were physically more powerful than him. And this was way back when he still didn’t have any powers, just pure human skills and training.

Later on, the abilities he got when turning into a vampire were super-speed and super-agility among many others. What this means is that he’s super fast and his reflexes are far beyond any regular human.

So yes, Soldier Boy is fast, but if we take into account that Dean spent years hunting all sorts of creatures where sometimes his fast reflexes were the only thing he could count on, I’d say he deserves this point.

Speed: Dean Winchester wins

Soldier Boy vs Dean Winchester: Powers

Soldier Boy is known for his super strength and super durability. He is extremely strong and can easily lift and throw a regular car like it’s nothing. He also wields a shield with one hand effortlessly while a regular human can’t even move it an inch. His durability is also beyond measure as he can withstand his nuclear blasts.

His ability to produce nuclear blasts from his torso is probably the superpower everyone fears most. He wreaks havoc every time he uses it. And in case he is hurt or wounded, regenerative abilities enable him to heal very fast.

laser blast

Dean Winchester’s powers are more versatile, but not as constant as Soldier Boy’s. For example, when he was a demon he could possess the bodies of others and he also had super strength as a Knight of Hell. He also had regeneration abilities.

As a vampire, he is very fast and has super senses and when he uses magic, his powers are incredible as he can be invisible, can ward or summon angels, demons, etc.

So, I think this one goes to Dean.

Powers: Dean Winchester wins

Soldier Boy Vs. Dean Winchester: Combat skills

All powers and superhuman abilities aside, I am very interested in the outcome of the fight between these two using just their combat skills.

Soldier Boy is a very skilled fighter with military training and background. He has experience in successfully defeating many highly trained soldiers and Supes. He’s also an expert in wielding his heavy shield which he uses as a weapon more often than for defense.

As any military man, Soldier Boy is also highly skilled in using combat knives and throwing them at his opponents. His precision with guns and firearms is on point.


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However, most of the things said about Soldier Boy can also be said for Dean Winchester. This hunter is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, in great physical condition, and a master marksman. Besides being precise with firearms of any kind he is also a great swordsman and he killed many creatures using blades of any kind.

In my opinion, the skill that Dean posses and Soldier Boy somewhat lacks is having great tactical and strategical skills. Dean is known for his intelligence and resourcefulness as he often defeated his opponents using improvised weapons and distractions. Also, he is a master at exploiting other people’s weaknesses in his favor.


I vote Dean in this one.

Combat skills: Dean Winchester wins

Soldier Boy Vs. Dean Winchester: Who would win in a fight?

Although Soldier Boy is extremely strong and can shoot energy blasts from his upper torso, Dean has a critical advantage. In Soldier Boy, we see pure strength and the ability to wipe out the entire building with his nuclear blasts, but the main problem is that he is not always himself and can easily lose control due to his PTSD.

On the other hand, Dean is a master at exploiting other people’s weaknesses and turning them in his favor. So, I bet that in case of a fight between these two, Dean Winchester would somewhat use mind games against traumatized Supe and that would give him a slight advantage.

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