How Heavy Is Soldier Boy’s Shield? (& What Is It Made Of)

How Heavy Is Soldier Boy's Shield? (& What Is It Made Of)

The third season of the popular TV show The Boys has recently ended and left us, as Butcher would say, with some ‘diabolic’ moments in our minds. But besides Soldier Boy’s rampage and his thirst for revenge, there was one humorous scene that made us laugh and wonder at the same time. In the sixth episode called ‘Herogasm‘, we see Hughie discretely trying to lift Soldier Boy’s shield, but he couldn’t even move it one inch. So, that made us wonder, how heavy is Soldier Boy’s shield, and what is it made of?

Soldier Boy’s shield is extremely heavy, too heavy for any regular human being to even move it. But, because of his superhuman strength, Solider Boy can wield it single-handedly, and he efficiently uses it in combat both as a shield and a lethal weapon. The shield is most likely made of brass.

So yes, Solider Boy’s shield is very heavy and made of extremely durable material but, if we take into consideration all the abilities Solider Boy has, does he really need such a heavy and sturdy shield?

How heavy is Solider Boy’s shield?

Throughout season 3 we can see what Soldier Boy is capable of and what he can do with his shield. Although not much is said about his shield, there are some pretty awesome scenes that give us some clue about how much it weighs and about its durability.

For example, in the 6th episode of season 3 called ‘Herogasm’, when Soldier Boy and Butcher are talking, Hughie is in the background and he’s trying to discretely lift Soldier Boy’s shield. Although he put a lot of effort he just couldn’t move it.

So, if an average male can’t even move it not even an inch, the shield is very heavy, but how heavy exactly, we can only speculate.

Besides the fact that the shield is extremely heavy, in season 3 we also get to witness Solider Boy smashing heads with it and can effortlessly wield it one-handed. So it is fair to say that Solider Boys is very strong, but how strong exactly?

How strong is Soldier Boy?

Before Homelander rose to power Soldier Boy was the most powerful superhero. Today, PTSD aside, he is still very powerful, and maybe even more than before, because due to decades of Russian experiments on him, Soldier Boy now has the ability to shoot tremendously powerful radiation-infused energy blasts from his upper torso.

In the past, before the Nicaragua incident, and before the Russians happened, even then he was very powerful with superhuman strength and durability. When he was betrayed in Nicaragua we got to see how strong he actually is as he defeated several highly trained soldiers at once and also overpowered his own Payback team and almost killed Black Noir in the process.

Decades later he still kept his strength, and we witnessed it in an epic brawl between him and Homelander.

In addition to his superhuman strength, Soldier Boy is also superhumanly durable. He can withstand rifles firing at him, blades can not pierce his skin, and even a direct heat vision attack by Butcher left only a small cut on his face.

He can also withstand tremendous energy blasts that were estimated to be as powerful as nuclear explosions.

Besides being extremely strong Soldier Boy is also highly trained and well skilled in handling his heavy shield. The shield is his signature weapon and has an eagle emblem engraved in it. Back in Nicaragua he severely damaged Black Noir’s brain by using his strength and blunt force of the shield. Later on, he also smashed Mindstorm’s head with it.

Soldier Boy used his heavy shield throughout his battles and brawls and was able to withstand severe and powerful blows by using it. The shield endured all of it. Eventually, Butcher used his laser vision from close range directed at the shield and was able to destroy it.


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After enduring decades of gunshots, explosions, blasts and lasers, we can’t help but wonder, what was the shield really made of.

What is Soldier Boy’s shield made of?

There are many speculations and theories regarding this question. Because of the fact that the character of Soldier Boy was originally invented as a parody of Marvel’s character Captain America, many fans believe that the shield is made of the exact metal as Captain America’s – vibranium.


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In my opinion, that theory is far fetched because vibranium is a metal that exists only in Marvel Universe harvested from a meteor leftovers.

Others speculate that it is made of cast iron, depleted uranium, or bronze. The theory we support is that the Supe’s shield is made out of brass.

How heavy is Solider Boy’s shield?

Soldier Boy’s shield is extremely heavy, too heavy for any regular human being to even move it. But, because of his superhuman strength, Solider Boy can wield it single-handedly, and he efficiently uses it in combat both as a shield and a lethal weapon.

We can only speculate how heavy exactly it is for now, maybe in the upcoming season, we will be provided with an answer to that particular question.

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