Spider-Man Vs. Thor: Who Would Win and Why?

spider man vs thor

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes on Earth. He’s friendly, ethical but also incredibly powerful. On the other hand, Thor is the God of Thunder and the self-proclaimed mightiest Avenger. Both have unique skill sets, but who would win if they were to fight for any reason, and why?

Thor would destroy Spider-Man in a fight every time, under any circumstances. As powerful as Spidey might be, Thor is simple on another level. We’re literally comparing a human – albeit super-powered – with a god. Thor is stronger, faster, more durable, and more experienced.

The only chance that Spider-Man might have is if Thor is de-powered for some reason, and Spider-Man uses his genius intellect to plan and outsmart the Asgardian. In any other scenario, Thor would destroy Peter Parker in no time. Still, for the sake of argument, let’s dissect their powers into categories to see how they fare against each other.

Strength & Speed

Spider-Man is much stronger than he usually shows. Peter tries to be the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” and has deep regrets when somebody dies fighting him, be it a villain, a civilian, or his friend. That’s why Spidey usually holds back his power when fighting, making it seem he’s less strong than he really is.

When he lets go, though, he had shown the ability to lift anywhere between 50-100 tons. Parker flipped over a 50-ton tank, a train wagon full of passengers, and even a huge piece of a skyscraper. While Doc Ock was inside Parker’s body in the Superior Spider-Man storyline, he was impressed with what Peter was capable of strength-wise.


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Also, Spidey is incredibly fast – he can reach up to 60 miles per hour while running and at least 100 miles per hour when he’s swinging on his webs, but top speed is not what makes Spider-Man such a fast superhero. His speed and quickness lie in his unfathomable reflexes, stemming from a power called the Spider-Sense.

It allows Parker to almost-instinctively dodge bullets, electric shocks, and incredibly fast attacks for Marvel’s top speedsters.

On the other hand, Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder and Lightning, possessing unfathomable powers. He can easily match the Hulk in a fistfight and lift well over 200 tons. As powerful as Spidey might be, he’s nowhere near Thor’s strength level.

As for his speed, Thor has been shown to run at almost sonic speeds. To be conservative, he could reach at least 300 miles per hour. But, when using Mjolnir, his beloved hammer, Thor easily matches lightspeed while flying through the galaxy. He doesn’t have the reflexes that Spider-Man has, but Thor is in another dimension compared to Spidey in terms of pure speed.

Peter’s precognitive reflexes could keep him out of harm’s way for a while, but Thor can at least match him speed-wise if we’re talking about close combat. Thor is stronger and faster, so this is an easy point for him.

Point: Thor (1:0) Spider-Man

Durability & Stamina

Thor can eat several punches from the Hulk without getting injured. The guy took on the full force of a star blasting over him and still survived. Even when he’s badly injured, all he needs is a touch from Mjolnir or Stormbreaker, and he’s as good as new. I don’t see how Spider-Man could hurt him when Thor is his regular self, let alone his strongest version.

As for the stamina, it’s about the same as it is with his durability – Thor can keep fighting as long as it’s needed. The God of Thunder has a lot more stamina than any being on Earth, and that is without his weapons. If Thor has Mjolnir, he can go on forever.


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On the other hand, Spider-Man is more durable than most superheroes. He can take the heaviest punches, and although they hurt him, Spidey recovers after a while. What’s more important, his indomitable will makes him push even harder, regardless of how badly injured he is.

That being said, he does get injured. Not even the incredible Spider-Sense can keep you safe from every attack. He can heal quickly, but his durability and healing powers are nowhere near Thor.

Finally, Parker’s stamina is quite enhanced, and again, his will pushes him further even when he’s exhausted. Nevertheless, Thor would eventually outlast him – the God rarely gets tired, and Spider-Man can’t hurt him physically. No matter how long the Spider-Sense keeps Peter safe, he’d eventually succumb to exhaustion.

Point: Thor (2:0) Spider-Man


Spider-Man’s only shot against Thor is his superior intelligence. Don’t get me wrong – Thor is very intelligent and experienced himself, but he isn’t on Spidey’s level of brilliance.

Even as a kid before he got bitten by the spider that gave him superpowers, Peter Parker had shown excellence in almost any class or scientific field he ever studied. He’s not at Tony Stark’s or Bruce Banner’s level in his teen days, but he gets very close later in the comics when he grows older. Spidey is an expert in physics, technology, chemistry, genetics, and more.


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On the other hand, Thor’s biggest intellectual feature is combat tactics and experience. He lived for over a millennium, and through that time, it’s no wonder he collected vast knowledge in many areas. Still, he isn’t on the same level intellectually as, for instance, Iron-Man, whereas Parker comes very close.

The only way that Spider-Man could ever beat Thor in a fight is by outsmarting him and somehow hindering the Asgardian’s fighting abilities. It’s not a likely scenario, but Spider-Man has the advantage over Thor if we’re comparing their intelligence alone.

Point: Spider-Man (1:2) Thor

Experience & Combat Skills

Probably the biggest difference between Thor and Spider-Man is their combat skills and experience.

Peter Parker got bitten by the radioactive spider as a teenager with no prior martial arts or combat knowledge and skills. He usually relies on incredible instincts when fighting rather than skills. Of course, he develops amazing combat abilities over time, but it’s nowhere near what Thor has.

If we take Spidey in his grown-up days, he has 15-20 years of battle experience at best. Thor is an Asgardian God of Thunder over 1500 years old and has almost as much battle experience.


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He’s a warrior that fought in countless battles against cosmic-level threats that would crush Spider-Man in a split second. Thor is one of the universe’s strongest, most skilled, and experienced warriors, while Spider-Man isn’t even among the most-experienced combatants on Earth, let alone the galaxy.

Thor trumps Spider-Man in combat skills and battle experience. Perhaps if Spidey can find a way to become a galaxy-traveling warrior and live for a couple of centuries, we can reconsider this argument. Thor gets the point until then, and it’s not even close.

Point: Thor (3:1) Spider-Man


The last category we ought to consider in a potential fight between Thor and Spider-Man is their weapons.

Spider-Man’s only long-range weapon is his web-shooters. Although the web is extremely powerful and durable, it wouldn’t do much damage against Thor. There were instances where Parker modified the web to be more versatile and dangerous – like supercharging it with electricity – but it’s still just web.

However, when Peter wears the special suits designed for him by Iron-Man, he gets much stronger. The suits give him a new range of weapons and skills, including the awesome instant-kill tentacles coming out of his back that we’ve seen in the Avengers: Endgame film. 

The suit also protects Parker, making him much more durable, but that’s about as far as he goes weapon-wise.


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On the other hand, you have Thor using Mjolnir, an enchanted hammer that only a few beings in the universe are worthy enough to lift. When wielding Mjolnir, Thor gains countless incredible powers, including flight at luminal velocities, summoning thunder and lightning storms at will, throwing it across the continent, and summoning it back like a boomerang.

Mjolnir can also change directions mid-flight, and getting hit with it usually means death for Earth-level heroes like Spidey. The best part? It’s not even Thor’s most powerful weapon.

After Eitri forges the Stormbreaker for him, things become even more interesting. Thor can throw it so hard that it powers through the force of six Infinity Stones and hits Thanos.

Thor’s range is limitless, but Spider-Man is in even more trouble if the fight comes in close range. A single strong hit with Thor’s bare-knuckles – let alone Mjolnir or Stormbreaker – wouldn’t hurt Spider-Man – it would kill him.

Point: Thor (4:1) Spider-Man

Spider-Man Vs. Thor: Who Wins?

There you have it – Thor beats Spider-Man in 4 out of 5 categories. And, the fifth that went on Spidey’s side would hardly play any difference in a potential clash between the two.

Thor is a god, while Spider-Man is a mutated human. He’s stronger, faster, more durable, has more devastating powers and weapons, and on top of that, Spider-Man has no way of hurting him.

Even if Parker can use his Spider-Sense to dodge all Thor’s attacks for a while, he would eventually get tired, whereas Thor can keep going for as long as it’s needed. One lightning strike, punch, or god-forbid, a hit with Mjolnir, would probably not just hurt Spider-Man, but kill him right on the spot.

The only way I can see Peter win is if Thor is severely de-powered, and Spider-Man gets a ton of prep time to develop a detailed plan to hinder the Asgardian – and still, he couldn’t hurt Thor, only prevent him from fighting back.

Thor wins easily against Spider-Man in 99.9% of their potential fights.

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