What Is the Ancient Weapon Uranus in One Piece? (& Has It Been Revealed?)

What is the Ancient Weapon Uranus in One Piece? (& Has It Been Revealed?)

As we have promised you earlier, we are going to do a series of individual articles on the three Ancient Weapons from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece series. In these individual articles, we are going to present each of the Ancient Weapons in more detail, revealing everything that is known about each of them. Our core article revealed only the basic details on the three Ancient Weapons and their powers and abilities, but in this series of articles, we are going to tell you everything that is known about these weapons, as well as everything we know.

In this article, we are going to present the Ancient Weapon Ursnus, the mysterious and so far only unknown weapon among the three Ancient Weapons in One Piece.

What is the Ancient Weapon Uranus?

Uranus is one of the three Ancient Weapons along with Pluton and Poseidon, capable of destroying the world. Its characteristics are currently unknown to us. It was mentioned by King Neptune during his conversation with Nico Robin about Ancient Weapons. Uranus, Pluton and Poseidon would be weapons whose names were taken from the “gods” and which would have been created a long time ago. At this moment, this is everything we know about this particular Ancient Weapon, as Oda has not explained anything in detail.

What are the powers of the Ancient Weapon Uranus?

Uranus has the power to destroy the world, in the same way as Pluton and Poseidon. However, the presence and characteristics of Uranus still remain a mystery. According to Neptune, in the wrong hands, Uranus is a dangerous weapon capable of being used to rule the world or destroy it. Based on some theories and the structure of the other two weapons in relation to their etymology and symbolism, it is highly speculated that Uranus could have something to do with the sky or air, possibly being a flying vehicle or some air-based weapon, but nothing is known precisely at this moment.

Where is the Ancient Weapon Uranus?

The whereabouts of this weapon are currently unknown. No one knows what it is, who has it, or where it can be found. Some suggest that it is the secret treasure of Mary Geoise, mentioned earlier by Donquixote, but this has not been corroborated by anything in the story, so we don’t really have an answer to this question yet. Oda is certainly going to reveal this later on, but currently, there are no clues about the whereabouts of Uranus.

Did Oda reveal what the Ancient Weapon Uranus is in One Piece Chapter 1060?

After the release of Chapter 1060, a lot of fans started talking about Uranus, and in order to clarify what actually happened in that chapter, we are going to give you a brief synopsis. On Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hat Pirates learn of Nefertari Cobra’s supposed death at the hands of Sabo and Nefertari Vivi’s disappearance. Faced with such news, Luffy denies the intervention of his brother and wants to go to Alabasta or even Mary Geoise to rescue Vivi, to the discontent of a Caribou locked in a barrel.

While most of the gang members are shocked and worried by the news, Roronoa Zoro states that they will have to wait until they know more and trust Vivi. After that, Nico Robin continued to read more news in the newspaper, such as the creation of the Cross Guild and other news related to people Luffy knows.

Looking calmer after all this, Luffy begins to reminisce about his time with Sabo, even mentioning his true dream to all of his gang, to their surprise of all of them. Surprised that he hadn’t told him so far, they comment that for this it will be necessary for Luffy to become the King of the Pirates, but for this, they need to find the last road poneglyph that has been missing for a long time.

Lulusia Kingdom Destroyed

Returning to the Marine Headquarters, they intercept Sabo’s call to the Revolutionary Army in the Kingdom of Lulusia, one of the eight kingdoms participating in the Eight Nations Revolution. Hearing that, the Five Elders comment on the coincidence and how unhappy Sabo is, also seeing Im’s reaction to it.

As the former king and princess of Lulusia state that they will all be killed when the Navy saves them, the second-in-command of the revolutionaries tells his companions that he once saw someone sitting on the Empty Throne. Just before he manages to finish the sentence, a huge energy attack engulfs the entire Kingdom of Lulusia, being informed by those who were tapping the call that they never heard anything, as well as that the Kingdom of Lulusia never came into existence.

Days later, the Straw Hat Pirates arrive in the vicinity of a winter island, encountering a strange weather phenomenon in which a woman is supposed to be. Zoro cuts the sea whirlwind to save said person, who turns out to be Jewelry Bonney in her child form.


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The moment people are talking about on the internet is the destruction of Lulusia by an unknown energy attack that came from the sky. We have said that fans have been speculating that Uranus is a sky-based weapon and we already know that the Ancient Weapons have enormous destructive power, so much, in fact, that they could easily destroy a whole country or a large piece of land. Lulusia’s destruction definitely looks like something done by an Ancient Weapon.

Now, this hasn’t been confirmed by Oda or the characters in the manga, but the reactions of the characters and the fans suggest that Oda might have given us a glimpse of Uranus. Certainly, based on the image shown above, Uranus could be at fault, but since we know absolutely nothing about that weapon, there is no way we can confirm this.

At this moment, it is unknown what destroyed Lulusia in Chapter 1060 of One Piece. At this moment, it is unknown what the Ancient Weapon Uranus is. Could Uranus be the reason for Lulusia’s destruction? Possibly. But it could also be that it is some other, new weapon that is going to be revealed soon. Be that as it may, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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