Superman vs. Apollo: Who Would Win in a Fight? Does Andrew Have Anything for Clark?

superman vs apollo

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Superman, the Man of Steel, and Apollo, another powerful hero from the DC Universe? Both have incredible strength and abilities that make them nearly invincible. I’ve debated this matchup with friends more times than I can count, and opinions are split. So, who would win in a fight between Superman and Apollo?

Throughout this article, we will look at their powers in detail and see how the fight between Superman and Apollo would play out.  

How powerful is Superman exactly?

The DC Superhero figure Superman was proven to be an instant hit with readers. Since he was first introduced back in the 1930s, in the first volume of ‘Action Comics,’ he has been a fan favorite. During the 1960s, there was no limit to what Superman could do. In the late 1970s and 1980s, Superman had no rival who could defeat him.

Superman’s powers were reduced significantly after the reboot by John Byrne. We got to see a new Superman from the crisis on Infinity Earths. 

Superman came from Krypton. The body structure of any Kryptonian was a thousand years more advanced than us humans. On their planet, they lived a normal life. But they developed superhuman abilities when they reached Earth and were exposed to the Yellow sun

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Superman was the only Kryptonian who was exposed to the Sun’s radiation from a young age. He was sent to Earth on a spaceship as a toddler. He developed super speed, strength, senses, and durability as a kid. 

Along with the yellow sun, Earth’s weak gravity and flourishing atmosphere were also the other important factors that made Superman develop superhuman abilities. Superman was indestructible as long as he was on Earth and exposed to the sun’s rays. 


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But as soon as he is placed on a Krypton-like planet or in a red sun, he immediately sees a reduction in his superpowers.

Superman draws his power from the yellow sun, converting its radiation into his own energy. Unlike humans, he doesn’t require food or drink for sustenance, nor does he need to breathe like humans do.

However, he does eat and drink because he prefers it that way. Moreover, at night, when there is no sun, instead of waiting until sunrise, he can eat thousands of Hamburgers and recharge himself. This is exactly what happened in ‘Action comic’ #454. In it, Superman was gulping down 60 hamburgers a minute at McTavish Hamburgers.  

How powerful is Apollo exactly?

Apollo is a superhero from the DC universe who first appeared in the Stormwatch series. Then he made appearances in the series The Authority. He is a distinguishable superhero as he is the first openly gay superhero figure in comics.

In Stormwatch, he introduced a person whose identity was top secret. He was a part of the Black-ops Stormwatch team. Only Henry Bendix, the very first Weatherman, knew of his existence.

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Apollo and Midnihghter joined forces and were deployed as part of Stormwatche’s Black mission.

Just like Superman, Apollo has indestructibility, fight, and superhuman strength. Moreover, he can spit solar energy blasts from his eyes. In the comics, he was depicted as walking on the Sun. Now that is some feat!

Regarding similarities, Apollo’s body works like a battery, just like Superman. It sucks in the solar ray and turns it into energy. In the absence of sunlight, he loses all his superpowers. At first, he will start to lose his ability to fly, and slowly, he will lose every other superpower he has. Ultimately, he will be stripped of all his superpowers and be no more than a mere mortal.

However, as soon as he is in the Sun’s presence, he will start to regain his abilities. It will take him 20 seconds to regain the power of flight. 

Moreover, just like Superman, he can survive in non-aerobic environments. When traveling through space, he doesn’t need to wear a suit that provides all the oxygen his body needs. Moreover, he also doesn’t need to drink or eat. However, he does it anyway because he likes it that way.


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Superman vs. Apollo: Who wins?

Apollo and Superman can’t be more similar. Superman gets his powers from the Sun, and Apollo also gets his powers from the sun. Moreover, their power levels depend on how much solar energy they have absorbed. So, one point each for them. 

Apollo has a neural-inductive combat simulator in his head. This helps him to accurately predict the next move of his enemy mid-flight. This gives Apollo an edge. He can predict what Superman will do next. And as all Superman fans know, Superman is most vulnerable against magical and psychic powers. 

Even though this ability might not guarantee a win for Apollo, he sure will be able to keep Superman busy. Moreover, as he can see the potential outcomes of a battle beforehand, he can adjust his moves to keep the outcome in his favor. So, one point for Apollo. 

Apollo and Midnighter are a formidable duo. They aren’t just part of a superhero alliance. But they are a couple. Over the years, as they fought side by side and joined forces against some of the most powerful enemies, they got to know each other better. They know all about each other’s flaws and strengths. If Apollos needs help to beat Superman, Midnighter will always have his back. 

On the other hand, Superman has more powerful friends than Apollo does. He was the founding member of the Justice League, Teen Titans, and Justice Society. This means if needed, he can call out to his friends and beat Apollo for good. One point for Superman. 

Superman is a true strategist. He will make use of every resource available to him. Moreover, the bio-electro aura that sits around his body gives him an advantage over Apollo. Another point for Superman.

Last but not the least, Superman tends to hold back. If he unleashes all his powers in battle with Apollo, Apollo doesn’t stand a chance. 

So, if a fight broke out between Superman and Apollo, Superman would win, but it would be tough. The odds are 4/5 in favor of Superman. 

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