The 12 Most Hated Anime Bullies Ever

The 12 Most Hated Anime Bullies Ever

Bullies are hated by everyone. They are people who use their physical or quantitative superiority to molest those that are weaker than them. And while there are forms of benign bullying (usually when someone lightly bullies someone they have a crush on and do not know how to express it otherwise), almost all forms of bullying are wrong and mean, and should be condemned. Bullying is, of course, present in the world of anime as well and in this article, we have decided to bring you a list of the 12 most hated anime bullies in history.

1. Sarina Shizukume

Franchise: Magical Girl Site

Target: Aya Asagiri (for no particular reason save her own ego)

Sarina is the leader of a trio of bullies who have been tormenting Aya mercilessly every day since she moved to their school, seeing her as weak. When one of her friends, Erika, dies from Aya’s stick, she immediately suspects her, leading to the insane decision to cut out her tongue with a cutter in the girls’ bathroom. Aya is saved in extremis by Tsuyuno, who takes the tool from Sarina’s hand to slit her throat while time is frozen. However, she survives the wound, and ends up in the same hospital where Rina was admitted. She later learns that Aya and Tsuyuno caused her injury. She also hears them talk about the existence of sorceresses.

2. Tomoo

Franchise: Elfen Lied

Target: Kaede / Lucy (simply because he is a jerk and because Kaede had horns)

This story is actually tied to Lucy’s, i.e., Kaede’s childhood. Kaede was a lonely girl because she was discriminated by everyone dueto having small horns, which were the result of her diclonius abilities she shares control of her body with Lucy. This personality becomes more and more detached from Lucy, becoming completely independent of her after being confronted by Kota. As a child, Kaede was bullied by Tomoo and his group of juvenile thugs, who not only bullied her but also physically hurt her. The tipping point was when they killed her dog in front of her, after which her abilities exploded and she killed them all.

3. Aya Kuroda

Franchise: Hell Girl

Target: Mayumi Hashimoto / probably others as well (because she was mean and abusive)

Aya Kuroda was an evil girl. Not much about her has been revealed because she only appeared as the punished character in the first episode of the Hell Girl anime, but we know that she was a wicked girl who acted as if she were nice. She actually stole some donation money from Mayumi Hashimoto, the class representative, and then blackmailed her, threatening to reveal to everyone how irresponsible Mayumi was, and that is a big thing in Japanese society. She later went on to completely control Mayumi’s life, until she was sent to Hell because of that.

4. Katsuki Bakugo

Franchise: My Hero Academia

Target: Izuku Midoriya (he was weaker than him)

Midoriya’s schoolmate and childhood friend, he possesses the Explosion Quirk, which allows him to generate explosions from the palms of his hands thanks to the secretion of a substance similar to nitroglycerin in the sweat, therefore making him very strong in close combat; if he generates an exaggerated blast, however, he can experience excessive recoil in his arms and shoulders, and for this reason he has designed his hero costume to use his maximum potential without side effects on his physique. By honing his skills, Bakugo also learns ways to make his blasts be more focused (and therefore, more concussive) and have a greater range.

With his blasts, Bakugo can also blind opponents, propel himself, and change his trajectory in mid-air. Bakugo is an extremely short-tempered person and reacts violently to any kind of provocation, and feels resentment towards the secondary characters and extras. Despite being a hothead, he often demonstrates acumen and reasoning, revealing how in reality an enormous natural talent is hidden behind his aggressiveness: in fact, his fighting style appears to expert eyes to be extremely calibrated and refined, and his potential also extends to other non-fighting activities such as cooking or playing an instrument.

5. Yumiko Miura

Franchise: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Target: Basically everyone (because she is popular)

Yumiko has a haughty demeanor because she is the most well-liked student in class 2F. She is the dominant female in Hayato’s friendship circle. She has no trouble establishing friends because of her fame, so she has little to no empathy for those who struggle with social issues. That doesn’t make sense, she scolds everything she doesn’t grasp. Contrary to popular belief, she gets along well with Yukino and the club despite the difficult nature of their connection and frequently finds herself working with or aiding them alongside their pals. Hayato is the love of her life.

6. Shōya Ishida

Franchise: A Silent Voice

Target: Shōko Nishimiya (because she was deaf)

The protagonist and narrator of the story; in elementary school, he was a lively and impetuous child and became Shōko’s main bully. Later he was used as a scapegoat of the class and his former friends and classmates turned against him and started bullying him; this led him to marginalize himself from society, imagining the people around him with an “X” on their face. Repentant for his actions, in high school, he reunites with Shōko after learning sign language to apologize to her; he is constantly wracked with guilt over what he put the girl through and is resigned to the idea that he will never be able to have friends again. Throughout the story Shōya and Shōko reunite with their former elementary school classmates, making amends and dealing with the pain of childhood.

7. Hayase Nagatoro

Franchise: Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

Target: Naoto Hachiouji (because she likes him)

Hayate is a lively, arrogant, very athletic and rather sadistic freshman of high school who enjoys torturing her senpai, although it is apparent that she actually has feelings for him. Although she treats him with a certain ruthlessness and often calls him “disgusting”, she demonstrates (more or less openly) that she has the boy’s good at heart, that she greatly appreciates her company and that she is determined to encourage him to have more confidence in his abilities; it is also not uncommon that she is even jealous of him, that she stands up for her when her friends pick on him or that she apologizes to her if she realizes she has gone too far.

Although she constantly teases “Senpai” with erotic digs, she has repeatedly proved to be incredibly awkward, sensitive, and insecure about sexuality. Of her family, it is known that she has an older brother, Ichirō, an unnamed older sister and that her parents often work late hours. She is part of the swimming club but as a hobby, she practices various martial arts and especially has a great passion for judo.

8. Chōsuke Takada and Nobuta Tanaka

Franchise: Assassination Classroom

Target: Everyone (because they’re older and stronger than their victims)

Nobuta Tanaka and Chōsuke Takada are always, so much so that they ride a bicycle together (their bike is a two-seater). They are basically a Dumb and Dumber duo from the school; they bully anyone who gets in their way simply because they can. They are stereotypical characters and are especially focused on Class 3-E pupils because they think they are inferior. 3-E later gives them a good reality check, which changes their personalities a bit.

9. Maki Gamo

Franchise: Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

Target: Naoto Hachiouji and others (because she is mean)

A first-year girl with a sharp, cynical and mischievous character, but much more mature than her peers. Gamo-chan can be considered Nagatoro’s best friend, and shares a particularly deep bond with her, although they never miss an opportunity to tease each other and seem to have a sort of friendly rivalry that sometimes leads them to even come to blows, except then makeup immediately. Her family runs a martial arts gym, the “GAMOU Fighting Gym”. She is the first to realize her friend’s feelings towards “Senpai” and she, despite having no romantic interest in the boy, enjoys provoking him to irritate Nagatoro.

Although she is the most irreverent and disrespectful of the group towards the protagonist, whom she calls with the derogatory “Paisen”, she has shown that she considers him a friend, she has often done her utmost to help him and their relationship improves dramatically as the events progress. In the second part of the manga, her infatuation with Nagatoro’s older brother is revealed.

10. Kaname Asagiri

Franchise: Magical Girl Site

Target: Aya Asagiri (because she was his younger sister he could abuse when he needed to vent out)

He’s Aya’s big brother. He is used to venting on her, on the pretext of relieving the stress caused by his studies and his very demanding and violent father towards him. He is very evil and malicious. He will never be arrested for abuse. In the last episode, he will be tortured by the officials of the Magical Girl Site.

11. Miyabi Aizawa

Franchise: Great Teacher Onizuka

Target: Numerous (because she is mean and sadistic)

A student of class 3-4, at least initially she is one of Onizuka’s main antagonists in the first part of the manga, and for most of the anime, as well as one of the major instigators of the fourth section’s war against the teachers. Daughter of a wealthy businessman and a housewife, she has a very dysfunctional relationship with her parents: in fact she knows that her mother and father, behind the appearances of a happy family, no longer love each other and are betraying each other, and the girl is disgusted by the hypocrisy in the home, believing that in reality, her parents don’t really love her.

As a child, she was close friends with Urumi Kanzaki and Tomoko Nomura, but over time they grew apart from her. As it turns out in the course of the manga, Miyabi is the cause of the hatred of the students of the fourth section against the teachers: in fact at the beginning of the seventh grade, she was infatuated with Professor Ogi, Onizuka’s predecessor in the role of head of the fourth section, who with his paternal attitudes in hers appeared to Miyabi as a lifeline from her disastrous family situation.

When Ogi, naively not having understood the girl’s true feelings, introduced her to her fiancée, Maho Sumida, Miyabi feeling betrayed, became mad with jealousy and declared to Professor Ogi trying to undress in front of him and offering him her body; Ogi, however, brusquely rejected her, telling her that he had never thought of her in that way, but that he had always seen her only as one of her students. Feeling betrayed and humiliated, she Miyabi decided to take revenge on Ogi, taking pictures of her with her clothes ripped off and anonymously circulating them around the Kisshō Institute with a message in which she claimed that the Professor had sexually harassed her.

However, things took an unexpected turn: furious at the alleged violence against Miyabi, her partner Takumi Ishida attacked Professor Ogi with a baseball bat, beating him severely and being expelled for this, while the professor, not wanting to ruin Miyabi’s life denouncing his slanders, he preferred to be considered guilty and leave the Kisshō Institute. Not having the courage to admit her lies and being devoured by guilt, Miyabi, therefore, found herself imprisoned in a role that did not belong to her, becoming the main instigator of the hatred that her classmates feel against the professors.

12. Jun Kiwatari

Franchise: Kakegurui

Target: Anyone he can bully (because he is a sadist)

Jun Kiwatari is an arrogant and sadistic bully, often dedicated to tormenting degraded students into pets, especially girls. His victims are often physically abused or forced to strip for him and his friends. His disdain for pets backfires on him when he decides to play the “Debt Exchange Game” with Yumeko and Mary. To Kiwatari’s surprise, the two girls defeat him with ease, putting him heavily in debt until he is reduced to a pet in turn.

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