The Seven Deadly Sins: Griamore’s “Death” Explained – Here’s What Happens to Him!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Griamore's "Death" Explained - Here's What Happens to Him!

As far as The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime are concerned, it is a well-known fact that the whole series was very popular around the world, despite the fact that a lot of people criticized it for being one of the (best or worst, you pick the word) examples of fan-service in the world of anime. Still, the series did offer us some epic moments and some interesting characters. While Griamore was never a protagonist, he is one of the most intriguing supporting characters in the series, and he has a very interesting story, which is why we have decided to tell you what actually happens to him in The Seven Deadly Sins series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Griamore is a secondary character from The Seven Deadly Sins series, a Holy Knight and the personal bodyguard of Veronica, who went with her to bring back Elizabeth.
  • When Veronica was seemingly killed by Guila, he was devastated and protected her body with his life, seemingly dying at the hands of Diane, who had launched a powerful attack.
  • It was revealed that both he and Veronica survived, returning later in the story to everyone’s surprise. He later ended up being transformed into a child.

Griamore supposedly died at Diane’s hands in Vaizel

Whatever you may think of the characters from The Seven Deadly Sins, we can confirm that there was a lot of interesting content behind the fanservice and the sometimes strange style of the series. Griamore is a character with a truly interesting story and that is why we have decided to dedicate this whole article to him, explaining his role and his fate in the original The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime series.

A Holy Knight friend of Gilthunder, the bodyguard of Veronica, and son of Dreyfus, Griamore specializes in protection magic that allows him to create powerful magical barriers around himself or in front of his allies in combat. Although he is, along with Gilthunder and Howzer, one of the strongest Knights, he prefers to be by Princess Veronica’s side to protect her from whoever. He is in love with her, even though his affections are not reciprocated and even though she treats him very despotically.


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At first, he is an enemy of the Sins alongside Veronica, aiding her in her search for Princess Elizabeth and returning her by force, if necessary; he goes as far as to conspire against Meliodas and traps Elizabeth in one of his barriers. Unfortunately, the Holy Knight Guila uses her explosive abilities to attack Elizabeth, taking advantage of the carelessness of those present, which results in Veronica sacrificing herself to protect her. At the same time, Griamore is devastated by the death of his love.

Before dying, Veronica ordered Griamore to protect Elizabeth, which caused him to cry and release his barrier. This set Giula and Jericho free, who then revealed their evil plan to Griamore. Diane then launched a furious attack, with Griamore protecting Veronica’s dead body; he did not even try to protect Elizabeth, but she was not angry at him, and when it was all over, she told him about a lake where Veronica and her used to play in when they were kids. At Elizabeth’s request, he takes Veronica’s body to bury her in her favorite place. He left behind his helmet, which was claimed by Hawk, with everyone thinking that he had died.

It turned out that he survived, and he is now a child…

But, as it turned out, both Griamore and Veronica survived, as we see both of them return to the kingdom sometime after Hendrickson’s defeat; their reappearance surprised everyone. Upon learning of the death of his father, Griamore decides to avenge him while refusing to doubt his father’s integrity. However, as he, Howzer, and Gilthunder investigate, they discover that both Hendrickson and Dreyfus have been conspiring together and end up confirming the latter as the murderer of the former leader and his own brother Zaratras.

Sometime later, he meets again with a living and humanized Hendrickson, whom he initially wants to eliminate out of revenge, but changes his mind when they face a gray demon together as well as discovering through the mouth of his former ally that the reason behind his father’s betrayal is because of a demon that has taken possession of his body.

At the suggestion of Hendrickson, Griamore and his friends attend a temple specialized in increasing the magical power of its users, but when trying to pass his test, he ends up transforming into a child version of himself, which leaves him unable to intervene in the confrontations against the Commandments. However, Griamore intervenes in a fight between his liberated father and the Commandment that possessed him.

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