‘The Wheel of Time’: Are Lan and Nynaeve Together? Relationship Explained

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The Wheel of Time‘ show is filled with extraordinary characters, and everyone contributed to the show’s adventurous and magical atmosphere. Even though the romance between characters is not central to the storyline, the relationship between Lan and Nynave is worth mentioning. That said, let’s see if they are together in the show and explain their relationship.

Lan and Nynaeve are not together in the show. They are in love and share some romantic moments together. Still, their different positions and roles in the Wheel of Time complicate the situation for them to be in a classic relationship. They marry in the books eventually, but we are yet to see if that will happen in the show.

Even though the show did change many things in compression to a book source, the chemistry and romance between Lan and Nynaeve remained. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll explain how their relationship developed so far, so keep reading to learn more!

Nynaeve was angry at Lan at first because he and Moiraone had abandoned the Dragon Reborn candidates

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The relationship between Lan and Nynaeve started aggressive, and rightfully so. Lan was Moiraine’s Warder and always had her back, and he was also there when Moiraine left Rand, Perrin, Matt, and Egwene behind. When Nynaeve found Lan and Moiraine, she was furious because they had abandoned them. Lan confessed that it was his idea, and he did it because Moiraine did all she could to protect them, which depleted her power, especially since she was wounded.

As Moiraine’s Warder, Lan did what he thought was best for her. Moriane’s condition wasn’t good, and her wound was getting worse. Nynaeve was a Wisdom, and Lan wanted her to heal Moiraine. It was obvious that Lan and Nynaeve shared animosity toward each other, but that was because Nynaeve distrusted Moiraine. That’s why she tracked Lan all the way from Two Rivers to Shadar Logoth, but she refused to mention why and how.

As time passed and the two shared various moments, they got to know each other more and became more fond of each other. They admitted that it is possible they had wrong perceptions about each other. Well, Nynaeve realized that Lan is not as bad as he initially seemed. Lan, on the other hand, always thought that Nynaeve was special. Gradually, chemistry was born between them, but with all the chaos around them, it developed slowly and interruptedly.


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Nynaeve’s true feelings toward Lan surfaced when Logain mortally wounded Lan. Nynaeve was heartbroken to see him in a state like that, and it became clear that she developed feelings for him. She used her powers to heal everyone hurt by Logain’s attack and brought Lan back. However, the way she healed them all was important.

Nynaeve tried to suppress her feelings toward Lan at first

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A month later, Lan and Stepin discussed what happened on the night Lan was severely injured. Stepin noticed that Nynaeve touched The One Power for the first time when she needed it to save Lan’s life, and that had to mean something. They both agreed that Nynaeve might have become aware she was falling for Lan, so she avoided talking to him for some time after saving his life.

Their bond grew stronger as time passed, and Nynaeve could not keep her distance forever. Eventually, Lan introduced Nynaeve to his family’s armsman, Zahir, and his family. Everyone liked her, and she was pleased to be included.

Later that evening, Nynaeve and Lan shared a romantic and tense gaze into each other’s eyes but then parted ways. However, Nynaeve returned later and visited Lan in his bedroom, and the two shared their romantic moments for the first time.

Lan opened up to Nynaeve and explained who Zahir was, what had happened as a child, how his parents were killed, and how Zahir smuggled him out of the castle and saved his life. This story brought them even closer. However, Nynaeve was well aware of Lan’s bond with Moiraine, and the show also introduced a rule that Wisdom can not marry.

Nynaeve mentioned that if she went to Tar Valon, she might be something other than Wisdom and could even marry. Lan mentioned that if that happens, he would hate the man Nynaeve chooses but would also love him if he would make her smile. At that point, he again demonstrated his admiration for Nynaeve and then searched for Moiraine and Rand, who faced the Dark One in the meantime.


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In the show, Lan and Nynave’s relationship develops, and it is fair to say they are in love. However, with all the obstacles and differences on their way, they hadn’t reached the full potential their love could have, and the second season will possibly dig into that a bit further. In the books, Lan and Nynaeve eventually marry each other, and Lan bonds with Nynaeve as he once was with Moiraine. We are yet to see if the show will go that way also.

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