When Does Sasuke Become Good Again?

When Does Sasuke Become Good Again?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most important characters in the whole Naruto franchise. The antihero of the series, Sasuke has been it all – the villain, the hero, and, finally, an antihero that beautifully complements Naruto’s heroic ideals. On top of that, Sasuke is also one of the strongest characters in the whole series. Sasuke’s story is one of the best-written ones in the series and in this article, we are going to explore one part of that story, i.e., we are going to pinpoint the exact moment when Sasuke Uchiha became good once more in Naruto.

Sasuke’s complete return to the good side happened just before the ending of Naruto: Shippuden, i.e., in Episodes 478 and 479 of the anime. These episodes depict the final clash between Naruto and Sasuke, as well as its direct consequences. This is where Naruto’s “persuasion” finally paid off and after not winning against Naruto, Sasuke finally came to his senses and became a hero once more.

In this article, we are going to tell you what happened to Sasuke Uchiha after the epic final clash against Naruto in Shippuden. We will go over the whole story of the final battle and tell you, in more detail, what happened and what the implications are. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the story of Naruto, we have to warn you that there will be spoilers in this article.

When does Sasuke become good again?

Things seemed fine and dandy after the trio collaborated on defeating Kaguya, but while it was expected that Sasuke would return to Konoha, he stated his intention to kill off all the Tailed Beasts. Sakura pleaded with him to come back, stating that she loves him, but Sasuke merely put her to sleep, a move that Kakashi strongly condemned. At this moment, it was obvious that a final clash with Naruto was inevitable, as Naruto was the only one who could stop Sasuke at this point.

Sasuke finally reached his destination: the Valley of the End, where each one stood on the head of their respective predecessor, watching each other. After a bitter exchange of words, where neither managed to convince the other, both found themselves looking at each other, launching into the attack colliding, and starting their long-awaited battle, each one staring at the other.

After activating Susanoo and Kurama, both kept moving and colliding their swords and tails, respectively, causing big clashes that raised the water until, finally, both of them bump fists, feeling each other’s feelings, their lonely and sad childhoods, as well as the time they exchanged glances in their childhood and smiled. Snapping back to reality, Naruto smashed Kurama’s paws into the Susanoo’s arm, and subsequently, his tail into the sword, causing huge explosions of water.


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After another trip down memory lane, they are both separated by the explosion, where Sasuke tells him that, at that level, he will never be able to kill him. Naruto tells him that he doesn’t want to kill him. Upon finishing his transformation, Naruto creates three Beast Mode Shadow Clones of him with Tails; which makes Sasuke tell him that this technique is proof of his loneliness.

Surprisingly, one clone is hit hard and sent to the ground, colliding, while the other three attacked Sasuke, but Sasuke easily parried their attacks. Their attacks collide, causing a huge explosion, which injured both Naruto and Sasuke, who lost their respective fighting forms. After falling to the ground, Sasuke uses Amaterasu to try to finish off Naruto. However, he used some of Kurama’s Chakra to deflect it. The Uchiha then begins to suffer the effects of the continued use of the Rinnegan. Taking advantage of this, Naruto creates several Shadow Clones, which hit Sasuke and lift him up so that the original punched him in the face. However, Naruto was elbowed in the same spot by the Uchiha.

After falling, Sasuke summons several shuriken, but he ends up taking another punch from the original Naruto, who was tired. Sasuke gets back up, creating another Chidori, while Naruto creates a Rasengan. Despite this, Sasuke lost his chakra and Naruto went on the attack. However, he fell from exhaustion, crashing the Rasengan into the ground.

Sasuke quickly gets up, kicking Naruto and proceeding to beat him savagely and furiously until Naruto reacts and headbutts him hard. Naruto stands up and begins to wipe the blood from his face, while Sasuke looks at him and tells him to give up. Next, they both start running toward each other and start hitting each other hard. At sunset of that same day, a wounded and tired Naruto and Sasuke found themselves face to face with barely enough strength to hit each other.


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Sasuke was just about to use his Chidoi to kill naruto, but due to exhaustion from the battle, the Uchiha’s Sharingan deactivated; which gives Naruto the opportunity to counterattack, getting up and giving a strong punch that sends Sasuke flying, hitting one of the walls of the place. Sasuke tells him to give it a break and drop it. Naruto says that he can’t do that, since he is like that. Naruto and Sasuke clash their attacks for the last time.

With this, Sasuke begins to create a Chidori, activating the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, adding controlled flames from the Amaterasu, creating a powerful attack while saying that he had come to that, starting to jump, colliding with Naruto, who had created a Rasengan, colliding and colliding their attacks, creating a huge explosion that destroyed most of the Valley of the End. By nightfall, both had passed out. As Sasuke starts to wake up, Naruto talks to him, and Sasuke watches what’s going on between the two.

Naruto declares that he is just as he sees him. Both cannot move and since they have lost a lot of blood, they will die there. Afterward, Sasuke begins to tell him and ask him things, leaving only one question, which was why he cares so much for him. Naruto replies that because they are both friends. Sasuke asks him to explain that. The Uzumaki proceeds with this, which surprised the Uchiha.

Naruto and Sasuke wounded by combat return to their old friendship. After this, Sasuke says that if he dies there, the eternal destiny that Hagoromo spoke of ends there, and that will be some kind of revolution, since the Infinite Tsukuyomi will disappear. Naruto looks at him sadly, turning to look at him and being surprised to see a tear fall from his eye, observing that they were both missing their left and right arms, respectively, forming a junction with their blood, caused by the clash of their attacks.

Both were defeated, when Kakashi arrives at the place with Sakura, who proceeds to heal them. Sasuke speaks to her, but Sakura shuts him up. However, Sasuke apologizes to her for all the things she has done. Sakura accepts his apology as she cries, saying that he was a troublesome jerk. Healing him, they both get up and the three companions exchange smiles. Following this, Naruto and Sasuke undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, freeing all the trapped people. Sasuke uses the Rinnegan and releases the Tailed Beasts.

Sasuke kept talking to himself, saying that Naruto never gave up on him no matter what and he never gave up; he moved closer when he moved away. Afterward, they all returned to their villages and in Konoha as Sasuke kept talking, saying that he wouldn’t have been surprised if he hated him, but he didn’t and that he insisted that they were friends and that even that almost destroyed him.

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