What Happens to Thorgil in Vinland Saga? Explained

thorgil vinland saga

Although the Vinland Saga title definitely features a spread of interesting main and side characters, it also introduces a handful of seemingly minor characters that can sometimes be pretty mysterious. Thorgil was only shown or mentioned on a few occasions, appearing to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Many anime fans still wonder what happens to Thorgil in Vinland Saga as a result.

Thorgil initially left Ketil Farm in order to serve under King Canute, but he left Canute after King Canute and Ketil battled over Ketil’s Farm. Being Ketil’s son, Thorgil remained at the farm during the fight and fled after it was over. He has never been seen or heard from again, but most believe that he is still alive and could return in future Vinland Saga releases.

Despite the fact that the whereabouts of Thorgil is technically unknown, a few fans have enough evidence to suggest he may pop up in future Vinland Saga releases. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Thorgil in Vinland Saga, what happened to him, and if he could show up later down the line.

Thorgil in Vinland Saga

Thorgil is a minor character in Vinland Saga, only appearing on a couple of occasions. Still, he is notably powerful and a really tough opponent, being the older brother of Olmar and the eldest son of Ketil.


Thorgil has rugged, long blonde hair, a beard, and no eyebrows, and he is covered with battle scars that run across his entire body. Although, his most distinguishing feature is the prominent scar that runs diagonally across his lips.

He is a ruthless fighter, to the point where he is even feared by his own father, and he has seen countless battles over the years. He was only 24 years old when he first made his appearance back in Chapter 66 of the Vinland Saga manga series, but he has an incredibly intimidating presence. He loves a good fight and is willing to kill anyone who stands in his way.

What Happens to Thorgil in Vinland Saga?

Although the term “disappearing without a trace” is typically used as a means of expression, it is quite literal when it comes to the status and location of Thorgil. He did, in fact, vanish without a trace – implying that he simply fled from the scene by choice.


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Thorgil initially left the farm before the events of the series as a whole in order to serve as a Thegn under King Canute. But, he left Canute’s service after the battle between King Canute and Ketil over Ketil’s Farm.

He was last seen during this fight – after which he left his father’s farm without any reason or notice. In the epilogue of the Farmland Arc, it was stated that Thorgil left the farm and was never heard from again by any other character in Vinland Saga to date.

Why Did Thorgil Leave?

Apart from Thorgil having worked for Canute in the past, there are no other solid leads as to why he chose to make a run for it. There are also some additional pieces of information that highlight Thorgil’s thoughts and feelings at the time, primarily through conversations he had with Ketil prior to his disappearance.

Chapter 66 of the Vinland Saga manga series, titled “Budding,” revealed exactly what Thorgil’s stance was – which is quite surprising given his track record and character. Upon returning from a citizens’ meeting with his father, Ketil, Thorgil made a comment about how the battlefield could change Olmar as it did King Canute.

thorgil and ketil

He follows on to tell his father that sometimes, battlefields can change a man’s nature unexpectedly, which is what happened with King Canute. He explained that no one referred to him as “Prince” anymore as he was no longer the kind and gentle leader he once was – he had become cruel, intimidating, and tough like any other general.

Thorgil seems to stand by the idea of remaining on the farm rather than going to battle – especially with how things were going at the time. Topped off by King Canute fighting with his father over Ketil’s Farm, it may be understandable that Thorgil just chose to leave altogether.

Is Thorgil Dead in Vinland Saga?

Because Thorgil was never heard from anyone again, many have assumed that he can no longer be alive. However, considering this character’s power, it’s safe to say he is alive – he left by choice, seemingly prepared for the road ahead. He is still technically listed with an “Alive” status within the Vinland Saga community.

Will Thorgil Return in Vinland Saga?

It’s unknown if Thorgil will ever make another appearance in Vinland Saga anytime soon. This character did not seem important to the overall storyline, or at least where the story is at the moment.

But this does not mean that Thorgil cannot become more significant as a character in time, especially knowing what this man is capable of. Some Vinland Saga fans believe that Thorgil could have joined Canute at some point after the battle, although this is pure theory.


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Others believe he has simply been on the run, or perhaps seeking to carve out his own purpose and allegiance – nevertheless, the odds of him showing up again are on the table. It’s not uncommon for minor Vinland Saga characters to be reintroduced many years after being off-screen, such as retired guys from Askeladd’s band. There are also cases where characters reunite multiple times after many years, such as the case with Leif – who tries to convince Thorfinn to go home.

That’s everything there is to know about Thorgil and his current location in Vinland Saga, with images thanks to the Vinland Saga Wiki. This character has not proven to be significantly important to the storyline so far. But, considering how tough he is and that there have been recurring characters in the past, many fans expect him to make a return at some point in the future.

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