Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku vs. Geto: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku vs. Geto: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win?

If you look at our picture above, you’ll probably think that we’ve made a mistake and that we have put two pictures of the same guy there. But, actually, while it is the same body, it’s not the same character. On your left is the real Suguru Geto, a former sorcerer-turned-villain who Gojo killed after his loss to Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. On your right is Kenjaku, an evil ancient sorcerer whose ability allowed him to possess Geto’s corpse. Between the two of them, who would win? Keep reading to find out.

Just how powerful Kenjaku was before obtaining Geto’s corpse is unknown, so it is impossible to determine the winner here. At his peak, before dying, Geto was exceptionally powerful, but we actually have no idea how powerful Kenjaku was at the time and how he would have fared against Geto, as there is no way that Kenjaku could have Geto’s powers while Geto was alive. And, since we know next to nothing about Kenjaku’s powers at the time, we cannot give any sort of fixed answer here.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to provide you with a detailed category-by-category analysis of the issue, presenting the characters in questions to you and giving you a point-by-point analysis that is going to help you understand why there is absolutely no way for us to determine, at this point and with the knowledge we have, who the stronger is, Kenjaku or Geto, as we’re dealing with two exceptionally powerful villains from the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Overall skills

Even though the vast majority of Kenjaku’s abilities are still unknown, his advanced age has given him access to a wealth of information that the majority of jujutsu sorcerers in the present period do not. He conducted experiments on a woman from the Meiji era, which led to the birth of The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.

Tengen believed that given Kenjaku’s level of mastery of magical barriers, he could even surpass him. Using Suguru Geto’s corpse, he gathered a group of super-strong S-Gradecurses, posing a serious threat to Japan and the jujutsu community. He is more intelligent than his initial owner and makes excellent use of the power he already has.

As one of only four S-Grade Jujutsu Sorcerers, Suguru Geto was thought to be the most deadly curse manipulator because of the threat he actually posed to humanity. At the time when he was not a villain, Geto and Gojo were known as “the strongest” pupils, which happened while they were classmates.

He was frequently successful in eliminating skilled curse users. He holds a sizable collection of curses, each with unique combat roles and special abilities. Suguru has the fortitude and knowledge to wage war against the entire jujutsu society because he has so many curses and other curse users on his side.

As you can see, both have a very impressive biography, and in that aspect, we have to confirm that both are very powerful. But, the thing here is that we do not know, nor can we actually evaluate their powers in a comparative context. We don’t really know how powerful Kenjaku was before taking over Geto’s body, and knowing that Geto was strong, we cannot claim that Kenjaku was stronger here. That is why we are going to split the points.

Points: Kenjaku 1, Geto 1


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The best illustration of Kenjaku’s tremendous amount of cursed energy, which is a trait shared by most other powerful characters, is his effortless mastery of others’ skills, some of which are famously challenging to handle. His unidentified Innate Technique, which allows him to transfer his brain into a corpse and subsequently take on that person’s memories and abilities, allowed him to become Noritoshi Kamo, Itadori’s mother, and Geto even though he just controlled their corpses.

In that manner, Kenjaku could use all of their skills as if they were his own, and even after changing bodies, he was still able to use those skills.

Suguru Geto is renowned for his ability to simultaneously handle hundreds of curses and his huge supply of cursed energy. Suguru is well-versed in the operation of cursed energy because of the nature of his jujutsu.

He has command of it and can utilize it to make weapons or cover flaws. Additionally, he can discern the flow of evil energy coming from other exorcists. Suguru’s Innate Technique, Cursed Spirit Manipulation, has allowed him to gather an army of potent curses at his disposal, and he can tame them by absorbing them into a little sphere that he swallows.

Again, we’re in the same pickle as in the previous category. Namely, we cannot deny that both of them deserve a point here, but since there is no way of comparing them, we cannot separate them here either. The things are simply as follows – we know that they are both powerful, but due to a lack of information on Kenjaku, we cannot really claim who the better one is. That is why the points are, once again, split.

Points: Kenjaku 2, Geto 2


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Fighting skills

Kenjaku is a fierce combatant; that cannot be denied. In Shibuya, he could parry the New School of Shadow’s Shaving Technique, one of the fastest moves, with just his bare hands and easily break his opponent’s saber. Kenjaku has developed a variety of hand-to-hand combat skills over the course of more than a thousand years of experience. This was demonstrated when he defeated Choso in a permitted hand-to-hand fight.

Suguru is an expert in both those martial arts that include hand-to-hand fighting without the use of weapons and those that include the usage of weapons. Suguru leverages the fact that his adversaries frequently underrate his physical power due to his skill in manipulating curses to his advantage. He was skilled with cursed weapons, as shown by The Playful Cloud, an S-Gradecursed weapon he used to kill Yuta and Rika. He could deflect Rika’s physical assaults and Yuta’s sword blows.

We would even be prone to giving this point to Geto, as a lot of Kenjaku’s skills came from possessing Geto’s body, but the guy’s so old that he definitely has to be skilled in this aspect as well; he had the time to master so many arts that… well, there’s not much to it. From that perspective, we once again had to divide the points, as there was no objective way for us to evaluate their skills due to a lack of information on Kenjaku’s side.

Points: Kenjaku 3, Geto 3


His intelligence is, without a doubt, Kenjaku’s best talent. Kenjaku has created an almost perfect plan that incorporates several steps that no one could have predicted, thanks to his depth of knowledge and experience. Whatever your point of view, he is a tactical mastermind who excels at both designing and carrying out strategies. He is also very perceptive and skilled at reading opponents, which allows him to better anticipate their moves.

Suguru was a natural at the exorcism school. He benefited from his keen intelligence in combat because it allowed him to foresee his adversary’s tactics. Suguru confronted the whole exorcist community using the resources amassed via a series of calculated tactics, and the Parade of Curses effectively drew all exorcists to Kyoto and Shinjuku.

Although Suguru’s strategy was great from a tactical standpoint, he ultimately failed because Yuta was simply too strong for him. In the meantime, Yuta broke inside the Tokyo Exorcism School to battle Suguru personally and seize Rika Orimoto.

So, what to say here? They’re both geniuses, and this is a category where, regardless of the fact that the outcome is going to be the same as in the previous ones, we can calmly say that we’d probably split the points even if we knew enough data about Kenjaku, i.e., even if the other categories were completely different.

Points: Kenjaku 4, Geto 4


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It all comes down to the fact that we know very little about Kenjaku and cannot, thus, give a proper assessment

The points might suggest that Kenjaku and Geto are identical, i.e., that the two of them are on the same level regarding their powers and abilities, but that is not the case. The points have been split because we know both are powerful, but we do not know who is better in each category.

This is because we know very little about Kenjaku’s powers before his taking over Geto’s body, so we cannot give a proper evaluation, as we don’t know how strong he was before that and how he would have fared against someone as powerful as Geto, without the powers he has thanks to Geto. And that is why this article was structured like this.

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