Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku vs. Yuta – Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku vs. Yuta - Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win?

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We know that Jujutsu Kaisen has many very powerful characters and that comparing them is exceptionally interesting. In this article, we will compare two very powerful characters to determine who is stronger: Kenjaku and Yuta Okkotsu. In this article, you will find out who the stronger one is, which is especially important since this is a prospective fight that might happen later in the series.

At this point, it is impossible to determine the winner in a duel between Kenjaku and Yuta, not because it is difficult but because we have a significant lack of information about Kenjaku’s abilities; we know how powerful he is as Pseudo-Geto, but Yuta has been able to defeat Geto, so Yuta could possibly be stronger. Still, it is known that Kenjaku is stronger than Geto, but the difference itself has not been clarified. This is why it is impossible to determine a winner, as we simply have no idea how powerful he is. We also don’t know the full scope of Yuta’s powers, which makes it even more difficult to determine.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to provide you with a detailed category-by-category analysis of the issue, presenting the characters in questions to you and giving you a point-by-point analysis that is going to help you understand why there is absolutely no way for us to determine, at this point and with the knowledge we have, who the stronger is, Kenjaku or Yuta Okkotsu, as we’re dealing with two exceptionally powerful characters from the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Overall skills

Even though the vast majority of Kenjaku’s skills are still unknown, his advanced age has given him access to a plethora of knowledge that the majority of jujutsu sorcerers in the current era do not. The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings were created due to research he carried out on a Meiji-era woman.

Given Kenjaku’s level of proficiency with magical barriers, Tengen thought he might even outperform him. He assembled a group of extremely powerful S-Grade curses using Suguru Geto’s corpse, posing a severe threat to Japan and the jujutsu society. He uses the abilities he already possesses very effectively and is more clever than his original owner.

Yuta Okkotsu is one of four S-Grade sorcerers whom the Exorcism School has recognized. He mistakenly cursed Rika, and because of her enormous power, Yuta was immediately registered as an S-Grade while being haunted by her spirit. He defeated Suguru Geto, who had appeared and defeated all of Kyoto’s pupils after releasing Rika’s Power Limiters.

Yuta will eventually outpace him in strength, according to Satoru. Choso counseled Yuji Itadori to run at all costs, comparing Yuta’s might to that of Satoru when the three of them—Choso, Naoya Zenin, and Yuta—met. Yuta admits that he is slightly lacking in strength, but he compensates for this by arming himself with Cursed Energy.


Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku vs. Geto: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Kenjaku’s limits are unknown, and we cannot determine his power. On the other hand, while we know some details about Yuta, his full potential has not been revealed. But we know that both have exceptional powers and potential, so we simply have to split the points here.

Points: Kenjaku 1, Yuta 1


Kenjaku’s effortless mastery of other characters’ skills, some of which are notoriously difficult to handle, demonstrates his enormous amount of cursed energy, a quality shared by most other powerful characters.

He only controlled their corpses, but his unidentified Innate Technique allowed him to transfer his brain into a corpse and then take on that person’s memories and talents, allowing him to become Noritoshi Kamo, Itadori’s mother, and Geto. This allowed Kenjaku to use all of their skills as if they were his own, allowing him to continue using them even after switching bodies.

Yuta has extremely high levels of cursed energy because of his connection to Sugawara no Michizane, which was initially shown when he converted Rika into a cursed spirit. Rika developed into such a potent cursed spirit that Suguru, a ravenous collector of horrible curses, gave her the title “Queen of Plagues.”

Rika can mold her limitless cursed energy in any way because she is a curse. Yuta returned to Japan after spending a year abroad with much greater control over his cursed energy. In battle, a continual flow of Cursed Energy flooded his body and weapon, making up for his lack of physical strength. The intensity of destruction in Yuta’s assaults is unmatched, and he can lessen all damage to himself.


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What can we say here that we haven’t already said? Well, nothing much. The amount of cursed energy these two possess is amazing, but we don’t know their limit. Based on that fact, it is impossible to evaluate some aspects, and from that perspective, we can only split the points in this category as well.

Points: Kenjaku 2, Yuta 2

Fighting skills

That Kenjaku is a ferocious fighter cannot be disputed. He could quickly break his opponent’s saber in Shibuya by parrying the New School of Shadow’s Shaving Technique, one of the fastest moves. Over the span of more than a thousand years of battle expertise, Kenjaku has honed several hand-to-hand combat techniques. He proved this by outlasting Choso in a legal hand-to-hand conflict.

During his time at school, Yuta was not known for utilizing violence and was a little disorganized in this regard. He faced too many obstacles, even when he attempted to flee a confrontation while toting Maki Zenin and two other kids. He used various, albeit straightforward, punches to strike his opponent, demonstrating great competence in hand-to-hand combat.

He can noticeably gain strength when dealing with irrational outbursts. From the start, He has been portrayed as incredibly frail and devoid of resilience. His training with Maki Zenin improved his endurance, enabling him to engage in protracted combat despite significant physical impairments.

Kenjaku seems to be the better one here, but only superficially, as Yuta’s enormous growth here is something that needs to be considered. From that perspective, we can only do what we’ve done before – split the points.

Points: Kenjaku 3, Yuta 3


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Without a doubt, Kenjaku’s best quality is his intelligence. Thanks to his breadth of knowledge and expertise, Kenjaku has produced an almost flawless strategy that includes several phases that no one could have foreseen. Regardless of your perspective, he is a tactical genius who excels at developing and executing strategies. He is also incredibly observant and adept at reading opponents, which helps him foresee their movements more accurately.

A young man with a strong desire to learn, Yuta Okkotsu has demonstrated that he can easily pick up the Tokyo school’s curriculum. He picks up academic and practical lessons incredibly fast, which allows him to use them in confrontation.

His lack of experience prevented him from using his tactical intelligence effectively initially, but he has since made tremendous progress in that area, allowing his high intelligence to finally come to the fore. He can mimic other people’s acts, which allows him to use a range of cursed techniques. Although it is unclear from whence he obtains the knowledge necessary to employ these strategies, he has already shown that he can do so with success.

And finally, the last category is also a big enigma since we cannot evaluate their full potential, all due to a lack of information. It is simply impossible to compare their peaks, as we don’t really know what they are, so we can only do one thing – divide the points.

Points: Kenjaku 4, Yuta 4


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Due to a general lack of information, there is not much we can do here, as it is impossible to tell the difference at this point

And we’re at the end of our analysis here. What can we add to this? Well, not much. The points speak for themselves, and we have said, on more than one occasion, that the characters are impossible to compare because we don’t have too much information about them at the height of their powers and abilities.

Kenjaku currently relies mostly on Geto’s abilities, and we have seen Yuta defeat Geto once, the real one. But, since that moment, Yuta has grown a lot, but so did Kenjaku. He improved on Geto’s abilities, and there are also the abilities of the other corpses he has taken over. But, since we haven’t seen them use their full potential in battle, there is nothing we can add here – we’ll just have to wait until more information is available.

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