What Is the Best Team to Use for Pokémon Crystal?

Pokemon Crystal

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One of the most popular Pokémon games during a time when there were only a few generations of Pokémon is Pokémon Crystal, which is the third game of Generation II of Pokémon. Of course, there are still some people playing this game because how it brings them back to a time when things were still quite simple and were not as complicated as the games we have today. So, if you were to play Pokémon Crystal, what is the best team to have?

The best team to have in Pokémon Crystal is to have a good balance of offense and defense while making sure that you have the right kind of types to defeat your opponents. That’s why we recommend Typhlosion, Gyarados, Espeon, Tyranitar, Exeggutor, and Porygon 2. Suicine is also a good option.

One of the things to take note of in Pokémon Crystal is that the battle system and the stats system aren’t as complicated as they are now. As such, you can actually form a good team by relying on Pokémon that you know are capable of growing up to have great stats. In that regard, let’s go over the different Pokémon that we chose for our best team in Pokémon Crystal.

What Is The Best Team For Pokémon Crystal?

Pokémon Crystal is full of great choices that you can use to build a great team. But the key here is to make sure that you spread out your types in the sense that you shouldn’t have more than one main type on your team unless one of your Pokémon has dual typing. This will ensure that you get to cover your opponents’ weaknesses while minimizing your own weaknesses as well. Of course, it is best to go for the rarer Pokémon because they tend to have better stats.

Now, let’s look at the main team that we believe is the best for Pokémon Crystal.

1. Typhlosion


You should pick Cyndaquil as your starter Pokémon because this is the best Fire-type Pokémon in the entire game. On top of that, Cyndaquil can basically dominate the entire game because of strong it is and how it is able to cover a lot of weaknesses because it is strong against Grass, Bug, Steel, and Ice. The good thing about Typhlosion is that it can also cover up its own weaknesses as well because it can use Thunder Punch. As such, give this move to your Typhlosion so that it will become a powerhouse alongside its own powerful Fire moves.

2. Gyarados

red gyarados

The Red Gyarados in Pokémon Crystal is the first shiny Gyarados in the entire history of Pokémon. It is also the strongest Water-type Pokémon you can find other than the starter Water-type. In that regard, you should never pass on the chance to use Gyarados in Pokémon Crystal because it has a host of different offensive moves that can make it a complete powerhouse. Just make sure you stay away from Thunder-type opponents because a single hit will faint your Gyarados.


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3. Espeon


If you choose to evolve your Eevee into an Espeon, then you are going to have one of the most well-rounded Psychic Pokémon in the game. Espeon may not have the same speed and offensive capabilities that Alakazam has, but it is a lot beefier. That means that it can tank more hits than most of the other Psychic Pokémon in the game. It can be used for Reflect and Light Screen due to how strong Espeon’s defensive capabilities are.

4. Tyranitar

Tyranitar is an absolute wrecking ball in the game. With a dual typing of Dark and Rock, it doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses and is able to cover a lot of opponents’ weaknesses as well. It can be strong against Psychic and Ghost types while providing enough offense for Fire and Flying types as well. While it might be difficult to raise a Larvitar all the way to a Tyranitar, you shouldn’t pass on the chance to do so because this is one of the true powerhouses of Pokémon Crystal.

5. Exeggutor


Even though Exeggutor is also a Psychic Pokémon, we include it on this list because of the fact that it is also Grass-type. That means that you are going to get two great types in one neat package, as Pokémon is a beast. It might not have the best special attack, but it can make up for it with its beefier build and strong attack. Unlike most Psychic Pokémon, Exeggutor has enough HP and defense to handle powerful attacks.

6. Porygon 2

porygon 2

Porygon 2 is another one of the rare Pokémon in Pokémon Crystal, but it can be quite the powerhouse as well because Normal Pokémon can cancel out a lot of different types, considering that their only weakness is Fighting. On top of that, Porygon 2 can make use of different moves that will allow it to become an all-around choice for you when you face different opponents of different types. As such, while it might not be the strongest, Porygon 2 sure is one of the most versatile.


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We have a few alternatives that you might want to add to your team if you are able to cover their weaknesses as well. Of course, our main best team doesn’t have any legendaries in it, and this is why we include Suicine as an alternative choice for you if you want to have a legendary Pokémon on your team.

1. Suicine


Suicine is the best Water legendary in Pokémon Crystal, and that means that you can basically replace your old Water Pokémon on your team. Suicine is also one of the reasons why you might not want to take Totodile as a starter due to how there are a lot of different powerful alternatives that you can use. Having Suicine on your team is a game-changing choice during the post-game content.


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2. Ampharos


If you want to take out Exeggutor, you can add in Ampharos because it can cover some of the areas that Exeggutor is strong against (Water Pokémon). Ampharos is the strongest Electric-type Pokémon in Crystal because of how it can use had-hitting moves that can cover different types. Such moves include Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, and Thunder Wave. It can also use Flash as an HM.

3. Miltank 


We all know how tough of a battle Whitney’s Miltank was during the earlier stages of the game because this is one of the beefiest Pokémon in Crystal. Miltank is an absolute tank that can take hits and dish them out hard enough as well. It can also learn powerful moves that can cover a lot of different types. You can give your Miltank Rollout, Shadowball, Strength, and Milk Drink.

4. Heracross


If you are looking for a Fighting-type, then Heracross should be the best choice because it is also a Bug-type Pokémon. That means that it covers a lot of weaknesses and is extremely strong against Dark-type Pokémon, which are heavily featured in the game. Just make sure that you utilize Heracross’s beefy attack and attack-based moves well enough.

What Is The Best Team To Beat Team Rocket In Pokemon Crystal?

Truth be told, there is no best team to use against Team Rocket in Pokémon Crystal because it is best to stick with the team that you will use up to the end of the game so that you can make sure that they will soak up all of the experience points they need. Swapping Pokémon late in the game after beating Team Rocket can take up a lot of time, as it is best to start your team early.

In that regard, we do recommend that you choose a team that you can already complete early in the game, as some of our choices above can only be acquired later in the game. In that regard, you might want to skip out on Tyranitar because it will take some time before you acquire it. Instead, you may want to stick to other heavy hitters that can be effective against Team Rocket’s Golbat/Zubat-infested squads, such as Ampharos and Miltank.

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