Which Robin Is in Teen Titans? Dick Grayson or Tim Drake?

Teen Titans and its follow-up series, Teen Titans Go!, are quite popular when it comes to DC shows because of how they allow us to see the story of the Teen Titans themselves while offering a few comedic twists to the series. Of course, Teen Titans is massively popular with kids, but teens and adults have also enjoyed the series very well, especially because of Robin, the main character of the series. But we all know that there have been plenty of Robins in comic book history. So, is the Robin in Teen Titans Dick Grayson or Tim Drake?

Dick Grayson is the Robin in Teen Titans. That’s because there are plenty of implications that he is Dick Grayson, such as the fact that he founded the group and that he is in a romantic relationship with Starfire. On top of that, Teen Titans Go! even has an episode with a separate Robin in Tim Drake.

The first Robin, Dick Grayson, has always been one of the most popular robins of all time, but Tim Drake is somewhere close. Of course, Teen Titans showcases why that is the case as he is a great leader and has a great personality as well. That said, the fact that the Robin in Teen Titans is Dick has been heavily implied by a lot of factors that we are here to discuss. 

Which Robin Is In Teen Titans?

Those who are interested in the stories of younger superheroes have always loved Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! because of how we get to see a different side to the superhero story where teens are the ones who are now in the spotlight. Of course, the leader of the Teen Titans is the most popular sidekick and teenage superhero, Robin.

Because of his popularity as a character and experience as a hero, Robin was the one who was given the leadership role over the Teen Titans, considering that he has trained and learned under Batman, who is one of the most successful heroes of all time. And most of the time, it is actually Robin who leads the Teen Titans.

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We all know, however, that there have been multiple characters that have carried the Robin persona throughout the history of the character, as it is inevitable for a new Robin to take the older one’s place as the older Robin matures and becomes their own character. This is where fans might wonder who between Dick Grayson, the first Robin, and Tim Drake, the third Robin, is the one in Teen Titans.

While both Dick and Tim have led the Teen Titans in the past, there is no doubt that the one in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! is the first Robin himself. Yes, Dick Grayson is the Robin in Teen Titans, even though it wasn’t always clear which Robin is in charge because of the fact that the characters use their superhero names and not their real names. But, then again, we are here to discuss the facts that lead to the conclusion that Dick is the Robin in Teen Titans.

He Founded The Group

Dick Grayson, as Robin, was the one who founded the Teen Titans after he had a small falling out with Batman when he was still his sidekick. Of course, there have been plenty of versions of the Teen Titans as the characters got older. But the fact is that the Teen Titans series showcases the original team that Dick Grayson built.

This team is composed of Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven. In the comic books and the series, more and more characters join the Teen Titans, but this original core composed of the aforementioned names was the one that Dick Grayson built and led throughout his time as the Robin of the Teen Titans.

The Costume

The costume that the Robin in Teen Titans wears is an implication that he is Dick Grayson. The Dick version of the Robin character is true to the original Robin costume, which uses a combination of red, green, yellow, and black. And this is the very same costume that the Robin in Teen Titans uses.

We actually see in an episode of Teen Titans Go! that Tim Drake has a costume that is a lot different compared to the one that Dick Grayson uses. And this also serves as proof that Dick Grayson is indeed the Robin in Teen Titans.

In comparison, Tim Drake’s Robin costume tends to be on the less colorful side. While Tim also used the same color combination that Dick used, he eventually stuck to a combination of red and black with a bit of green and yellow in his costume so that he could be distinguished from Dick’s version of the character.

Romance With Starfire

As members of the original Teen Titans, both Dick Grayson and Starfire have been involved in a romantic relationship. This is also because of the fact that, along with Cyborg, they are two of the oldest members of the Teen Titans in terms of their ages. Of course, Tim Drake is several years younger than Dick Grayson, and it would be odd for him to be in a relationship with Starfire, who is several years older than him.

There was also hardly a point in time in the comic books that Tim Drake was implied to have something going on with Starfire. It was always Dick Grayson who was in a relationship with her in all of the iterations of the character.

Circus History

Dick Grayson became Robin when his parents were killed in a circus incident. He ended up becoming the only survivor of the Flying Graysons as Batman took him in because he felt sorry for the boy and saw his potential.

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In Teen Titans, there were hints of Robin’s past as someone who once worked in the circus together with his parents. This heavily implies that he is Dick Grayson as Tim Drake never worked as a circus performer. In the comics, however, Tim was a big fan of Dick’s circus acts and was able to piece together that he is Robin and Bruce is Batman while looking at Robin’s acrobatic style.

The Nightwing Implication

After Dick Grayson graduated from the mantle of Robin and began a solo career that allowed him to distinguish himself away from Batman’s shadow, he adopted the Nightwing persona, which is basically just an older Robin with a different costume.

In Teen Titans Go!, there was an episode involving the future where Robin was now Nightwing and had a family of his own. Considering that Tim Drake was never Nightwing and was actually known as Red Robin later on in his career as a superhero, this proves that the Robin in Teen Titans is indeed Dick Grayson.

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