Who Created the Giant Mech in The Bad Batch?

Episode 5 of season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch allowed us to see our favorite clones in action once more as they went on an adventure with Phee Genoa when they found a compass that she believed could lead them to an ancient treasure. Of course, considering that the Bad Batch had nothing to do, they went along for the ride and ended up getting into an ancient temple-like structure to find what Phee called the Heart of the Mountain. But this Heart of the Mountain only woke up a huge mech that wreaked havoc throughout the planet. So, who created the giant mech in The Bad Batch?

There is no clear answer as to who created that giant mech but both Tech and Phee said that it pre-dated the Republic. That means that it was created at least 25,000 years ago when ancient civilizations still roamed different systems around the galaxy before the invention of interstellar travel.

The fact that this giant mech exists means that the ancient civilizations thousands of years ago were already capable of destructive weapons that could destroy entire cities. In that regard, it must have been created by a destructive civilization that existed to wage war or colonize other planets. So, with that said, let’s talk more about this giant mech and the ancient civilization responsible for creating it.

Who Created The Giant Mech In The Bad Batch?

In episode 5 of The Bad Batch, we saw how Omega discovered a compass that Phee Genoa thought would lead them to an ancient treasure that could allow them to cash in on some money. Of course, the members of the Bad Batch joined in because they had nothing else to do at that time. And Omega seemed to enjoy going treasure hunting with Phee, who she actually admires due to her adventurous nature.

When they got to the planet where the compass led them, that was when they went to an ancient temple-like structure that Phee said was so old that it existed for thousands of years. That was when she concluded that this was Skara Nal, which was a legend that all treasure hunters knew. And at the end of Skara Nal was a treasure called the Heart of the Mountain.

Of course, the goal was to get to the Heart of the Mountain because of how they could quite possibly cash in on it and become wealthier. And the members of the Bad Batch needed the money, especially after the fiasco that happened in Sereno, where they failed to get a single coin from Count Dooku’s war chest.

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When they got to the Heart of the Mountain, however, Phee removed the stone from its place. That was when the entire structure activated to reveal that it was not a mountain or a temple. Instead, it was an ancient robot-like mech that wreaked havoc wherever it went. It was so powerful that it could shoot a beam of destructive laser that could destroy anything in its path. Luckily, the members of the Bad Batch were able to stop it by returning the stone to where it came from, as the giant mech was also destroyed in the process. But who created this giant mech?

During the time that Phee was still inspecting the insides of the structure, Tech realized that the engraving and the language that was written all over the walls pre-dated the Republic. He said that it was at least a thousand years old, and that was when Phee said that it was much older. 

One of them suggested that it could be the ancient members of the Jedi Order that existed thousands of years ago. But Phee went on to say that the ones that were responsible for creating that structure were more ancient than even the Jedi Order itself.

This implies that the giant mech was a creation of an ancient civilization that existed way before the Jedi Order was created and thousands of years before the creation of the Galactic Republic. As such, it was created by groups of people that could have had the technology and the knowledge to develop such a powerful mech that was more powerful than all of the ground-based weapons we’ve seen in Star Wars so far.

What Is More Ancient Than The Jedi?

When one of the members of the Bad Batch said that the structure could have been created by the Jedi, Phee said that the one responsible for its creation was much more ancient than the Jedi. We know that the Jedi have existed for thousands of years. But what is more ancient than the Jedi?

Before the Jedi Order was formed and thousands of years before the Galactic Republic was created, there were ancient civilizations scattered all over the galaxy. This time in Star Wars history was called the Pre-Republic era, as there was yet to be a Republic to govern the entire galaxy at that time. And this was due to the fact that interstellar travel was yet to become a reality.

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Both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic existed for 25,000 years before both fell at the hands of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. As such, the civilization responsible for creating that monstrous mech existed more than 25,000 years before the time of The Bad Batch. And that means that this mech was at least 25,000 years old already and might even be older than that.

Of course, there were a lot of civilizations that existed during the Pre-Republic era, as Humans, Columi, Killiks, and Rakata populated different systems all over the galaxy before the creation of interstellar travel. But the fact that this mech is quite possibly stronger than any ground-based weapon that we’ve seen in Star Wars so far means that it was created by a civilization that had tech more advanced than any of the abovementioned races.

In that regard, this is probably a lost civilization that had technology that far exceeded its time and is quite possibly just as advanced or even more advanced than the current tech that we have in Star Wars. Nevertheless, this is just one of the many mysteries of the world of Star Wars, as the Bad Batch has shown us that Star Wars lore isn’t restricted to the events of the Skywalker Saga but spans thousands of years. And this opens up a lot of possibilities regarding the future of Star Wars, especially because of how the history of this franchise is one that is quite deep.

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