Why Does the Bad Batch Still Use Stun?

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One of the things that people know about Clone Force 99 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch is that the members of Clone Force 99 are unconventional in terms of their tactics, as they are willing to do things outside of the book of standard procedure to make sure that they succeed in their missions. But one of the things that fans were quick to notice about the Bad Batch is that they actually still use stun in their blaster settings whenever they are up against the Empire. So, why does the Bad Batch still use stun?

The members of the Bad Batch still use stun because they believe that the stormtroopers are their fellow clones, who they view as brothers. On top of that, the clones were trained to go up against droids that they have no problem using regular blaster bolts. But when facing living enemies, they usually use stun.

It might be true that the clones were responsible for the deaths of a lot of Jedi all over the galaxy when they used their regular blaster bolts on them. But let’s not forget that they were under the influence of Order 66. Normally, they would rather use the stun setting when up against living enemies that they can neutralize without killing. That is why even the Bad Batch still uses stun.

What Does Stun Do In Star Wars?

In the world of Star Wars, we know for a fact that there are a lot of different weapons that are used by the different characters against their enemies. Of course, while the lightsaber is still the coolest weapon in sci-fi history, most people carry blasters as their primary weapon in Star Wars as it is easy to point and shoot. But the thing is that while blasters are known to kill people and destroy droids in a few shots, they can be non-lethal.

That’s because blasters have a setting called stun, which is usually available in most blaster weapons in the Star Wars universe. As the term suggests, the stun setting was made to make sure that the subject was incapacitated without necessarily hurting or killing them. When used on a living being, the stun setting works by firing a blue pulse that overloads the nervous system of the target. Upon contact, the target would turn blue before the nervous system is overloaded and stuns the target temporarily so that it would no longer be a threat.

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In a way, what happens is that the biosigns are going to go wild after the target get hits by a stun bolt from a blaster. After that, the nervous system would return to normal as the target’s body would be forced to “reset” after the shock to the system. This is why those who are hit by a blaster that is set to stun are left alive and uninjured but are temporarily immobilized by the effects of the blaster.

After being knocked unconscious, the target usually remains limp and is unable to understand things that are happening around them. It usually takes time for the target to regain consciousness and mobility, as this usually depends on the species of the person. But there are some instances where the target can stay unconscious for up to an hour. Of course, individuals that have been stunned a lot of times in the past develop an immune response that allows them to wake up quicker from the effects of the shock on their system.


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Despite the fact that stunning was something that was done to make sure that the target didn’t die, it was never perfect. That’s because there are instances where the target ends up feeling nauseous from the effects of the stun bolt. And there are instances when the shock could even lead to death.

Of course, using a stun bolt on a target that was never supposed to be killed is still better than using a regular blaster bolt that is quite often lethal or, at the very least, dangerous to the target. That’s why most of the troopers in the Star Wars universe are armed with blasters with a stun setting that allows them to apprehend people without necessarily killing or injuring them.

Why Does The Bad Batch Still Use Stun?

Now that we know what the stun setting in Star Wars does, it is now time to talk more about its application in the lore, especially when it comes to the clones that are part of the Bad Batch. In Star Wars: The Bad Batch, it wasn’t a secret that the members of Clone Force 99 still used stun on their blasters instead of using traditional blaster bolts. So, why does the Bad Batch still use stun?

Despite the fact that the Bad Batch is known for using unconventional tactics that don’t necessarily follow the book of procedures that most clones follow, they are still clones that were trained and taught to fight droids. The entire clone army was created to combat the droids of the Separatists, and that’s why they almost always use regular blaster bolts when fighting droids that they don’t have problems destroying.


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However, the clones were never meant to fight living enemies. During the time of the Galactic Republic, most clones were taught to make sure that they didn’t kill living targets, and that’s why their blasters had a stun setting. Of course, this could vary depending on the target, but enemies that were not seen as grave threats were often stunned instead of killed so that they could get taken into custody to answer for their crimes. Then again, the clones didn’t have control over their actions during the events of Order 66, and that’s why they gunned the Jedi down using regular blaster bolts instead of simply stunning them.

In the case of the Bad Batch, they are still clones that know when it is necessary to take a life and when it is important for them to spare a living person despite the fact that they are up against them on the battlefield. That’s why the members of Clone Force 99 are not so casual about using regular blaster bolts when up against living enemies.

There’s also the fact that the Bad Batch is a rogue clone force that is on the run from the Empire. Imperial forces are actively hunting them, and that’s why they send stormtroopers to deal with Clone Force 99. In season 1, it was former Clone Force 99 member Crosshair that often chased after the Bad Batch by leading a squadron of stormtroopers.


Considering that the stormtroopers wear gear that’s similar to the ones that the clone troopers wear, it is easy for anyone to mistake them for being clones. Of course, it is important to take note that the Bad Batch wasn’t there when the Empire decided to phase the clones out so that they could train regular people as stormtroopers.

As such, the members of the Bad Batch often believe that they are up against their fellow clones whenever they had to fight stormtroopers. The fact that they see their fellow clones as brothers is a major reason why they opt to use the stun setting on their blasters instead of the regular blaster bolts. After all, their conscience probably wouldn’t be able to deal with the fact that they are responsible for the deaths of their fellow clones, and that’s the reason why they would rather incapacitate the stormtroopers instead of killing them.

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