Who Does Wanda Sykes Play in The Bad Batch Season 2?

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Season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has just been released, and it is already promising not only because Clone Force 99 is now in the middle of something that could put them in the crosshairs (pun intended) of the Empire once more. Of course, one of the reasons why they found themselves in trouble again was the new character played by Wand Sykes. So, who does Wanda Sykes play in The Bad Batch season 2?

Wanda Sykes plays the fearless adventurer and pirate named Phee Genoa, who seems to be a longtime friend of information broker Cid. She was the one who hired the bad batch on a mission to Serenno to steal Dooku’s war chest, as this was what led the Empire to find out that Clone Force 99 was still alive.

The addition of Wanda Sykes to what is already a good cast of characters is a great way for The Bad Batch to expand the entire Star Wars lore, especially when you look at the fact that Sykes is a known actress in the industry. Of course, let’s look at what we know about Phee Genoa so that you would understand what kind of role Sykes plays in The Bad Batch.

Who Does Wanda Sykes Play In The Bad Batch Season 2?

Before season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch was released, we already knew that there were going to be old and new faces that were going to join Clone Force 99 in the evolving story of this ragtag group of clones. One of the most notable names out of all of the actors we knew were going to join The Bad Batch is Wanda Sykes, who is an accomplished person in the world of acting and comedy.

Wanda Sykes is best known for her work as a stand-up comic, but she is also a successful actress and writer in her own right. She initially worked with Chris Rock in the Chris Rock Show before becoming a household name in the American TV and movie industry. As such, she ended up appearing in productions such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Black-ish, Evan Almighty, and Ice Age: Continent Drift.

wanda sykes ice age
Wanda Sykes in Ice Age: Continental Drift

Of course, while Sykes may be an accomplished actress, her comedic voice and way of making things sound light and funny were what allowed her to become very successful as a voice actress. As such, she lent her voice in season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. So, who does Wanda Sykes play in The Bad Batch season 2?


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Wanda Sykes plays the role of Phee Genoa in The Bad Batch season 2. While we do know that Wanda is at her best whenever she lends her voice to comedic characters, it seems like Phee isn’t the comic relief that some fans might have expected a Wanda Sykes character to be because she doesn’t seem like someone who would offer plenty of laughing moments for fans of The Bad Batch.

Nevertheless, it does seem like Phee is the type of character that can be both entertaining and serious at the same time due to how there is an air of mystery in her somewhat happy-go-lucky personality in The Bad Batch. And this is something that we are going to have to observe as the second season of The Bad Batch continues to offer more revelations in the storyline of Clone Force 99.

Who Is Phee Genoa?

While we do know that Wanda Sykes plays the role of Phee Genoa, what we aren’t sure of is the type of role that this character would be playing moving forward. Of course, we already got to see a sneak peek into who Phee is and what kind of person she is.

Phee was introduced during the early portion of episode 1 of season 2 when the members of the bad batch had just gotten back from a mission and were greeted by a human female in Cid’s cantina. During her introduction scene, Phee seemed like the type of character that had been working with Cid for a long time and was familiar with her because they seemed to be comfortable with one another.

phee and cid

Of course, Cid said that Phee is the most trustworthy pirate she knows, and we’ve seen our fair share of pirates in the world of Star Wars, especially during the time of the Clone Wars. That means that Phee should be someone that Cid has been familiar with for a long time, as it is possible that they have been friends for a while already. While she may be a pirate, Phee fancies herself as an adventurer and an enthusiast when it comes to ancient treasure.

In a way, Phee is a cross between Han Solo and Jack Sparrow because she doesn’t seem to be very hostile but can also be a comedic character in her own right due to her happy-go-lucky and easygoing nature. Of course, we still don’t know a lot about Phee because she didn’t give a lot of information regarding herself or her intentions. Still, she was quite important during the early portion of The Bad Batch because she was the person that set things in motion for Clone Force 99.


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Phee wanted to hire the bad batch to collect the war chest left behind by Count Dooku when he was still the ruler of Serenno and the leader of the Separatists. That’s because she thought that the money and treasures left behind by the former Sith Lord could be useful. And she lured the bad batch into the mission by telling them that they could earn more money than they had ever earned in the past by accepting this mission.

Then again, we aren’t quite sure about her exact intentions and why she needed to hire the bad batch instead of going after the treasure herself. We do know that the Serenno palace that Count Dooku once resided in is now full of Imperial troops, and that is most likely the reason why she asked Clone Force 99 to go on that mission instead of collecting the war chest herself. Still, it would be interesting to get to know more about Phee in the future and what kind of role she could play in the evolving storyline of the members of the bad batch.

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