Who Is Metal Lee’s Mother? All Theories

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For a long time, the Metal Lee parental mystery has perplexed the Boruto fandom. Every one of the other protagonists in the new generation has unique family trees. Knowing both parents’ names makes it simpler to comprehend where a character’s personality or skills came from. Metal Lee’s father, Rock Lee, is his lone acknowledged parent. The fandom is completely unaware of Metal’s mother. Discovering Metal’s mother would reveal more information about both Metal and Rock Lee. What kind of women, and how would their relationship be, would Rock Lee have a baby with?

The most popular theory states that the woman who Rock Lee married and is the mother of Metal Lee is actually Tenten. We never get to see her interact with her own son, but many things lead fans to believe Tenten is really Metal Lee’s mother.

Let’s really check out and see the theories about Metal Lee’s mother and figure out if Tenten really is or is not married to Rock Lee.

Theories About Metal Lee’s Mother

Metal Lee’s character always raised the question of who his mother would really be or if he even had a mother. After all, she never appeared or was mentioned in the story. Many speculations and theories surrounded the fan groups, from Metal being the son of Tenten – Lee’s teammate – to the boy having been adopted or, worse, created in a laboratory as the son of Orochimaru.

The explanation for Metal’s nervousness may perhaps come from his mother. Rock Lee always has been a self-assured person who is not afraid to put on a show for his partners and admirers, but his kid is the complete opposite. Metal is incredibly self-conscious and becomes terrified when he notices that others are staring at him. He may have observed his mother doing this or picked it up from her.

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The fan speculations that Rock Lee merely adopted Metal and that his birth parents are unknown are, however, the most likely. Rock Lee could be serving Metal in the same capacity as Might Guy served him. Despite having a striking resemblance in appearance, Guy and Rock Lee were unrelated. In spite of this, Guy continued to mentor Rock Lee and teach him his combat techniques. In the following generation, several children have also been adopted; Gaara took Shinki in and has been educating him as his heir. Rock Lee and Metal might be in the same predicament.


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Is Tenten Metal Lee’s Mother?

The fanbase has put out a wide variety of speculations regarding Metal’s linage. Though some of these are more plausible than others, each one is worthwhile of thought. The notion that Tenten is Metal’s mother is the one that is most frequently accepted. Tenten was the sole female in Rock Lee’s former team. Thus, it’s conceivable that a romance may have developed between the both of them. This wouldn’t be too far-fetched. Why shouldn’t Rock Lee marry and have a kid with his old squadmate if Sasuke did? It is also worthwhile to use a passage from one of Boruto’s openings as proof. The new generation’s parents have all gathered in the background of the scenario, and Tenten is standing next to Rock Lee.

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The problem with this theory is that Tenten and Metal have never been seen interacting before in the series. If Tenten is, in fact, his mom, it would be odd that, despite the fact that she is still in the town, there has never been any scene of her instructing Metal or even just speaking to him. It’s difficult to picture Tenten as Metal’s mother unless she’s just a really bad parent.

Regardless of Metal’s mother’s real identity or even whether Rock Lee is his real dad, there is an incredibly deep paternal tie between the two of them. Rock Lee is of the opinion that anybody can become a skilled ninja, regardless of their birth circumstances or family background. Now, thanks to Metal Lee, that idea is becoming a reality. Rock Lee’s lectures and his persistent effort are helping Metal overcome his anxiety and advance as a ninja.

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