Who Does Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Who Does Tenten Marry in Naruto?

In the epilogue chapter of Naruto, we all saw our favorite childhood anime favorites as grownups, like most who are reading this right now. We all saw them get married to a character whom they are being shipped to since Part I, and some who got married with an unexpected character, as their story was not mentioned even in the Hidens. Some did not seem to get married, nor have not shown their partner as of yet, or if they ever have a partner at all.

Tenten is one of those characters who did not get married. Her love interest in the series was never confirmed at all, and there are many questions regarding her relationship with Neji. This is one of the parts of the story that never had a proper closure.

Since the Boruto series is getting more focused on dealing with the Otsutsuki and Kara, it might get too late to reveal more details about Tenten’s real relationship status as of now. But this did not stop a lot of us from making theories that make perfect sense when observed. This is what we are going to discuss further, which includes her unconfirmed relationship with Rock Lee.

Did Tenten Marry? 

Who Does Tenten Marry in Naruto?

As said earlier, Tenten was never shown to be married to anyone. Though there are notable characters like Kiba, Shino, Kankuro, and Gaara who were never shown to have any partners when they reached adulthood. But take note that Gaara had a child but with no partner, which happens to be a similar situation to Rock Lee. Later on, this will be discussed more in deep detail. 

In the epilogue, some of the main characters of Naruto’s Part I, particularly Naruto’s batchmates in the chuunin exams, got married off or had a partner. Here are the following:

  • Naruto marrying Hinata
  • Sasuke marrying Sakura
  • Shikamaru marrying Temari
  • Ino marrying Sai
  • Chouji marrying Karui (the girl from the Hidden Cloud who beat Naruto up)
  • Kiba is in a relationship with Tamaki

The ones who seemed to be single are Shino, Tenten, Gaara, and Rock Lee (with the latter two having children). Though there is no more relevance of their relationship statuses in Boruto, it is still nice to look at their relationship statuses. This is why we would like to know if does Tenten has any partner when she goes home from working inside her weapons shop?

Who did Tenten marry?

Tenten is not married to anyone at all or might have an unconfirmed relationship with someone. So far, Tenten was often shown in the Boruto series to be around her weapons shop. At some point, she was seen helping the village, particularly when Isshiki invaded. However, it resulted in her being easily defeated by the powerful extraterrestrial being. 

Throughout her appearance in their adulthood and during the Blank Period, which happened after the Naruto series ended, Tenten was never shown to have any partner. Thus, opinions are divided in two: if she is in a relationship with someone, but is more private in showing it, or she could be single like Gaara.

Does Tenten Love Rock Lee?

Who Does Tenten Marry in Naruto?

In parts 1 and 2, Tenten is shown to not have any romantic feelings towards Rock Lee and seems to be closer to Neji, particularly when Rock Lee and their leader Might Guy get engaged in their emotion-filled antics. She seemed like an older sister, with Neji being the older brother, then Lee being the youngest and favorite of the parent (Guy). 

But since character development occurs, especially when maturing, Rock Lee for sure had a change of character that made him act more maturely than what he usually was in the Naruto series. Lee was not mentioned in the Hiden novels and was only shown at the parts after the war, including Naruto’s wedding, where she was told by Tenten for him and Guy to act more mature while in a wedding.

In the Boruto series, seeing Tenten and Lee interacting with each other is yet to be seen. Some speculate that Tenten might be the mother of Metal Lee, Rock Lee’s son because there is one notable similarity that they have. If you take a close look at their eyes, there is a bit of resemblance due to both of them being slightly slanted (though Metal Lee’s is an albeit slanted version of Lee’s eyes). 

Other than this, there are no more possible hints that she is the mother of Lee. But if she is, then could Rock Lee have a relationship with her that eventually turned sour which is why they never had an interaction anymore in Boruto? And lastly, is this something that we might find out in the future, or never at all?

Would Tenten Have Married Nej?

Tenten and Neji look so perfect together but do not seem to get involved in a romantic relationship. Though they are the more mature-acting of their team, their relationship seems to be more on the professional side. They never had any romantic scenes together, but are oftentimes alongside each other. They could be close friends, or might have a relationship but would prefer to take it on a more private side.

Tenten is one of the characters in the series that does not have much of a background story. She does not have too much screentime in the manga as well. Thus, her background, and her relationship status, are something that’s a mystery to fans who still knew her so well all along.

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