Who Is Senator Chuchi, & What Is Her Role in The Bad Batch?

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch may be a series that focuses on the titular Bad Batch characters, but it also explores many things aside from them. In particular, the clones, in general, became focus characters in the storyline as season 2 allowed us to see how the clones became obsolete and were replaced by Stormtroopers. In that regard, episodes 7 and 8 of season 2 of The Bad Batch allowed us to see a returning character in Senator Chuchi. But who exactly is Senator Chuchi, and what is her role in The Bad Batch?

Riyo Chuchi is a senator from the moon of Pantora and was actively working to represent her people in the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. During the time of the Empire, she maintained her position as a senator but ended up fighting for the rights of the clones when the Empire wanted to phase them out.

Chuchi’s involvement in episodes 7 and 8 of The Bad Batch was quite refreshing because it was glad to see that there was someone who was actively fighting on the side of the clones and their rights during a time when the Empire no longer had any use for them. Of course, this allowed the senator to work together with the members of the Bad Batch in their efforts to expose a major cover-up.

Who Is Senator Chuchi?

While the Clone Wars are now over, there are still a lot of clones alive. As such, the storyline of Star Wars: The Bad Batch revolves around not only the storyline of the members of Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch) but also the other clones that ended up having their own stories to tell in the middle of a time when the Empire was looking to phase them out so that they could be replaced by Stormtroopers.

We saw this in season 1 when Admiral Rampart was working tirelessly to find a way to phase the clones out to replace them with regular people that the Empire enlisted to fight on their side as Stormtroopers. And the reason was that the clones were far too expensive to maintain and had lifespans that were shorter than normal.


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That was when Rampart ordered the destruction of the major cities of Kamino to prevent the Kaminoans from producing more clones. On top of that, he covered up the entire event and made the Senate and the rest of the Empire believe that the destruction of the cities of Kamino was caused by a powerful storm. And it was in episode 7 when this became a topic in the events of The Bad Batch.

In episode 7, Rampart was pushing for the Senate to legislate in favor of the Stormtrooper initiative that he wanted to legalize so that the clones could now become obsolete and that the Empire would now have a true army that it could send out to all parts of the galaxy whenever there were insurgencies. But Senator Chuchi was one of the senators who questioned this legislation while pushing for the rights of the clones that were going to be displaced. So, who is Senator Chuchi?

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Back in the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars, we met a lot of different characters that had their own roles to play in the war, and that was when we met Senator Riyo Chuchi. Back then, she was a young senator that couldn’t stand up to the chairman of Pantora, which was where she came from. However, with the help of her new Jedi friends and the clones that she worked alongside, she became a more courageous senator that appeared in more than a few storylines in the Clone Wars series.

She became an active ally of the Jedi due to the many missions that they worked on together. Senator Chuchi also became a champion of the true Republic and what it stood for. And that is why she was still actively working as a senator during the time of the Empire. 

What Is Senator Chuchi’s Role In The Bad Batch?

Even though Senator Chuchi represented the people of Pantora in the Senate, the thing is that she was one of the few people that actually championed the rights of the clones in the Senate due to the fact that she knew what the clones were capable of during the time that they worked together in the Clone Wars. On top of that, Chuchi’s kind heart allowed her to see that the clones had their rights as well.

As such, during the time when Rampart was pushing for the creation of an Imperial army of Stormtroopers, Chuchi was one of the characters that worked to give the clones better lives after the legislation was going to render them obsolete. She was a champion for their rights as she wanted the clones to have their own opportunities despite the fact that they were created to fight as troopers.


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But that was when Chuchi met a clone named Slip, who told her about what Rampart did to Kamino and how he was one of the clones involved in destroying the major cities of that planet. At first, Chuchi wasn’t sure whether to trust Slip but realized that there could be some truth to what he told her. That was when she told her guards to go find him so that she could use his word as proof to counter Rampart’s legislation.

Slip, however, was assassinated by one of Rampart’s men, and that was when Chuchi was forced to find proof in some other way. She met Rex, who called the Bad Batch for help so that they could assist him in finding proof of Rampart’s treachery. So, while the members of the Bad Batch were on Rampart’s ship to obtain data related to the destruction of Kamino, Chuchi fought on the political battlefield.

She decided to ask for the help of the former senator from Kamino, who testified that Rampart diverted funds from the Kamino cloning so that he could fund the starting point of his Stormtrooper initiative. But it was when the Bad Batch was successful in obtaining the records from Rampart’s ship that Chuchi was able to prove that the admiral was responsible for Kamino’s destruction.

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While Chuchi was victorious in proving Rampart’s treacherous acts, she was inevitably defeated by the emperor himself. Palpatine made a rare appearance in the chambers of the Senate to order the arrest of Rampart. However, while he expressed his “anger” at Rampart’s treacherous actions, he was one step ahead of everyone.

The emperor used Rampart’s actions as a way to further the creation of an Imperial army as he made the Senate see that the clones were flawed in the sense that they were willing to listen to Rampart’s orders without question. As such, despite Senator Chuchi’s best efforts in convincing the Senate that the creation of an army was not necessary, Emperor Palpatine played everyone like a fool by using Rampart as the scapegoat that he needed to push for the creation of the Stormtroopers that formed the foundation of his Imperial army.

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