Why Does Himeno Have an Eye Patch in Chainsaw Man? Explained

himeno eye patch

There are tons of powerful characters in Chainsaw Man, ranging from humans using devil powers to devils disguised as humans. Himeno gained plenty of attention from Chainsaw Man fans for her bubbly personality and daredevil attitude, but many anime lovers are curious to know why Himeno has an eye patch in Chainsaw Man.

Himeno wears an eye patch since she sacrificed her right eye to the Ghost Devil in order to form a contract. This contract allows her to summon and control the Ghost Devil’s right arm by mimicking motions with her own right arm – a simple yet highly useful ability that’s come in handy in many Chainsaw Man battles.

While the reason behind her eye patch may have reminded fans of Denji’s state before merging with Pochita, her reason is vastly different – ultimately allowing her to be the slightly unhinged yet brilliant devil hunter that she is. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Himeno in Chainsaw Man, including her abilities as well as why she wears an eye patch.

Himeno in Chainsaw Man

Himeno is one of the best Public Safety Devil Hunters in the Chainsaw Man universe, currently working within Makima’s special squad of devil hunters alongside our favorite Chainsaw Man protagonists. She is bold, daring, and capable of staying calm in even the grimmest or most stressful situations, making her highly useful for overseeing new recruits and being tasked with challenging jobs.


She is one of the main supporting characters in the Chainsaw Man storyline, well-known for losing her partners (also known as “buddies”) while hunting down dangerous devils. This bright and vibrant character has short black hair and pale skin, and she is usually flaunting a straight-cut black suit with a classic slim black tie.

It’s unknown how old Himeno is exactly but it’s been assumed that she is in her 20s at least and is a few years older than Aki. It’s also been confirmed that she is technically an adult, as she states she’s glad Himeno and Denji had not gone further than a kiss while she was drunk, explaining that she would have been arrested since Denji is a teenager.


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She makes her very first appearance in episode 4 of the Chainsaw Man anime series named “RESCUE”, in which Aki Hayakawa’s Division 4 team is sent to secure the area after Denji’s fight with the Leech Devil. In a mid-conversation flashback, it’s revealed that Himeno initially meets Aki in a graveyard while mourning her last partner’s death – making her debut with bandages over her right eye as well as a sling on her right arm.

himeno graveyard

This part of the flashback might imply that whatever took her partner, it was somewhat recent – at least, so recent that she hadn’t recovered from it yet. She is also shown with longer, shoulder-length hair unlike the Himeno Chainsaw Man fans know and love, which may imply that she either cut her hair shortly after the event or that a decent amount of time had passed from the occurrence (long enough to try a new hairstyle, perhaps).

Aki is introduced as her new partner, after which he and Himeno become closer after spending time together on various missions – to the point where she openly tells Denji that she’s interested in Aki. The two are seen as senior demon hunters after some time, and they generally oversee the less experienced demon hunters in the Chainsaw Man series.

himeno aki

While she generally has a carefree, go-getter, and fun yet mature attitude, she actually has an incredibly dark and traumatic past. She had lost a total of 5 partners on the job before Aki, which initially caused her to become more distant and reserved toward Aki and other devil hunters in Chainsaw Man as a result – at least, in the very beginning.

Why Does Himeno Wear an Eye Patch in Chainsaw Man?

The main reason behind Himeno having an eye patch in Chainsaw Man revolves around her abilities – since her right eye was demanded as a sacrifice to the Ghost Devil in exchange for a contract. In Chainsaw Man’s Eternity Devil Arc, where Denji faces the Eternity Devil, Himeno shows off her skills by catching a rogue devil mid-air with her ghost hand.

She then points to her right eye, which is now concealed by a proper eye patch, saying that she gave up her right eye in exchange for using the Ghost Devil’s right arm. As seen in the Twitter post below by Chainsaw Man EN, Himeno explains that her ghost arm is capable of many things as it’s both invisible and strong.

While Himeno is a pretty solid opponent in terms of hand-to-hand combat (being able to knock people out cold at will), she makes use of her Ghost Devil arm in most instances. Although intangible, this right arm can be highly useful in a wide range of tricky situations.

Himeno is able to control a summoned version of the Ghost Devil’s arm using her right arm, mimicking the movements she wishes the arm to perform. The details fans have been given regarding her eye patch and the contract she made with the Ghost Devil make the flashback that much more interesting, as she is shown to have a severe injury on her right eye and right arm.

This may indicate that Himeno had made the contract with the Ghost Devil due to the same circumstances that killed her previous partner – although fans still have many questions about Himeno’s past. While she may use this power for more simple moves in many cases, Himeno can still use this intangible right ghost arm to unleash attacks as she pleases, as this arm can still somehow land blows on her opponents.

himeno arm
himeno power

For example, Himeno chokes Power with her ghost arm as a result of an argument, although she explains they should just get along and releases her from this ghostly grasp shortly after the encounter. Her attacks are also incredibly effective against devils as well, as seen when her Ghost Devil arm attacks make visible gashes and wounds in the Eternity Devil’s flesh.


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Still, it often takes much more than bloody attacks, brute strength, and even multiple chainsaws to take down powerful devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, making Himeno a really valuable ally for Denji and others. Later within the same arc, Himeno saves Denji’s life by pulling the cord in his chest using her Ghost Devil arm – just in time for him to transform into Chainsaw Man and start regenerating.

himeno ghost arm

Himeno’s contract with the Ghost Devil may seem odd compared to other Chainsaw Man protagonists, but it makes her an amazing asset and a seriously talented Devil Hunter. With the source of her powers being revealed, many fans can’t help but wonder how insanely tough Himeno would be with an even more rooted contract with the Ghost Devil.

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That’s everything there is to know about why Himeno has an eye patch in Chainsaw Man, with anime images thanks to One Esports. Himeno has an undeniably useful power thanks to the Ghost Devil, enabling her to intercept attacks, unleash special moves of her own, and even twist the hands of fate thanks to small yet highly significant actions. She may appear far more mysterious as a result of her eye patch, but she is fairly open about the reason behind it – at least, with those she actually trusts.

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