Why Is Makima Lying That She Wasn’t Shot? Explained

Back in episode 8 of Chainsaw Man, we saw that Makima and a few other Devil Hunters working for Public Safety were on a train bound for Kyoto to have a meeting with the bigwigs there. However, all of them ended up getting assassinated by some unknown assailants, as they were all clearly shot. But, for some reason, Makima survived the attack, came out unscathed, and eventually lied to the rest that she wasn’t shot. So, why is Makima lying that she wasn’t shot?

Makima lied about not getting shot because that would mean that her secret would be revealed or, at the very least, make everyone suspicious of her true nature. While Makima may be a high-ranking officer in Public Safety, she is actually the Control Devil that was able to manipulate her way into her position.

The fact that Makima is a devil is the reason why she made sure to keep the fact that she was shot hidden from the others, as that would make them believe that she has some special supernatural powers that only a devil would have. Of course, this fact will come out soon enough in the storyline of the anime. With that said, let’s take a look at what we know about Makima.

Why Is Makima Lying That She Wasn’t Shot?

Ever since the start of the Chainsaw Man anime, the one thing that has been made clear is the fact that Makima was one of the most important characters in the storyline as she is the leader of the special squad that Denji was placed in while he was working for Public Safety. In fact, she was the one that rescued Denji and took him off the streets after she realized that he had become the host of the Chainsaw Devil. Of course, Makima was also revealed to be a high-ranking official in Public Safety.

Considering that she is an officer in Public Safety, it was Makima’s job to order her Devil Hunters and send them out on missions to find devils and search pieces of the Gun Devil. The one thing that was also clear was that, for some reason, everyone seemed to have a thing for her. In fact, almost everyone working under Makima was willing to do almost everything for her.

Of course, Makima did have a lighthearted moment with the team back in episode 7 when they went out for a party the night before she had to leave for Kyoto for a meeting with the bigwigs there. The next morning, she left Tokyo to get on a train bound for Kyoto so that she could meet with the other Public Safety officials stationed there.

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However, she and the other Devil Hunters on that train were assassinated by unknown assailants that were also on that train. All of them carried guns, which were only supposed to be carried by police officers and Devil Hunters. Makima and her companions were shot in the head, as this was a planned operation that was carried out in unison because other assassins were stationed quite close to the other Devil Hunters to kill them.

Of course, Denji and the others ended up having to face Katana Man, who was the one sent to assassinate them. In the manga, Denji, Power, and Aki survive thanks to the efforts of Kobeni, who also survived her own assailant when her partner sacrificed his life to protect her. Meanwhile, we also know that Makima survived the attack on the train.

But the one thing that was clear was that Makima was indeed shot in the head but still lied about it to the rest of the Devil Hunters. She said that she never got shot. So, why is Makima lying about the fact that she was shot?

Makima is lying about the fact that she was shot because admitting that she got shot would allow the others to be suspicious about her true nature. As strong as Devil Hunters may be, they are still human beings that can die when subjected to injuries or attacks that could kill ordinary people. Considering that Makima was still just a human Devil Hunter in the eyes of the other Devil Hunters, that would mean that she should have died when she also got shot while onboard the train to Kyoto.

Of course, the only way for her to make sure that the others wouldn’t be suspicious of her was to lie about the fact that she was shot. As such, she wouldn’t be able to arouse the suspicion of the other Devil Hunters. 

Who Exactly Is Makima?

As mentioned, Makima didn’t want everyone to know that she was also shot by the attackers on the train because she didn’t want them to become suspicious of her true nature. But who on Earth is Makima anyway?

Well, for starters, “who is Makima?” isn’t the right question here. Instead, we should be asking “what is Makima?” because she isn’t exactly human. Instead, Makima is actually a devil that comes in the form of a human being. In fact, she is a devil known as the Control Devil, which represents the human population’s fear of control.

Makima’s powers as the Control Devil allow her to become one of the most overpowered devils in Chainsaw Man because she can basically use her abilities to control other people and make them their pawns. This explains why Denji and the others seem to be easy for her to control, as she has the ability to actually make it easy for her to put people on a leash. Of course, the fact that she takes on a human form makes her one of the most difficult devils to detect.

In that regard, Makima didn’t want people to know that she was shot because her powers as the Control Devil were directly tied to her survival while she was on that train. And this goes back to the very fact that she is able to control other people.

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Before she joined Public Safety, Makima used her Control Devil powers to force the prime minister of Japan to enter into a contract with her, as this allowed her to become an officer for Public Safety. On top of that, using her contract with the prime minister, she became almost immortal because any attack that could fatally kill her would instead be dealt to a random citizen in Japan.

As such, when she got shot in the head while on the train, the injuries were transferred to a random Japanese citizen that got killed in her place. That was why she came out of the train incident unscathed as she never got hurt at all because her gunshot wounds were transferred to a citizen that died instead of her. So, if she were to tell the others that she did indeed get shot but managed to survive the attack without even getting hurt, that would arouse their suspicions about her true nature. And her identity as the Control Devil might even get revealed if they knew that she got shot but survived what should have been a fatal wound.

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