How Is Makima Reincarnated and Into Who in Chainsaw Man?

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The relationship between Denji and Makima has been a hot topic among Chainsaw Man fans for quite some time, with countless questions regarding Makima’s true goal. The death of Makima left many anime lovers on the edge of their seats, and her return led to even more questions – many fans are still curious to know how Makima was reincarnated as well as in who in Chainsaw Man.

Makima was reincarnated as the Control Devil Nayuta in Chainsaw Man, following her final death when Denji ate her body after temporarily separating himself from Pochita. She was not erased since Pochita is not the one who ate her, and many fans believe that Makima was actually reincarnated in hell and died again in hell, enabling her to be reincarnated on earth as Nayuta – without any memory of her prior self or life as Makima.

Although the complex relationship between Denji, Makima, and Pochita has always been a point of interest for fans, Makima’s death and reincarnation were somewhat poetic – although definitely dark and twisted. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Makima’s death in Chainsaw Man, as well as how she was reincarnated in the form of Nayuta.

Makima’s Motive in Chainsaw Man

Many fans have both loved and hated Makima for various reasons, being one of the few people to ever give Denji basic needs like shelter, a job, and support (in a way). However, she has also done some seriously dark and evil things in order to manipulate other Chainsaw Man characters, primarily Denji, such as when Makima killed Power.

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She was also Denji’s primary love interest throughout the entire Chainsaw Man saga, as he made it very clear that he wanted to be with her – one of the reasons why Denji tried his best to fulfill her wishes. He even stated that he wanted to lose his virginity to Makima, although Makima’s true stance toward Denji was always more based on dirty tricks and underlying motives.


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Even other Chainsaw Man characters began to question why Makima was so interested in Denji, and most fans speculated that it wasn’t due to her having real feelings for him at all. As it turns out, Makima’s true goal was always to get her hands on Pochita, who had become Denji’s heart.

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Being one of the most powerful devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, as well as possibly the most feared devil among all devils, Pochita was seen as a tool to make the world a better place – at least, according to Makima, who viewed herself as a “necessary evil”. Since Pochita has the power of erasing devils from existing after consuming them, Makima felt that she could recreate the world with him by her side (specifically a world without fear, death, or “bad” movies).

In addition, Makima hinted at the idea of having a happy and fulfilling life with Pochita as well (possibly romantically). She always longed for a loving and stable family, but could never acquire this true desire due to her being the Control Devil – incapable of forming equal and meaningful relationships with others.

Makima’s Death in Chainsaw Man

She was Pochita’s number-one fan, even stating that (if her plan ultimately failed) she would see it as an honor to be consumed by Pochita instead. Oddly enough, this statement would prove to be a somewhat accurate foreshadowing – but, still not what many fans expected.

Makima’s contract with the Prime Minister did state that others could not inflict any physical harm on her. If she were to be harmed in any way, the damage would be automatically transferred to a random citizen within Japan – meaning that if she were killed by force, another citizen would die as well.

This made her nearly impossible to kill using classic combat skills or typical devil-hunting approaches, and possibly the most challenging opponent within the Chainsaw Man world. She had actually been killed several times throughout the Chainsaw Man storyline, only to be defeated by Denji himself – that is, Denji, and not Chainsaw Man.

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Knowing that Makima could not be killed normally, Denji separated himself from Pochita and survived using Power’s blood. He sliced her with a chainsaw made from Power’s blood, after which Denji sliced her up, cooked her, and then ate Makima, as seen thanks to Anime Manga Talks.

denji eat makima

He ate as quickly as he could, destroying her physical form while romanticizing the idea saying that he is becoming one with Makima. Citizens continued to drop dead all over Japan until he finished eating her body, after which things seemed to return to normal.


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Nayuta, Makima’s Reincarnation

Following Makima’s death, Kishibe brought in a young girl from near China, after which it’s revealed that she was the latest reincarnation of the Control Devil. She has dark brown hair as well as yellow eyes with multiple red rings, and she introduces herself as Nayuta when meeting Denji.

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There is still much to learn about Nayuta in Chainsaw Man, as she is still young and has not yet developed a strong identity. However, it is shown that she has the same abilities as Makima and has a few remaining personality traits when compared to Makima – primarily the fact that she appears to love dogs and gets along well with Makima’s dogs (which is ironic considering Makima’s obsessed with Pochita, who has a dog-like form as well).

How was Makima Reincarnated as Nayuta?

It may seem odd that Makima was reincarnated after her death, especially considering that devils eaten by Chainsaw Man should be erased in theory. But, Denji ate Makima as Denji, not as Chainsaw Man using Pochita’s powers, meaning that this would theoretically allow Makima to be reincarnated as any other devil would.

Devils in Chainsaw Man do not truly die – instead, they are reborn on earth if they die in hell, alongside a new identity, and they are reborn in hell if they die on earth. This complex does leave room for questions since Makima should have been reincarnated in hell due to her death on earth – many fans assume this means she died in hell as well shortly after she died on earth.

Still, this is just an assumption based on what fans know about devil life cycles in Chainsaw Man. Either way, it appears that Makima was simply reincarnated as Nayuta due to the natural life cycle of devils, without the effects of Pochita’s special ability. Although, she was reborn without the memories of her prior self or the life she had lived as Makima.

Is Makima a Devil, a Fiend, a Hybrid or a Human in Chainsaw Man?

This twist of fate was actually a strange yet positive way to tie the loose ends together, as Pochita shared Makima’s true dream with Denji. Denji made it his mission to give Nayuta the best possible life with himself and Pochita, providing her with love, a family, and a home in the hope that her upbringing could lead to a less villainous form of Makima in the future.

Makima may have been seen as one of the main antagonists in Chainsaw Man for many fans, especially considering how many twisted and plot-altering moves she has made throughout the entire Chainsaw Man storyline. However, Makima’s reincarnation provides a second chance for her, as well as the chance for Denji to finally have a close and caring family unit.

Ultimately, all Makima ever wanted was to be with Pochita, while Denji has always wished for love and happiness. This may not have been the ideal situation, but Denji forming a small family unit with Nayuta and Pochita may be an unexpected yet poetic way to conclude these two Chainsaw Man characters’ rollercoaster-like relationship.

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