Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win in a Fight?

wonder woman vs captain marvel

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There are a lot of powerful women in the world of comic books, but two of the strongest we’ve seen from DC and Marvel Comics are Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, respectively. Of course, they both belong to different comic book universes that tend to have different power scalings, and that is why it can be difficult to judge who between them is stronger. But, in a fight between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, who would win?

It is likely that Wonder Woman would win in a fight against Captain Marvel. However, because they are both powerful and skilled in their own right, this should be a very close matchup between the two women. Still, it is likely that Wonder Woman would win because of her superior strength and skills.

We’ve seen incredible feats from Captain Marvel both in the comics and the MCU, but such feats are also just as impressive as the ones that Wonder Woman has. That is why this matchup is so difficult to judge, as they are both powerful and are from different comic book universes. Now, with that said, let’s look at who between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel is stronger.


Wonder Woman is innately strong due to her godlike physique, as she has the blood of Greek gods coursing through her veins. As such, she is often seen as one of the strongest women in terms of pure strength in the DC universe, as she has showcased the ability to match the strength levels of Superman and Darkseid. Despite that, she is still often portrayed to be slightly weaker than the other powerhouses of DC. But the fact that Wonder Woman is capable of matching the strength levels of Superman when he is not going all out means that she is incredibly strong.

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In the comics, Captain Marvel’s base level is capable of lifting up to 50 tons. This is already impressive in its own right because not even popular characters like Spider-Man can lift 50 tons regularly. However, when she is in Binary mode, Captain Marvel’s strength increases to incredible levels that allow her to lift over 100 tons and match the strength levels of the likes of Thor or even the Hulk. One of her most impressive feats of strength was being able to lift a dead Celestial that fell to Earth.

While it might be true that Captain Marvel’s strength is impressive, let’s not forget that being able to match Superman’s strength when she is at her strongest means Wonder Woman is stronger. After all, not a lot of heroes in DC and Marvel can match the Man of Steel. 

Wonder Woman 1, Captain Marvel 0


While she isn’t a speedster, Wonder Woman is actually incredibly fast, as even the Flash said that she could match his cruising speed. We all know that the Flash is incredibly fast, and that means that Wonder Woman is able to match his cruising speed is an accomplishment on its own. Of course, she has used her speed in different situations in a fight as she could react to the movements of her opponents in a hurry and could speed-blitz an entire battlefield in a matter of a few seconds.


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The thing about Captain Marvel’s speed is that it isn’t something that’s related to her combat abilities, as her speed is mostly something that can be seen in her flight capabilities. She is said to be able to fly at speeds that are thrice the speed of sound whenever she is in space, although the true limits of her speed are unknown. Of course, she is also fast whenever she is flying on Earth, and that means that she is capable of moving from one place to another in a hurry.


Wonder Woman is fast in terms of her ability to run and move around the battlefield, but Captain Marvel’s speed is related more to how fast she can travel from one place to another. Both of them are fast in those respective aspects, and that’s why we can’t really judge who is faster between them.

Wonder Woman 1, Captain Marvel 0


Wonder Woman is not only a powerhouse but is also a very durable superhero that can take the punches that she can dish out. She has been able to survive attacks from the likes of Doomsday and Darkseid, who are both just as strong or even stronger than Superman. While Wonder Woman doesn’t have Superman’s invulnerability and is not bulletproof, she can still take damage and is known to have a shield and a pair of bracers that are capable of neutralizing most of the attacks that are thrown against her.

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Captain Marvel is also a very durable superhero that can withstand high-caliber bullets and extreme temperatures. Her durability increases whenever she is in Binary mode, and that means that she can take attacks that only the likes of Thor and the Hulk are capable of withstanding. Of course, what takes the cake here is her regenerative manipulation, as she can absorb energy so that she can push her healing factor to its limits.

The thing here is that Wonder Woman is capable of withstanding punches that are greater than the attacks that Captain Marvel can take. But this is still a tie because of Captain Marvel’s healing factor.

Wonder Woman 1, Captain Marvel 0


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Powers And Abilities

Despite the fact that she is basically a Greek goddess, Wonder Woman doesn’t have a lot of powers and abilities outside her enhanced physical prowess. She is capable of flight, which allows her to move from one place to another effectively and efficiently. She also has enhanced senses and animal empathy. However, outside of those, she doesn’t have energy projection powers or anything related to that.

Captain Marvel basically has cosmic powers that were born out of her ability to absorb and manipulate energy. This allows her to do a lot of things with the energy that she absorbs, as she can blast powerful rays of energy, manipulate molecules to a certain degree, and even strengthen her entire body by entering Binary mode. Captain Marvel also possesses precognition, which allows her to anticipate the moves of her opponent randomly and at an unreliable rate. Nevertheless, she has a lot of different powers that make her a formidable character.

how did captain marvel get her powers 1445005

Despite the fact that Wonder Woman’s physical prowess is superior to Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has powers and abilities that Diana Prince could only dream of. As such, Captain Marvel takes this round.

Wonder Woman 1, Captain Marvel 1

Fighting Skills

As an Amazon warrior, Wonder Woman is incredibly skilled as a fighter and is known as the greatest warrior among all of the Amazons, regardless of whether or not she has superior physical attributes. She is particularly skilled in using a sword and a shield but is also known to favor other weapons as well. Her hand-to-hand fighting skills are also so great that she could actually make Superman work hard in a fight despite the difference in strength between the two characters.

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Due to her military upbringing when she joined the Air Force, Captain Marvel is a skilled fighter that knows all of the basics of military combat. That means that she knows how to use weapons and is capable of fighting expertly in hand-to-hand combat. Combined with her enhanced physical attributes and her powers, Captain Marvel can be a handful in a hand-to-hand fight. Nevertheless, she isn’t near the level of someone like Captain America or Black Widow in terms of her fighting skills.


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While both of them are well-trained fighters, Wonder Woman is simply the superior fighter because she is the best fighter of a tribe of known warriors that are said to be some of the best that the planet can offer.

Wonder Woman 2, Captain Marvel 1

Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win In A Fight?

This fight should be a close one because both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have incredible feats and attributes. But Wonder Woman should take the cake here because she is physically superior and has better fighting skills. Still, this should be a very tight battle between the two women because of how incredibly strong and powerful they are. And we know that Captain Marvel will give Wonder Woman a very difficult fight because of her amazing powers.

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