Alien X vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight of Aliens?

alien x vs. goku

Animated fiction is full of different alien characters that are some of the most popular to ever grace our screens. While they come from different universes and different shows, Alien X and Goku are two of the most powerful aliens in their respective universes. Alien X is one of Ben’s transformations in Ben 10, while Goku is from an alien race called the Saiyans. So, in a fight between Alien X and Goku, who would win?

Alien X will easily defeat Goku in a fight because this is an alien with omnipotent capabilities. Even though Alien X may have a clear weakness, it still is invulnerable to any damage while it is in the middle of its internal debate. As such, it can simply erase Goku from existence once it decides to do so.

As overpowered as Alien X may be, the Ben 10 series was able to give it a clear weakness that prevented Ben from always relying on this transformation. Nevertheless, it still is strong enough to defeat any kind of enemy but may not be the most reliable in regular situations. Now, let’s look at the reasons why Alien X will defeat Goku without much trouble at all.


Alien X is a being with omnipotent capabilities, and that extends to its physical strength. It doesn’t rely too much on its physical abilities, but we do know that Alien X has super strength and is capable of defeating any opponent in a physical fight. We don’t know the upper limits of its strength, but we do believe that Alien X has unlimited strength because of its omnipotence. That means that it can simply be as strong as it wants to be.


Goku is one of the strongest characters in fiction history as far as physical strength is concerned. He was able to easily lift around 40 tons with relative ease while he was in his base form. If he transforms into any of his Super Saiyan forms, he can easily be strong enough to decimate entire planets with a single punch. In fact, in Super Saiyan God, his punches were strong enough to send shockwaves throughout the entire universe due to how strong he was in this state.

At first, anyone would think that Goku is stronger than Alien X. But when you factor in Alien X’s omnipotence, that means that it can be as strong as it wants to be. And that includes making itself stronger than Goku.

Alien X 1, Goku 0


Despite the fact that Alien X has one glaring weakness (more on that later), its durability is unmatched. It is basically invulnerable to any kind of damage while it is still in the middle of its internal debate. In fact, Alien X is even so durable that it can withstand the destruction of an entire universe and even a timeline. That means that its durability extends far beyond time and space due to its omnipotence.

Alien X

Goku has steadily been improving his durability since the start of the Dragon Ball anime, but we do know for a fact that he is capable of withstanding any kind of attack from a person who is weaker than him. In short, only those who are stronger than Goku could actually harm him. But Goku was never invulnerable to damage because, as mentioned, anything stronger than him should be able to deal enough damage to him.

Alien X can survive the destruction of universes and timelines. That says a lot about how durable this alien is. Goku needed to escape through a time machine to survive the destruction of a timeline when Zeno destroyed Zamasu.

Alien X 2, Goku 0

Powers And Abilities

As mentioned, Alien X has omnipotent powers that allow it to do whatever it wants to do, and that includes creating or destroying entire universes at will. That means that it can erase or destroy anyone and anything it wants to. But the catch is that Alien X is unable to do anything until its three internal personalities agree to act on something. This is the only weakness in Alien X’s powers and abilities, but it is overpowered and unbeatable once it decides to act.

alien x personalities

Goku’s powers and abilities are geared towards combat, and that means that his capabilities are almost always offensive in nature. He can use his inner energy called Ki to create blasts of destructive waves, as he often does so in the form of the Kamehameha. He can even teleport to any location in the universe as long as he is locked on to an energy signature. Goku is also capable of transforming into different forms that allow him to exponentially increase his power well beyond his limits.


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It might be true that Goku has incredible powers and abilities, but Alien X is simply overpowered because it is omnipotent. Alien X might be hampered by the fact that it needs to internally debate (and this could take decades or centuries). But once it decides to act, Goku is erased.

Alien X 3, Goku 0


The fact that Alien X is an omnipotent being means that it knows almost everything imaginable in the universe. There is nothing beyond the reach of Alien X’s omnipotence, and that means that any knowledge in the universe is also within its reach. As such, Alien X is one of the most intelligent aliens in the entire Ben 10 universe, as its godlike abilities allow it to be as smart as it wants to be.

alien x powers

Truth be told, Goku was never the smartest character in Dragon Ball, as some would say that he is a complete idiot. Common sense seems to be beyond his reach, but he immediately becomes a genius in the middle of a fight because he is quite intelligent at coming up with strategies and tactics that allow him to gain an edge against any kind of opponent. So, while he might be dumb in general, he is quite intelligent in a fight.

Goku is only intelligent when it comes to a fight, but Alien X’s omnipotence extends to its intelligence as well. That means that there is no doubt that Alien X takes this round once again.

Alien X 4, Goku 0

Fighting Skills

Despite the fact that it has the ability to do anything that it wants, Alien X has shown superb combat prowess in the fights it was involved in. It uses its super strength to its advantage in a fight and is capable of actually defeating an opponent in a hand-to-hand battle. That means that, despite its omnipotence, Alien X is also capable of defending itself without having to rely on its ability to do anything it wants to do.


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Goku is perhaps one of the greatest martial artists in the history of animated fiction as he has been training as a fighter since his childhood years. There were moments when Goku won fights against equally strong opponents by relying on his martial arts, and that’s because he knows a lot of different forms of martial arts and has been training maniacally to become the strongest fighter in the universe.


It does seem like martial arts and fighting skills are things that you pick up through experience and training rather than through sheer will. As such, it is possible that not even Alien X can surpass Goku’s fighting abilities. This is the only round that Goku takes in this battle.

Alien X 4, Goku 1

Alien X vs. Goku: Who Would Win In A Fight Of Aliens?

As you can see, the score is 4-1 in favor of Alien X, as the only area that Goku has a chance against it is in his fighting abilities. Alien X wins in all of the other areas in this fight as there is nothing that can surpass a being that is omnipotent. The only chance that Goku has is if he could find a way to hurt Alien X while it is still debating whether it should act or not. Otherwise, Alien X can erase Goku with a single thought due to how immensely powerful this being is.

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