Does All Might Get His Power Back? (& Will He Get a New Quirk?)

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It isn’t a secret that one of the first things we saw in My Hero Academia was All Might entrusting his Quirk and passing it on to Izuku Midoriya. This Quirkless boy eventually became the new hope of the world when he inherited One For All from the Symbol of Peace. After that, the remaining embers of One For All within All Might steadily faded away until he used all his power up in one attack that took down All For One. Since then, he became a powerless man focusing more on training and teaching Midoriya. But does All Might get his powers back?

All Might does not get his powers back because he has passed his Quirk on to Deku and has burned through the remaining remnants of One For All in his body. However, he still became useful in supporting the heroes due to his intelligence and leadership abilities.

Ever since he passed his Quirk to Midoriya, All Might had already accepted that he would be powerless sometime in the future and would never be useful in a direct battle because he could no longer fight using a Quirk. Nevertheless, he plays the role of a good teacher to perfection, especially when it comes to mentoring and supporting Izuku Midoriya and the new generation of up-and-coming heroes.

Does All Might get his powers back?

One of the first things that we saw during the start of My Hero Academia was that everyone looked up to All Might, who was the Symbol of Peace and was the greatest hero in the world. Of course, Izuku Midoriya, a big fan of All Might, learned that the hero he looked up to had become weaker due to the damage he suffered at the hands of All For One. In that regard, All Might was now looking to entrust the power of his Quirk, One For All, to Midoriya because he was impressed by how the young boy was selfless enough to put himself in harm’s way to save another person.

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Midoriya inherited One For All from All Might, who passed his Quirk to the young boy by allowing him to ingest his hair. In that regard, Midoriya was now the possessor of the main Quirk. On the other hand, All Might still had One For All but only remnants of the Quirk that would eventually burn themselves out the more that he would use his powers. As such, All Might retain his status as the number one hero in Japan because there were still remnants of One For All in his body.


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But while Midoriya, who gave himself the hero name Deku, was now in possession of the One For All Quirk, All Might battle All For One even though he only had a few embers of the Quirk left in him. He struggled to defeat the mighty villain, who had a lot of different Quirks that allowed him to match All Might’s power.

It came to a point where All Might lost his muscular form and was reduced to his regular skinny form, which became his standard form after he suffered his injuries in a battle with All For One before the series’ events. However, he got the best of All For One when he put all of the remaining power of One For All in his fist to deliver a final attack called the United States of Smash.

Since then, All Might no longer has enough power to be a hero as he retired and passed the number one status to Endeavor. He could still assume his muscular form occasionally, but he no longer had enough of One For All’s power to fight. But will All Might get his powers back?

Sadly, All Might will no longer get his powers back because he had already passed One For All to Izuku Midoriya and has burned through all of the embers of the Quirk in his body. He no longer has any of One For All’s powers in him, which means he will never be able to regain his powers again.

One For All is a Quirk that should be passed from one person to another because it is a stockpiling Quirk that only gets stronger when it moves on to another user. So, after All Might passed the Quirk to Midoriya, he no longer has the main Quirk and is left with the remnants of the stockpiled energy within him. And after he used the stockpiled energy, he no longer has One For All.


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Of course, the only way for All Might to regain the powers of One For All is for Midoriya to pass the Quirk to him again. But we learned that Deku should no longer pass One For All to another person because it has become too powerful for anyone to handle. As such, Deku is the last user of One For All, and that means that he won’t be passing the Quirk back to All Might. And the fact that All Might is injured and is missing some of his organs is another thing to look at, as his body won’t be able to handle any more fighting even if he regained his powers. 

Will All Might get a new Quirk?

At this point, it is unlikely that All Might will get a new Quirk. That’s because Quirks are not so easily obtained in My Hero Academia, as the only ways for a person to gain a new Quirk is for All For One to pass a Quirk to a person or if the current holder of One For All passes the Quirk to a new holder. There’s also the fact that Nomus can get new Quirks synthetically, but that’s a process that essentially kills a person and turns them into a biological monster.

So, in that regard, it is unlikely that All Might will get new powers sometime in the future because there is no way for him to gain a new Quirk, except if he were to become a Nomus. As such, All Might is effectively retired from direct combat and can no longer fight.

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Even though All Might is unlikely to fight in a battle anytime soon, he has done a good job of supporting other characters. He still plays the role of a mentor and teacher to Izuku Midoriya and a lot of the students of Class 1-A perfectly well, as becoming a teacher is now the next phase of his life when he is older and has decided to pass the will of One For All on to the next generation.

However, in the later arcs in the manga, All Might displayed that he is more than just a teacher but also great at developing strategies due to his intelligence. He was always an intelligent man that was skilled at coming up with strategies to defeat his opponents. On top of that, All Might was great at gathering information. As such, his intelligence became indispensable to the heroes during the later stages of the manga, especially during the Final War arc.

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