All Might vs. Naruto: Who Is More Powerful & Who Wins the Fight?

All Might vs. Naruto: Who Is More Powerful & Who Wins the Fight?

Naruto is certainly one of the most popular shōnen manga and popular anime franchises in modern history. On the other hand, anime fans will also know that My Hero Academias All Might is also one of the most popular modern-day anime characters. Both of them are among the most powerful, if not the most powerful, characters in their respective franchises. But how would a fight between them end? Since both franchises rely on fighting, we have decided to compare the two protagonists – Naruto Uzumaki and All Might – and tell you which of them would win in a fight.

Despite all of his skills, Naruto would defeat All Might at the height of his powers. Naruto is a more skilled fighter, he is faster and more agile, and he also has access to a variety of powers, a lot of which All Might could not counter. Without Kurama, the fight would be a bit more interesting, but with Kutama on his side, Naruto definitely wins this one.

Now that you know the answer let us see what we have in store in the three sections we have written. The first two sections are going to bring you an overview of the two characters, respectively, where we are also going to compare their powers. Finally, we will bring you a detailed analysis of the two characters to explain our answer.

All Might and his powers

Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might, is a fictional character from the My Hero Academia manga, created by Kōhei Horikoshi. He also appears in the anime adaptation of the manga and in the films My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018) and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2019). All Might is the first and most powerful hero and the “symbol of peace” who inspired a whole generation of heroes, including Izuku Midoriya, to whom he passed the One for All. All Might is known for his cheerful, smiling personality and public image of him as the undisputed number one hero. Still, his time for heroism was growing shorter, a fact known only to Izuku. His career as a hero came to an end after one last fight with All for One.


The One for All, which he inherited from Nana Shimura, gave Toshinori access to superhuman strength by enhancing his agility, speed, and reflexes while also allowing him to jump extremely high. Toshinori was an extremely powerful Pro Hero, recognized as the “symbol of peace.” He defeated Nomu, who was created specifically to counter him. Toshinori also defeated All For One, an extremely powerful villain who once ruled Japan, making him the only One For All wielder to achieve such an achievement.

The amount of time he can use his abilities drastically decreases after he defeats All For One as it inflicts a blow to his stomach. After passing One For All to Izuku, his time limit decreased even more, and he completely lost his power after the second battle with All For One. However, he could still transform into his Hero Form for a few hours. Toshinori’s Detroit Smash was capable of defeating a Villain and changing the weather. He could destroy entire buildings with a single punch while carrying heavy weights.

In general, his strength was comparable to that of a nuclear weapon, as he could completely dispel Cumulonimbus clouds with one shot while launching Nomu into the atmosphere. Combined with his immense strength, Toshinori possessed equally impressive speed. Toshinori had incredible stamina, as seen during the attack on the USJ, where he could block and resist multiple attacks from Nomu. His resistance can also be seen during the Final Test Saga where Toshinori managed to resist several explosions caused by Katsuki without damage.


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Toshinori’s personality is extremely charismatic, closely resembling the stereotype of an American hero personality. He was very friendly and outgoing, and he always saved people with a big smile. When he returned to his real form, he tended to be less energetic, constantly spitting up blood, and also avoided drawing attention to himself, fearing that others might find out about his current health. However, his optimism and loyalty always remained the same in the hero and true form.

Although he denoted joy, he is extremely protective of his students, especially Izuku, managing to show his fury when he discovers that the villains attacked the students just to get to him. Although he is an exceptional hero, he leaves a lot to be desired as a teacher. Although he never stops striving to be a good teacher for his students and a good tutor for Izuku, he is constantly seen preparing his class in advance. According to Ashido; he “can’t give classes without reading his notes.”

Professor Aizawa noticed a book in Toshinori’s pocket titled “even fools can be teachers.” Gran Torino, Toshinori’s former teacher, also comments that he is a terrible teacher for not being able to teach Izuku how to use his power well. Even Toshinori himself accepts that he is not a good educator in his letter sent to Gran Torino, where he talks about his successor and that he should soon bother him to give Izuku a good education. After all, he only accepted to be a UA teacher to be close to Izuku, his successor, to guide and train him.

Naruto and his powers

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure. The villagers ridicule Naruto on account of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox—a malevolent creature that attacked Konohagakure during its history—that was sealed away in Naruto’s body.

Naruto Rasengan

After studying the First Hokage’s parchment, which lists the village’s forbidding techniques, Naruto learns the superior Technique of the Multiplication of the Body, which becomes a sort of his trademark given the versatility with which he will be able to use it. At first, Naruto is portrayed as a very untalented student who spends his time inventing useless techniques like the Eroticism Technique and, later the Harem Technique.

From this moment, Naruto manages to improve enormously thanks to his unlimited desire to learn and train under the tutelage of Kakashi and, above all of Jiraiya, who teaches him various skills (such as exploiting Fox’s chakra up to the third tail while maintaining his personality and to improve energy concentration) and two techniques that will prove to be fundamental for him: the first is the Recall Technique, with which he becomes able to summon toads that support him in fights and in the use of some techniques, while the second is the Rasengan, of which he will create numerous variations.

In addition to having a chakra reserve that is at least four times greater than Kakashi’s (and over a hundred times greater when taking into account the fox’s chakra), Naruto also has a remarkable physical resistance that the fox has boosted. Due to his propensity for the Wind-type chakra and other factors, he excels in close-quarters battle but also has long-range skills. He mostly uses ninjutsu and taijutsu in combat, but he has also demonstrated great expertise with ninja tools, especially while working with Sasuke.


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After Jiraiya’s death, he decides to follow the teachings of the hermit toad Fukasaku. He thus learns to use the Sage Mode, skills that not even the legendary ninja and the Fourth Hokage could control perfectly. Kurama’s power offers Naruto several advantages, including faster-than-normal healing speed and, by taking advantage of his chakra, exceptional power, and speed.

Over time Naruto learns to control the fox’s chakra to the point where he can develop up to the third tail of the demon’s mantle; at the development of the fourth, however, he undergoes a radical transformation and loses his reason to the point of no longer distinguishing friend from foe. To avoid harming others and himself, Naruto has decided not to resort to the demon’s chakra as a resource in an emergency, relying on his own strength at the expense of the Demon’s assiduous requests.

Passing the tests, Naruto gets a part of the chakra of the Fox: when it uses, it is covered with an orange chakra and increases, in addition to its strength, also its speed, being compared to the Fourth Hokage; he also obtains greater control over some of his old techniques, the possibility of manipulating Fox’s chakra at will and finally the ability to perceive evil presences even at a great distance.

Despite this, the transformation initially has some disadvantages: Naruto, unlike Killer Bee, could not transform into the Fox and could not share the chakra with the latter otherwise, the demon could have taken the opportunity to suck up his chakra and kill him. During the war, however, Naruto finally manages to be accepted by Kurama, who gives him all his power to be able to face Tobi: Naruto’s appearance changes further, becoming similar to that of the Hermit of the Six Paths, and he also manages to shape his chakra by rebuilding in all respects the shape of his tailed beast.


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All Might vs. Naruto: Who would win?

There is absolutely no doubt that this would be a very intriguing fight. Namely, both All Might and Naruto are exceptionally powerful and skilled, but Naruto has a solid advantage here. He is a better fighter (as he is a shinobi), has a more diverse set of skills and powers (especially with Kurama), and is much faster and more agile than All Might. Without Kurama, All Might might even stand a chance, but with the Nine-Tails, there is absolutely no way that My Hero Academia‘s main hero would win against Naruto.

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