Did All Might Have a Quirk? Or Was He Quirkless?

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When the entire My Hero Academia storyline started, there was no doubt that the hero that everyone looked up to was All Might because he was simply stronger than any other hero in the world and was capable of standing up to the most powerful villains that existed. But while we do know that he possessed the One For All Quirk that he eventually passed down to Izuku Midoriya, we also know that the other wielders of One For All had Quirks that they used against their enemies. So, did All Might have a Quirk as well?

Like Deku, All Might was born Quirkless, as he didn’t have a Quirk whatsoever. But he was also like Deku in the sense that they both wanted to help people out despite the fact that they didn’t have Quirks. That was what made him worthy of One For All, which he inherited from Nana Shimura.

Even though All Might didn’t have a Quirk, that never held him back in his quest to become the Symbol of Peace. In fact, his status as someone who was Quirkless was one of the things that actually helped him, as One For All also has its own drawbacks. So, with that said, let’s look at All Might and his status as a person born without a Quirk.

Did All Might Have A Quirk?

If there’s one thing that we know about My Hero Academia, it’s that one of the most prominent characters in the series is All Might due to the fact that he was the symbol of peace that kept the world safe and peaceful for a very long time. However, due to an injury that he suffered at the hands of his mortal enemy, All For One, All Might had to give up the life of a superhero so that he could pass the mantle on to Izuku Midoriya, who took the nickname Deku.

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Of course, the reason why All Might was able to pass the mantle to Deku is the fact that he possesses the Quirk called One For All, which was the very same power that allowed All Might to have incredible strength, durability, and speed. When he passed One For All to Deku and burned through all of the remnants of the Quirk with him in his fight with All For One, All Might lost the Quirk. It had totally passed on to Midoriya, who is still in the middle of learning how to use the Quirk properly.

But while All Might passed One For All to All Might, we learned that the previous wielders of this Quirk also had Quirks of their own. For example, Nana Shimura, the same person that passed the Quirk to All Might before he became All Might, had the Quirk called Float, which allowed her to fly. So, did All Might also have a Quirk before obtaining One For All?


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One of the reasons All Might passed his One For All Quirk to Izuku Midoriya was that they were similar in that they were willing to help people and become heroes no matter what. They were both selfless in that they were willing to give their bodies up just to save another person. But there was something more about Midoriya that touched All Might.

Despite the fact that he didn’t have a Quirk, Midoriya was more than willing to save people in any way he could. He had the heart of a true hero, which meant that he was fit to possess One For All. And the fact that All Might was also Quirkless, just like Midoriya, made him want to pass the Quirk on to someone who was willing to give himself up for others despite lacking the power to do so.

In that regard, All Might was born without a Quirk, but that never stopped him from trying to become a hero. He grew up during the peak of All For One’s reign of terror, as people were afraid of villains running rampant throughout the country. The fact that All Might saw the evils in the world made him understand how important it was for society to have a symbol of peace to look up to. That was when he decided to become a hero despite the fact that he didn’t have any Quirk.

A chance encounter with Nana Shimura, who possessed One For All at that time, allowed All Might to learn the nature of the Quirk. Of course, because Nana was touched by All Might’s dedication, she decided to pass the Quirk on to him despite the fact that he never had a Quirk.

Another fact proving that All Might was Quirkless was that he held One For All for around four decades. And the nature of the One For All Quirk will allow you to understand that All Might was indeed Quirkless.

One For All’s Nature Explained

As mentioned, All Might possessed One For All, which allowed him to become the greatest hero known to man and the symbol of peace for the entire world. And it is important to understand the nature of One For All to see why All Might was Quirkless.


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One For All is actually the combination of two Quirks. The first one was a Quirk that allowed the first wielder to pass his Quirk down to other people. Meanwhile, the second is a Quirk that allows the user to stockpile energy within himself. As such, the more that One For All was passed down from one person to another, the more energy was stockpiled. This explains why All Might was so powerful during his time as the eighth wielder of One For All.

While only the energy stockpiled was passed on from one person to another when One For All was being passed down from one user to the next, it was only during Izuku Midoriya’s time that the Quirk’s evolution as finally completed as it was able to pass the Quirks of all of the users down to Midoriya. And the fact that Deku was only able to access seven other Quirks means that All Might didn’t have a Quirk.

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As mentioned, All Might held One For All for a very long time, as it is possible that he had it for four decades. The thing is that One For All doesn’t work well with people that already have Quirks. That’s because One For All puts a heavy burden on the person’s body if he already has a Quirk. This forces the body to be under a lot of stress as One For All shortens the person’s lifespan.

But a person without a Quirk will have no problem using One For All because the strain on the body won’t be as heavy as it is on someone who already has a Quirk. As such, the fact that All Might held One For All for around 40 years means that he didn’t have a Quirk before he obtained One For All, as he should have already died or, at the very least, become a frail old man by the time he passed it on to Deku.

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