Batman vs. Homelander: Who Would Win in a Fight?

batman vs homelander

There is no doubt that one of the most popular fictional characters of all time is DC’s Batman, who has been around for nearly a century already. However, although still new, one of the rising fictional characters is Homelander, whose comic book counterpart has become quite prominent due to how amazing The Boys’ live-action version is. While we know that Batman is much more popular than Homelander, how would he fare in a fight against Homelander? Who would win in a fight between Batman and Homelander?

The fact that Homelander is simply a weaker version of Superman means that he can defeat Batman in a straight-up fight without giving Bruce Wayne any prep time. However, given enough prep time so that he could think of a way to win, Batman can quite possibly pull off an upset over Homelander.

We have seen Batman pulling off wins in the most unlikely ways against some of the most powerful DC characters in existence. In that regard, he has more than what it takes to pull off a win over Homelander when he is given enough prep time. Otherwise, Homelander is going to win against him more often than not. That said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


Batman is an incredibly strong human being that was able to train his body to its limit. That means that Batman is just about as strong as some of the strongest athletes in their prime. He is strong enough to break through brick walls with his punches and even defeats and injures characters that are much stronger than he is. As such, his strength is not something anyone can simply brush off, as Batman is quite strong for an ordinary human being.

Homelander is the strongest supe in the entire history of The Boys because his strength is simply in a class of its own and is rivaled only by his clone, Black Noir, in the comics. He is so strong that he was able to easily defeat Queen Maeve in a battle even though she was supposedly the second-strongest character in The Boys comics before Black Noir’s big reveal. Homelander could also easily hurl an entire jet plane with relative ease due to his extraordinary superhuman strength.

homelander maeve

Even though Batman has reached strength levels that are at the peak of what regular human beings can do, he still cannot even scratch a fraction of Homelander’s strength because, after all, he still is just human.

Batman 0, Homelander 1

Powers and Abilities

Batman doesn’t have any powers because he is just an ordinary human being. However, thanks to his extensive training and net worth, Batman was able to compile abilities that have allowed him to bridge the gap between him and superhuman characters in DC. He is an expert at analyzing situations and finding cracks in his opponents’ metaphorical armor, on top of the fact that he is great at using almost any kind of weapon imaginable. Batman also excels in a lot of other areas, such as business, archery, medical science, stealth, tracking, forensic pathology, and many more.


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Homelander is basically a clone of Superman in the sense that he has almost all of Superman’s abilities. As a Superman expy, Homelander has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, flight, X-ray vision, and enhanced sensory perception. The only power he doesn’t have is freeze breath, although that doesn’t matter when you look at the fact that Homelander can win fights without having to even lift a single finger. He often gets by using his heat vision.

heat vision.jpg

As talented as Batman may be in a lot of different areas in life, Homelander’s powers and abilities are more than likely too much for him to overcome. The only way he can match Homelander is if he uses the same gadgets and the suit that he used to defeat Superman. Otherwise, this goes to Homelander.

Batman 0, Homelander 2


Despite the fact that he is an ordinary human being, Batman is extraordinarily durable because he always seems to find a way to come back from injuries that would have knocked any ordinary person out of commission. He seems to be able to heal from his injuries faster than most other people and has an extremely high tolerance for pain. This has allowed Batman to win fights as he finds a way to outlast his opponents and still come back the next day to beat up more bad guys.

One of the main problems of The Boys in the comics is finding a way to kill Homelander because they cannot harm him due to his incredibly durable physique. Like Superman, Homelander is invulnerable to almost any kind of weapon, although he can still get hurt when attacked by a more powerful foe. Other than that, Homelander is almost invulnerable to the point that a much greater force is required to hurt him.

homelander killed

Yes, Batman is a very durable human being, but he is still just human. Homelander, meanwhile, is invulnerable to almost any kind of attack, and that means that he takes this round once more.

Batman 0, Homelander 3


The most dangerous part about Batman is his intelligence because, even though he isn’t the most intelligent DC character, the way he uses his intelligence is frightening. Batman knows how to get in his opponents’ heads and exploit their weaknesses to the point that he can defeat much more powerful foes through his machinations. In fact, he is almost always several steps ahead of his opponents and always has a plan of action before he engages a dangerous foe. This is why he was able to defeat powerful characters like Superman and Darkseid in the comics.

batman mobius

Homelander is just like Superman in the sense that he is genetically more intelligent than regular human beings. While he is genetically superior in terms of his intelligence, Homelander has shown that he isn’t always the most mentally stable person in the entire The Boys storyline due to the fact that he gets frustrated whenever he doesn’t get the adoration that he needs from the public. As such, he still is susceptible to mental illnesses and conditions despite his apparent higher level of intelligence.

As genetically smart as he is, Homelander doesn’t know how to use his brains. In the comics, he is often an idiot with a huge brain. On the other hand, Batman is a master of tactics and the use of different strategies to win fights.

Batman 1, Homelander 3

Combat Skills

One of the greatest fighters in the entire DC universe is Batman because he is a master of a lot of different martial arts, considering that he was trained by ninjas. There are only a handful of characters that can beat Batman in a straight-up fist fight, but he has always been one of the greatest fighters in the entire DC universe because of his mastery over several modes of close-combat fighting. And Batman has shown that he could defeat stronger opponents using his superior combat skills.

batman fighting

Homelander was trained in a few modes of close-combat fighting, but he was never a great fighter. He can hold his own in a fist fight, but he is almost always a brawler that relies on his physical abilities to win. As such, he isn’t the most gifted fighter in The Boys, even though he may have basic training. Nevertheless, he mostly just brawls his way to a win because he relies so much on his powers whenever he is in a fight.


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If Batman were half as strong as Homelander, he might be able to defeat him in a close-combat fight because of his superior combat skills. That’s how good he is as a martial artist, as the only other character who might be better is Lady Shiva.

Batman 2, Homelander 3

Batman vs. Homelander: Who Would Win In A Fight?

If Batman and Homelander were to square off in a straight-up fight without any prep time or use of gadgets, then Homelander would easily win because he is much more powerful than the Dark Knight. However, Batman can win against Homelander when given enough prep time to find a way to take advantage of his opponent’s weaknesses. Homelander is, of course, just a weaker version of Superman, and we’ve seen Batman defeating the Man of Steel before. Otherwise, Homelander is going to win in a fight against Batman more often than not.

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