Black Adam vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight? (Comics vs. DCEU)

black adam vs superman

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The release of the Black Adam DCEU movie changed the entire hierarchy of the DCEU as we now have one of the strongest characters we’ve seen in a long time. However, the thing is that we have seen the likes of Superman in the DCEU in the past, and we know for a fact that he was the uncontested strongest character we’ve seen in the DCEU. Of course, we know what Superman can do in the comics as well. So, in a fight between Black Adam and Superman, who would win?

In the comics, Superman is stronger than Black Adam as his physical abilities have been shown to be slightly superior. However, in the DCEU, it is likely that both characters are evenly matched at this point because we are yet to see them clashing in a head-to-head battle that is likely to happen in the future.

It is indeed true that Black Adam changed the entire hierarchy in the DCEU because of how this character was able to showcase how strong he is when he basically toyed with the Justice Society and defeated Sabbac. Then again, Superman has always been the gold standard in the comics and the DCEU in terms of strength. That said, let’s look at this discussion in greater detail.

Physical Abilities


In the comics, Black Adam’s physical abilities come from the fact that he is empowered by the stamina of Shu, the speed of Horus, and the strength of Amun. This gives him godlike physical abilities that make him impervious to almost any kind of physical damage, as fast as any other character we’ve seen, and strong enough to easily lift more than 100,000 tons. In that regard, he has always been one of the most powerful superpowered antiheroes in the comics.


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Superman has always been the gold standard when it comes to characters with great physical capabilities. He isn’t divine in terms of his abilities, but his Kryptonian physiology gives him incredible physical capabilities that allow him to move almost as fast as the Flash and overpower some of the strongest characters in DC comics. On top of that, Superman is called the Man of Steel for a good reason, as he is capable of withstanding any kind of damage.

Black Adam is strong in the comics, but Superman is at a level higher than him. It might be true that Black Adam can hurt Superman, but the Man of Steel has always been physically stronger.

Black Adam 0, Superman 1


In the DCEU, Black Adam is said to have changed the hierarchy of power because he did things that no one else could do. We’ve seen him moving at speeds that are nearly as fast as light. He can even withstand any kind of damage, except for magical damage and Eternium. On top of that, he was able to lift a giant statue with little to no effort at all, while also using his strength to rip a godlike being like Sabbac into two.

Superman in the DCEU was able to showcase his ability to level entire cities and cause considerable damage to buildings. He can also move incredibly fast, as he was able to fly from a faraway location on the planet to another in almost no time. Meanwhile, in the DCEU, only those with Kryptonian powers (such as Zod and Doomsday) have been able to harm him.

superman lifting

It might be true that Superman has always been stronger in the comics, but the DCEU is different. Until we see them clashing with one another, we don’t know who will win this clash.

Black Adam 0, Superman 0

Powers and Abilities


Black Adam has the power of Aten, and this allows him to channel electricity and use it for offensive purposes. His mastery of this power in the comics allows him to project it from any part of his body. And this magical power is so strong that it allowed him to even hurt Wonder Woman in the comics.

black adam powers

Superman has a lot of different powers and abilities, which include heat vision, freeze breath, and X-ray vision. His heat vision was always his go-to move whenever he wasn’t beating his opponents with his fists, and we’ve seen how strong Superman’s heat vision is as it can hurt godlike beings like Darkseid and Doomsday.

It might be true that Superman’s powers and abilities are impressive and incredible, but the fact is that he isn’t impervious to magic. This is where Black Adam’s magical capabilities come in to bridge the gap between them.

Black Adam 1, Superman 1


Black Adam is empowered by the power of Aten, and this gives him magical capabilities that make him incredibly potent to the point that he is basically a walking thunderbolt. His mastery over his electrokinesis is incredible, as he can shoot bolts of electricity from his fingers in a hurry. He is also capable of using his own electrical powers to increase his own power, as that was what he did when he ripped Sabbac into two.

The DCEU version of Superman has all of the powers and abilities that his comic book counterpart has. That means that he has heat vision, freeze breath, and X-ray vision. However, it has always been his heat vision that he uses in fights more often than his other powers, as he can blast laser beams from his eyes in an instant. These beams are so potent that they could easily slice through steel like a hot knife through butter.


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Even though Superman’s powers and abilities in the DCEU match those that we’ve seen in the comics, the fact is that there is still a good possibility that he isn’t impervious to magic. In that regard, we are giving this round to Black Adam simply because his powers and magic-based.

Black Adam 1, Superman 0



In the comics, most of Black Adam’s feats were related to the fact that he has always been portrayed as Shazam’s rival, and that means that he is usually just as strong or even stronger than Shazam. There were also moments when he was able to display his ability to bust an entire team of superheroes. That was the case when the Justice League was missing Superman and Shazam, as Black Adam took on an entire team on his own, even though that team had Powergirl, Green Lantern, and the Flash.

Superman’s feats in the comics have always been impressive because he was always portrayed as having the ability to go beyond his limits. As such, he has displayed his ability to defeat stronger beings in the likes of Darkseid, and match the power and defeat someone like Doomsday. And let’s not forget that alternative versions of Superman have been able to punch through time and space.

superman darkseid

The fact that Superman is the golden boy of DC means that he would have feats that are more impressive than almost any other DC character, which includes Black Adam.

Black Adam 1, Superman 2


The DCEU version of Black Adam has displayed incredible feats as well, as he took on the entire Justice Society on his own, even though the only true threats of that team were Hawkman and Doctor Fate. He was also able to match Sabbac’s power in their encounter, as he defeated the demon with the timely assistance of Hawkman and the Helmet of Nabu.

Superman, due to the fact that he has appeared more times in the DCEU, has a lot of feats that made him the standard in terms of power. He was able to defeat another Kryptonian in the form of General Zod. Superman was also able to defeat Doomsday, although doing so cost him his life. And in the Justice League movie, Steppenwolf, who could take on the entire Justice League (without Superman) on his own, didn’t have a chance against him. 


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It is the fact that Black Adam has only appeared in one movie as of this writing that has limited his feats. That means that, as of now, Superman’s feats in the DCEU are still more impressive.

Black Adam 1, Superman 1

Black Adam vs. Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight?


There is a reason why Superman has always been the standard when it comes to superpowered characters in the comics, as he simply is stronger than most of the other characters that aren’t cosmic-level in terms of their powers. Black Adam can certainly hold his own against Superman and even give him a tough fight, but the Man of Steel is still stronger than him.


In the DCEU, however, a possible fight between Black Adam and Superman is still a toss-up because we are yet to see this happening. Black Adam can certainly hold his own strength-wise and can easily hurt Superman with his magic. But the fact is that the Man of Steel has had the better feats and is still the poster boy of DC, even though Black Adam is said to have changed the hierarchy of power in the DCEU.

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