Blue Exorcist: Who Are the Exwires? Ranking Them by Power!

Blue Exorcist: Who Are the Exwires? Ranking Them by Power!

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After many years, the third season of Blue Exorcist is finally back and so far, it’s phenomenal. We usually have a tendency to cover individual characters, but his article is going to discuss a group – The Exwires who are often mentioned in the series, and that is why we think that it is important for us to explain who they are and why they are so important. On top of that, we are going to rank all the known Exwires from weakest to strongest.

Exorcist rankings in Blue Exorcist explained – where do the Exwires stand?

In order to properly explain the Exwires, we actually have to explain the ranking system of Exorcist from the series. Each Exorcist in the series is assigned a rank based on the class and level of demon the exorcist managed to defeat all alone, without assistance, as part of their certification exam. The demon’s class determines the rank of the exorcist (Upper, Middle, Lower), while its level determines their status (First or Second). From highest to lowest, the ranks are as follows:

  1. Paladin
  2. Arc Knight (there can only be four at a time)
  3. Honorary Knight (special rank)
  4. Upper Rank (or Senior Exorcist)
  5. Middle Rank (or Intermediate Exorcist)
  6. Lower Rank (or Junior Exorcist)
  7. Exwire
  8. Page

As you can see, Exwire is one of the lowest ranks in the hierarchy, and it is meant to signify student-Exorcists who have passed enough exams and gathered enough knowledge to surpass the rank of Page but are still studying to become Meisters. They can perform non-combat missions, as well as various errands and other non-combat tasks, but are not allowed to fight by themselves. Now that we have explained this, we can continue with the principal topic of this article.


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Exwires ranked based on power

As of the time of writing, there are eight Exwires identified in the series; one of them is deceased. In this section of our article, we are going to rank them from weakest to strongest:

8. Jenny Kal

image 2024 02 03 171036557

Jenny Kal was adopted by the Asylum sometime before Yuri Egin. Not much is known about her story, but we can confirm that she is deceased, as she was executed for having a plan that went against Nikolai Eminescu and his affiliates, who wanted to keep their activities covered up. She was executed by the order. Her powers and abilities have not been revealed or explored in the series, so based on what we know – we simply have to place her at the bottom of our list, as we don’t know anything about her.

7. Konekomaru Miwa

image 2024 02 03 171323639

Konekomaru Miwa is one of the Tokyo students who came from Kyoto, alongside Ryuji Suguro and Renzo Shima. He is a surviving member of the Miwa family, as his parents were killed during the infamous Blue Night incident, one of the greatest tragedies in the series.

He is training to become an Aria, which means that he knows a lot about scriptures and Fatal Verses; in fact, it has been proven that he is able to recite the first ten books of the Gospel of John, which is an incredible feat. He is also a master strategist.

6. Shiemi Moriyama

image 2024 02 03 171646537

Shiemi Moriyama is one of the best-known and most popular characters in this series, so she hardly needs an introduction. Her story is closely related to that of the Okumura siblings, which gives her additional value in the narrative hierarchy of Blue Exorcist.

Shiemi’s abilities were very weak in the beginning and it wasn’t really clear how and why she entered the cram school. But, she is a skilled Tamer and has a great relationship with Nee. On top of that, she is a successor to Shemihaza, which certainly counts for something in terms of her powers and abilities.

5. Nemu Takara

image 2024 02 03 172345483

Nemu Takara is an interesting character, as he is an external, third-party attendee of the cram school. Mephisto Pheles hired him personally to be a supervising moderator of the school and he did all of that because of Nemu’s abilities, which are surprisingly high.

He is a skilled Exorcist despite being only an Exwire, and even Mephisto Pheles recognized his abilities in the series. He is also a master Tamer calls himself the Puppet Master, and is able to use several familiars, as was demonstrated in the series. He might not be physically strong, but he is very skilled.

4. Renzo Shima

image 2024 02 03 172357420

Renzo Shima is the second of the three Kyoto students attending the Tokyo cram school. He is quite skilled, but he is also one of the more important secondary characters due to the role of a double agent he is playing; he is officially a member of the Illuminati, but also a spy for the Order.

Renzo is training to become a Knight and his main weapon is his K’rik. He also has some impressive skills and abilities as a Tamer, while his forte is fire manipulation, which makes him highly dangerous and powerful in combat.


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3. Izumo Kamiki

image 2024 02 03 172412500

Izumo Kamiki is one of the most important female characters in the series. Her story is quite interesting, and due to her personality, she stood out at the beginning. She later learned how to function with the group and became friends with her fellow students and revealed her true nature in front of them.

While she doesn’t seem powerful, her heritage makes her an extremely powerful character, as she can perform ritualistic dances to tame demons inside her and then use them later. This is also what makes her so skilled in the role of a Tamer.

2. Ryuji Suguro

image 2024 02 03 172316392

Ryuji Suguro is the final of the three Kyoto students attending the cram school in Tokyo; he and his family were also affected by the Blue Night incident. he is one of the major supporting characters in the series and a character with a great development arc.

Although he barks more than he bites, Ryuji is a powerful character and the second-strongest Exwire. He is skilled as a potential Aria, as well as a potential Tamer, and his Fatal Verse Judgement Bullet is an incredibly powerful and practical ability.

1. Rin Okumura

image 2024 02 03 171937688

Being the principal protagonist of Blue Exorcist, Rin Okumura really doesn’t need any introduction, as his story and his role in the narrative are well-known. Rin is a typical shonen protagonist and is the principal reason why Blue Exorcist is so popular among fans.

As far as his powers are concerned, he is definitely above the rank of an Exwire and is ready to become an Exorcist, but his academic skills are feeble, which is why he has to attend school and learn more. As the son of Satan, he has enormous potential and is one of the strongest characters in the whole series.

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