Boruto Is Not a Chūnin?! Here’s Why He Might Never Become One!

Boruto Is Not a Chūnin?! Here's Why He Might Never Become One!

The story of Masashi Kishimoto’s shinobi world from Naruto is currently being continued in Boruto, which focuses on Naruto’s titular son. Boruto is a different story about a different generation. Still, while it does have its specifics and novelties, it also retains a lot of the old(er) concepts from the original Naruto franchise. In this article, we are going to discuss Boruto as we are going to explore whether he really is still just a Genin and whether there is a chance for him to become a Chūnin in the future.

In the hierarchy of the shinobi from the series, the genin are actually the lowest-ranked shinobi in the series. This is the most basic and fundamental rank in the series, and all Shinobi Academy entrants are assigned this rank; they later advance in the hierarchy by passing the Chūnin Exams. Boruto became genin when he entered the Academy. Still, since he never passed the Chūnin Exams and was disqualified twice, he remains a Genin despite all of his powers and abilities.

In this article, we are going to tell you what happened to Boruto Uzumaki during his training at the Academy. We will go over the whole story of his failing to pass the Chūnin Exams twice in more detail, revealing what happened and the implications of these events. If you’re not fully up-to-date with the story of Boruto, we have to warn you that there will be spoilers in this article.

Did Boruto pass his Chūnin Exams?

As a matter of fact, Boruto has taken the Chūnin Exams twice, but he was disqualified both times. The first time around, he used an illegal technique, while the second time, he was simply late, and the examiners did not want to give him any special treatment. So, like his mentor Sasuke, Boruto never became a Chūnin and remained a Genin, despite his powers and abilities being well above those of a Genin. We’re going to go over the story a bit to provide you with more details.

A few months after graduation, Konohamaru put his Shinobi Gauntlet to the test while attempting to capture a charging bear. The gadget really piqued Boruto’s interest. Later, Mitsuki and Sarada met Boruto in a café to present him with an application package for the upcoming Chnin Exams, which Konohamaru believed they ought to submit an application for. Regardless of the fact that they were obliged to register as a team, Boruto showed little interest. He then ran into his mother and sister and left to go home and celebrate Himawari’s birthday. The vanishing of Naruto’s shadow clone ended their celebration, and Boruto was enraged that his father hadn’t bothered to attend Himawari’s birthday party.

After hearing a knock, he unlocked the front door and punched it, thinking his father was about to enter. However, Sasuke deflected the blow and stopped him. Soon later, Boruto contacted Sasuke and requested to become his pupil. Sasuke agreed, but only because Boruto could master the Rasengan. Later, Boruto went to Konohamaru and requested that he teach him the Rasengan. Konohamaru gladly agreed. The following day, they began training.

A few days later, he finally mastered the ability to produce a Rasengan. Sasuke pointed out that his Rasengan was small as he showed this to him. Assuming that Sasuke denied his request, Boruto borrowed the Shinobi Gauntlet from Katasuke, the device’s creator, to rapidly make a full-sized Rasengan. Boruto again exhibited “his” Rasengan to Sasuke. Sasuke saw the Shinobi Gauntlet, but instead of commenting, he decided to train Boruto.

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After their training, Boruto was convinced by Katsuke to employ an illegal Shinobi Gauntlet in the battles in order to be the best in the Chūnin Exams. The competing teams were given a question to respond to with true or false in the first exam round. After selecting their response, Boruto and his squad were dropped into a pit. Boruto made no attempt to save himself because he believed this meant they had failed. The ultimate goal of the first trial was to stop him from falling into the ink at the bottom; however, Mitsuki and Sarada prevented him from doing so, allowing them to go to the second trial.

The teams engaged in capture-the-flag matches three days later in the second round. Boruto defended his flag, thinking that his four shadow clones would give him the upper hand, while Sarada and Mitsuki went to seize the opposition team’s flag. Boruto was swiftly outnumbered when the Three Senka Brothers created two shadow clones for each of them, and his flag was almost taken. Despite his initial reluctance, he eventually defeats them using a series of elemental assaults while wearing the Shinobi Gauntlet, enabling Boruto’s squad to go to the finals.

Naruto came to Boruto while he was recovering at home to tell him how proud he was and how he had faith in him and to advise him on how to defeat Shikadai. Boruto was touched and started crying because his father visited him, although Naruto’s succinct comments could have been contained in an email, as he later commented. The contending genin were to engage in several consecutive one-on-one tournament battles during the Exams’ grand finale, with Boruto matched up against Yurui. Boruto used his Shinobi Gauntlet to defeat Yurui since he could not face him.

After being shocked by Shikadai’s shadow, Boruto went up against him. He used his Shinobi Gauntlet to exert pressure on Shikadai until he gave up. While Naruto caught Boruto cheating in the manga and eventually disqualified him from the Exams, in the anime, his cheating was initially not detected, allowing him to compete against Sarada and Shinki in the finals. They teamed up with Sarada to fight Shinki, but their opponent was able to defeat Sarada first. Boruto then used his Shinobi Gauntlet to defeat Shinki’s Iron Filings and won the contest. After spotting him using the tool, Naruto dismissed Boruto from the competition and stripped him of his ninja status.

Later, in the anime series, Team 7 elected to retake the Chūnin Exams. The three were allowed to go to the second test after passing the written exam. When given the mission of saving an injured ally, Boruto found his ailing ally, but Kaito Kawanami kidnapped his ally, getting hurt in the process. Boruto also carried Kaito, which prevented him from finishing the exam on time. He did, however, succeed in the exam because everyone was evaluated on their total performance, not simply the outcome.

Mitsuki was the opponent that Boruto had to defeat in his one-on-one battle. An anxious Himawari contacted Boruto and Mitsuki just before their fight. She and her friends have found some untrustworthy people. She showed them where they saw Amado being kidnapped by strangers at the railway station. The genin boarded the train to pursue them but were not able to locate Amado or the abductors. Mitsuki’s snakes helped them locate Amado’s whereabouts. Amado’s captors in a warehouse later said they were from another shinobi town looking to lure him to their side. They presented him with a lucrative deal that was highly alluring.

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Boruto and Mitsuki were relieved to see that Amado firmly declined the offer, refusing to align himself with individuals who merely wanted his science for power while they watched to see how he would respond. They resolved to forcefully seize Amado. After that, Boruto and Mitsuki intervened to save Amado and escape from the burning warehouse. Before telling them that they had to hurry to the finals, Amado sincerely thanked them.

But, Boruto and Mitsuki did not arrive on time, so Shikimaru suggested that they should not receive any special treatment and should, thus, be disqualified, which is what happens in the end. Mitsuki and Boruto would later arrive at the arena, but Sarada only angrily informed them that they had been disqualified since it was too late. The two are initially confused but eventually come to terms with their fate, concluding that they would have fought gladly just to test their skills and abilities.

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