Chainsaw Man Kiss & Puke Scene Explained: What Episode and Chapter Is It?

chainsaw man kiss and puke scene

The Chainsaw Man storyline is packed with gruesome battles and evil antagonists, rarely focusing on romantic aspects. Fans expected Denji’s first kiss to be heartwarming and compassionate, but it was far more disgusting and controversial than one might have anticipated – anime lovers are eager to find out more about the Chainsaw Man Kiss and Puke scene, especially considering that it’s been censored in the anime series.

Himeno kisses Denji in Chapter 21 of the Chainsaw Man manga, titled “Taste of a Kiss”, or Chainsaw Man Episode 7 within the Chainsaw Man anime series. The scene has been dubbed the Chainsaw Man “Kiss and Puke” scene due to Himeno puking directly into Denji’s mouth, prompting him to swallow it due to his childhood survival instincts.

While this startling kiss definitely came with an unsavory aftertaste, it’s actually a great thing Denji and Himeno’s relationship didn’t go any further. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the Chainsaw Man Kiss and Puke scene, including what chapter and episode it takes place in, why it’s seen as controversial, as well as why the scene has been censored.

Chainsaw Man Kiss & Puke Scene: Explained

The unforgettable Chainsaw Man Kiss and Puke scene takes place in Chapter 21 of the Chainsaw Man manga, ironically titled “Taste of a Kiss”, or Chainsaw Man Episode 7 within the Chainsaw Man anime series. Things really take an interesting turn towards the end of the chapter, but the events that ultimately lead up to this scene are surprisingly trivial.

denji himeno

Prior to the events that take place in Chapter 21, Denji takes on the Eternity Devil alongside Himeno and Aki, as well as a couple of less experienced devil hunters. During these events, Himeno states that she will give Denji a kiss if he manages to defeat the devil.

This is actually the only reason why Denji and Himeno end up kissing to being with, as there had not been any romantic tension or interest between them up until that point. After Denji eventually defeats the Eternity Devil, the group head out for some food and drinks, hoping to celebrate the Eternity Devil’s defeat while getting to know each other better.


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Each of the characters around the table gets a chance to shine in this scene, with Himeno questioning why Makima is so interested in Denji. Denji asks Himeno about the kiss, reminding her of her promise – however, she states that she’s too sober to do it and that he should wait until she gets drunk enough to kiss him.

After some time passes, Himeno becomes increasingly drunk, while Makima arrives late as expected. Himeno then offers the kiss to Denji, as another devil hunter explains how she gets really touchy when she becomes drunk.

But, Denji changes the subject as he does not want Himeno to kiss him in front of Makima. Although, it’s revealed that he does actually want to kiss Himeno at the same time. After a while, Himeno and Aki pass out, while Denji and Power chat about recent events in the devil-hunting field.

denji himeno kis

Suddenly, Himeno kisses Denji out of nowhere, and Denji seems to be enjoying it at first. However, he soon feels that something is wrong, despite Denji never having kissed someone before. It’s then revealed that Himeno got so drunk that she threw up during the kiss.

Puking due to being drunk wouldn’t be a first, and it may have been kind of okay if Himeno had puked nearby. But, she actually puked directly into Denji’s mouth, prompting Denji to swallow her vomit purely due to his reflexes and history.

himeno puke manga

Power then points out that, since Denji grew up really poor alongside Pochita, eating from trash and consuming even the most unpleasant food items out of desperation, he is prone to automatically swallowing anything that has nutrition. Of course, this includes food in any kind of form, although he’d never actually eaten puke before that moment.

Denji is then seen in the bathroom, being comforted by Arai as he himself throws up into a toilet. Denji ends up going home with Himeno, where he gets the chance to “do it” with her, as seen in the video below by Random Anime Kei, but they thankfully end up falling asleep instead.

The next morning, Himeno reveals that she actually has feelings for Aki. She says she’s really glad that they didn’t do anything, stating that she didn’t remember anything from the night before. Denji and Himeno become friends officially, and they make a deal to help each other get with the partner of their dreams – Himeno with Aki, and Denji with Makima (in theory).

Why Was the Chainsaw Man Kiss & Puke Scene Censored?

To many Chainsaw Man fans’ surprise, Studio MAPPA took the liberty of censoring the scene within the anime series – although, everything was provided in great detail within the Chainsaw Man manga. While the actual kiss was not censored, the projectile vomit was blurred out, so fans are more inclined to believe it was blurred simply for how disgusting it was.

himeno puke

Crunchyroll released a statement regarding the reasoning for this scene being censored. They explain that the motive is based on the restrictions for Japanese television, detailed as follows:

“Some anime dare with grotesque imagery, but for most series the visual impact of vomit can be too gruesome. If vomiting enters the equation as part of comedy, changing what comes out of a character’s mouth can help reduce the impact on the audience. Even if a director wants to show some uncensored bits, Japanese television has restrictions on what can be shown during certain time slots. This includes things like vomit, which is why, most of the time, they commit to a “rainbow rain.” In this way, a scene can continue to appear in a particular program and the accompanying element of humor is added.”

Although the Chainsaw Man Kiss and Puke scene is undeniably stomach-churning, it was surrounded by debate and controversy for a variety of other reasons – primarily the age difference between Himeno and Denji. Himeno is said to be in her 20s at least, while Denji is only a teenager, which has led many Chainsaw Man fans to believe that Himeno is up to no good, to put it lightly.


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This is all completely understandable, and Chainsaw Man’s creators did get some backlash from some fans for it – although, the majority of Chainsaw Man fans were more baffled by how gross the scene was. Of course, despite the event taking place, Himeno is not actually interested in Denji at all, which is confirmed by her statements the following morning.

Many fans also believe that the teaser trailer scene of Himeno and Aki in bed together is almost a direct mirror of the night with Denji, which has led some fans to believe Himeno thought Denji was Aki in a way. This does not justify any of Himeno’s actions, of course, but it does shed some light on both ends of the argument.

For a look at the entire Chainsaw Man Kiss and Puke Scene, check out the video below by LeivAnime.

That’s everything there is to know about the Chainsaw Man Kiss and Puke scene. Himeno may have scarred Denji for life, as he openly states he’s concerned the experience will haunt him forever, but it’s definitely not the first time Denji’s encountered some gross substances.

Fans are still uncertain if Denji will ever have a wholesome and healthy romantic relationship. But, we all hope he somehow gets the love, acceptance, and affection he so desperately wants (fingers crossed it’s with someone of a similar age, though).

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