25 Coolest & Strongest Swords in Anime (Ranked)

25 Coolest Strongest Swords in Anime Ranked

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Although the world of anime is full of various cool and powerful weapons, swords are often featured in a lot of major anime series as one of the most important in-universe weapons. Most of them have some special abilities, and in this article, we are going to talk about the best of these swords, as these weapons definitely deserve some attention. Some of these swords are truly amazing, and we are going to rank them by their overall strength and coolness.

25. Toyako Bokutō


Franchise: Gintama

Toyako Bokutō is Sakata Gintoki’s primary weapon, a wooden sword used due to the bakufu’s sword ban. Initially thought to be an ordinary sword from Lake Toya, it’s actually a Hoshikudaki made from a ten-thousand-year-old tree from another planet, possessing extraordinary cutting abilities. Despite its strength, the sword may shatter in intense combat and is less effective against equally skilled opponents. Gintoki replaces broken or stolen swords by purchasing new ones through teleshopping, having them inscribed with “Lake Toya” before delivery, maintaining the appearance of an unsuspecting wooden sword.

24. Wado Ichimonji

Franchise: One Piece

Being one of the thirty-two best katanas in the world (eleven Saijo Ô Wazamono and twenty-one Ô Wazamono), the Wadô Ichimonji is an extremely powerful blade, in the hands of a competent swordsman. He is extremely tough, and has a durable blade, as indicated by Mihawk, when he destroyed both Zoro’s swords and only Zoro resisted.

Used by Zoro, this blade is the one he always places in his mouth. This blade is also the reason why Tashigi seeks to capture Zoro, as according to her, such a blade should not be in the hands of a pirate. Wadô Ichimonji was forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, who then left the Land of the Wa more than 50 years ago. The sword then came into the hands of Kuina who rarely used it.

Zoro asked his master Kōshiro to give him the sword and the latter accepted his student’s request after the death of his daughter. Currently, Tashigi is chasing Zoro for that same sword since she doesn’t understand why such a beautiful blade could fall into the hands of a pirate.

23. Sakanade

Shikai Sakanade

Franchise: Bleach

In its sealed form, Sakanade looks like a typical katana with a red scabbard handle. When released, Shinji Hirako’s Zanpakutō transforms into a Western sword with a blade featuring five holes along its length. The blade is connected to a rectangular guard and assembled into a ring. Hirako can control Sakanade’s movement by inserting his hand into the ring, allowing manipulation without direct physical contact with the weapon.

22. Benihime

Franchise: Bleach

Benihime is Kisuke’s Zanpakutō, being one of the few known to have a female spirit inside her. In its sealed form, Benihime presents the form of a Shikomizue, a blade hidden inside the staff that Urahara uses, this stuff is a lighter beige color than Urahara’s hair and also has the skull symbol on the bottom. However, this does not seem to have always been the case, as in the flashbacks in which Kisuke appears as Captain of the Gotei 13, Benihime is found sealed as a conventional katana, with her guard in the form of a flower.


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21. Ashisogi Jizō

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Franchise: Bleach

Ashisogi Jizō takes the form of a short, golden, curved, thick trident, with a baby-shaped head near its hilt. The wounds caused by his Shikai sever the nerve endings that send signals from his rival’s brain to his limbs, unlike a sedative, Ashisogi Jizō’s poison does not eliminate the pain in the wounds inflicted, only the movement and although the paralysis is ephemeral, in combat it is a great disadvantage.

20. Shusui


Franchise: One Piece

Shusui, an O Wazamono grade sword, is ranked among the thirty-two best katanas globally and is a national treasure of Wano Country. It became a black blade after legendary samurai Ryuma’s exploits. Zoro, recognizing its potential, considered it decisive against Kaido’s crew before acquiring Enma.

Shusui significantly boosts attack power, as demonstrated when Zoro uses Hyakuhachi Pound Ho against Oz, creating a devastating blade of air. Its greatest quality is toughness; Zoro claimed it wouldn’t bend even if a dinosaur stepped on it. Despite flaws like its high weight, Zoro, through intensive training with Dracule Mihawk, overcame them. Post-timeskip, he showcased mastery by effortlessly slicing a pirate ship in half.


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19. Zangetsu


Franchise: Bleach

Upon receiving Rukia’s powers, Ichigo became a shinigami and gained a Zanpakutō. Initially, his weapon was an unusually large katana with a dark red handle featuring a blue string (anime depiction). The guard had a rectangular shape with cut corners adorned at the base with wavy lines. Rukia was surprised by the size, usually proportional to a shinigami’s spiritual strength, except for the strongest, who can modulate their sword size.

18. Enma

Franchise: One Piece

Enma, crafted by legendary swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo, is a masterpiece and one of the 21 O Wazamono swords, making it among the world’s best. Kozuki Hiyori deems it a worthy replacement for the legendary Shusui. Described by Tenguyama Hitetsu as capable of “slicing into the depths of the underworld,” Enma, when fully mastered, delivers tremendous cutting power.

In Oden’s hands, along with Ame no Habakiri, Enma is the only known weapon to injure Kaido, leaving him with a massive scar. Oden used Enma to cut a giant mountain god, demonstrating mastery with Armament Haki. Enma draws excessive Haki from its wielder, making it difficult to wield. When Zoro tested Enma, it forced hardening and emaciated his arm. Hitetsu noted that a normal swordsman would be drained of all Haki, but Zoro, with sufficient Haki mastery, forced the extracted Haki back, suggesting the potential for Enma’s further enhancement if made a permanent Dark Blade.

17. Katen Kyōkotsu

Katen Kyokotsu Sellada

Franchise: Bleach

Katen Kyōkotsu is an unusual Zanpakutō in Soul Society, consisting of two twin swords. Upon release, the user recites an incantation, causing the swords to transform. The release phrase is: “The wind of the flower is agitated, and the god of flowers weeps. The sky wind is agitated, and the sky demon laughs.” The swords become scimitar-like with a “C” shape on the back and turn black. Katen Kyōkotsu and Sōgyo no Kotowari are the only two swords that become dual weapons upon release, and Katen Kyōkotsu’s twin swords remain independent of each other once released.


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16. Sōgyo no Kotowari

Sogyo no Kotowari Shikai

Franchise: Bleach

Sōgyo no Kotowari is a Zanpakutō resembling a normal katana with a dark red handle and an elongated octagon-shaped guard. The user wields it proficiently, as demonstrated by injuring the Hollow Metastacia. When released into Shikai, the blades transform into thin harpoon-like shapes with an inverted edge on each sword. Connected by a cord, the swords hang on small metal plates. Sōgyo no Kotowari is one of the two known Zanpakutō in Soul Society that exist as twins.

15. Excalibur

Excalibur fate anime

Franchise: Fate

Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory is the strongest and most majestic holy sword, symbolizing King Arthur. It serves as the physical manifestation of his ideals and heroism, ranking as his greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm alongside Rhongomyniad. Forged 14,000 years ago in Avalon by six great fairies, Excalibur was created as a weapon for the planet to use against external threats, notably defeating the White Titan.

14. Red Scissor Blade


Franchise: Kill la Kill

The Scissor Blade, created by Isshin Matoi, was stolen, leading to his death. Isshin, while still impaled, divided the blade, wounding Nui Harime’s left eye. One part went to Nui, and the other to Ryuko Matoi, Isshin’s daughter. The parts remained separate until Ryuko reclaimed Nui’s after defeating her. The Scissor Blade was rejoined in Earth orbit for the battle against Ragyo Kiryuin but later ended up in space. It descended back to Ryuko but eventually separated into two parts again, sinking into the sea along with Honnoji Academy.


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13. Ragnarok

Crona 29 Profile

Franchise: Soul Eater

Ragnarok, also known as the Demon Sword, is Chrona’s weapon. Absorbing innocent souls, Ragnarok went insane, and his soul waves spiraled out of control. This led to Chrona’s soul being overlaid and possibly devoured. Ragnarok has a muscular body with large white-gloved hands, spikes on various parts, and a face resembling a stylized ninja. The face is oval with no visible mouth, a huge white X for a nose, and spherical eyes with X-shaped pupils. After Shinigami confiscates the captured souls, Ragnarok shrinks into a chibi form with a similar appearance but less pronounced muscles and circular hands.

12. Kyōka Suigetsu


Franchise: Bleach

Kyōka Suigetsu, in its sealed form, appears as a normal katana with a hexagonal guard (two wider lateral faces and narrower upper and lower ones) and a green handle. This Zanpakutō allows Aizen to control the five senses of his victims, manipulating their perceptions and creating powerful illusions. The effect of Total Hypnosis is permanent, persisting even if the target becomes aware of the manipulation.


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11. Dragon Slayer

BTP Brandished Dragon Slayer

Franchise: Berserk

The Dragon Slayer Sword is Guts’ primary weapon, obtained from the blacksmith Godo’s warehouse during a battle against the dog apostle after the Eclipse. Godo, tasked by the king to create a sword capable of slaying a dragon, crafted the massive sword as a departure from elegant and beautiful weapons. Godo’s creation, the Dragon Slayer, reflects his disdain for superfluous elements in weapons and tools.

10. Yoru

Kokuto Yoru

Fracnchise: One Piece

The Yoru, also known as Kokuto Yoru, is a powerful sword belonging to Mihawk, a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. It’s a black blade and one of the 12 Saijo Ô Wazamono, among the world’s best Sabers. Tashigi describes it as one of the finest swords. Mihawk, with immense strength, can seemingly slice through anything, from ships to frozen tsunamis. He uses it with precision, deflecting bullets effortlessly and creating sharp air blades. The sword is nearly indestructible, as black blades are known for their exceptional strength, described by Zoro as capable of withstanding even the charge of a rabid dinosaur.

9. Kurikara


Franchise: Blue Exorcist

Kurikara, also known as the Kouma Sword, is a distinctive creation by Mephisto Pheles, initially given to Myōō Dharani’s founder, Fukaku. Fukaku used it against the Impure King and left it with their sect. Later, Shiro Fujimoto took the sword to “kill a child,” inadvertently sealing Rin Okumura’s demon heart within it. Kurikara served as a vessel for Rin’s demon heart until the blade broke, and Rin’s heart was returned to him.

8. Ryūjin Jakka

Ryujin Jakka

Franchise: Bleach

Ryūjin Jakka, in its sealed form, often appears as a thick wooden staff that supports Yamamoto. However, at will, it can transform into a katana with a purple handle and an ellipse-shaped guard. The sheer presence of Ryūjin Jakka in its sealed state causes high-level Shinigami to shudder. Yamamoto’s mastery allows him to handle the Zanpakutō even without releasing it, showcasing his advanced skill.

7. Lostvayne

Meliodas in armor 10 years ago

Franchise: The Seven Deadly Sins

Lostvayne, the Demon Sword, is the Sacred Treasure of Meliodas, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. Meliodas initially sold it to buy the Boar Hat, and later, Merlin found it in the market of the Kingdom of Camelot and purchased it. The Sacred Treasures were gifts from King Bartra Liones, and Meliodas’ decision to sell Lostvayne played a role in establishing the Boar Hat.


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6. The Sword of Totsuka

Itachi27s Totsuka Blade

Franchise: Naruto

The Sword of Totsuka is a non-corporeal weapon, a spiritual sword wielded by Susanoo and utilized as a technique by Itachi Uchiha’s Mangekyō Sharingan. It takes the form of a sword created from sake, emanating from a bottle as its handle. The sword possesses immense cutting power and a unique ability to seal any person or object it passes through in a perpetual Genjutsu world, absorbing the bodies of those it seals. Additionally, it carries potent Fūinjutsu capabilities.

5. Murasame

Akame and Murasame

Franchise: Akame ga Kill!

One-Cut Killer: Murasame is a Teigu among the 48 created by order of the First Emperor. Initially wielded by Akame, a member of Night Raid, it later fell into the possession of Gozuki. Eight years before the main plot, Gozuki leads “The Elite Seven,” a division of elite Imperial assassins, in an attempt to eradicate the newly established Revolutionary Army. The Teigu played a crucial role in the ambitions of Gozuki and his companions, the Rakshasa Demons of the Kouken Temple.

4. Ace

20SwordsOP 1

Fracnchise: One Piece

Ace is a Saijo Ô Wazamono, one of the 12 highest quality Meito, and it belonged to Pirate King Gol D. Roger. With a slightly curved blade featuring an ornate saw pattern, Ace boasts exceptional strength and durability. Its yellow/orange hilt, diamond-shaped pattern, golden hilt, and thin handguard contribute to its distinct appearance. Used throughout Roger’s life, Ace remained visually undamaged, showcasing its resilience against powerful opponents like Whitebeard. Roger demonstrated the ability to imbue the sword with both Armament Haki and Kings Haki during his numerous exploits and battles.


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3. Ea

Ea Sword Fate

Franchise: Fate

Ea, the Sword of Rapture, stands as the most potent Noble Phantasm within the Gate of Babylon and the apex among all wielded by Servants. Exclusively owned by Gilgamesh, it is a unique existence, transcending others and suited only for a ruler. Unlike Gilgamesh’s other unnamed weapons, Ea’s singular nature sets it apart, making it solely accessible to him. With extraordinary power, Ea can function both as a melee slashing weapon and demonstrate its might in unconventional ways, such as piercing through Rider’s chest with its blunt tip, leaving an indelible impression on those who witness its absurd capabilities.

2. Venuzdonoa


Franchise: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Venuzdonoa, known as the Abolisher of Reason, is the demonic sword wielded by Anos Voldigoad. This formidable weapon possesses the power to annihilate all that exists, including the fundamental laws and principles that govern the world. When summoned, Venuzdonoa manifests through a striking process where shadows converge and black particles ascend, giving rise to a dark, faintly glowing longsword. Anos employs the colossal three-dimensional magic circle of his Demon King Castle Delsgade to summon and utilize the destructive capabilities of Venuzdonoa.

1. Tessaiga

Red Tessaiga

Franchise: InuYasha

Tessaiga, Inuyasha’s yōkai sword, forged from his father’s fang, holds the power to slay 100 yōkai in one swing and is the source of rivalry between Inuyasha and his half-brother, Sesshōmaru. The sword is meant to keep Inuyasha’s yōkai blood in check and transforms when used to protect humans. Sealed in Inu no Taishō’s tomb, Tessaiga can only be unsealed by a hanyō or human, and it includes the scabbard Tessaiga no Saya for suppressing its demonic power when not in use.

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